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Personality of moses in the bible

Moses is a man who has been through a lot in his life. He was born in Egypt and raised in the royal palace, but he left that behind and fled to Midian after killing an Egyptian guard who was beating a Hebrew slave. There, he lived as a shepherd for forty years until God called him back to Egypt to free his people from slavery.

He is known for being very stern and strict with his people, but also loving them and protecting them at all costs. He led them through the desert for forty years before they were allowed into the Promised Land, and he spent much of that time leading people through difficult circumstances—including crossing the Red Sea on dry land—and making sure they had food, shelter, and water when they needed it most.

Moses’ personality was shaped by many different factors throughout his life: his upbringing as royalty; living as a shepherd among shepherds; spending forty years in hiding after killing someone; leading thousands of people through 40 years of slavery; having God speak directly to him; seeing miracles happen right before his eyes; being able to see into the future despite having no magic powers whatsoever (just faith); being chosen over everyone else because he

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The personality of Moses, as presented in the Bible, is an intriguing topic. There are 39 books in the Hebrew Bible, recognised by Christians and Jews as canonical as well as accepted by Muslim as a whole.

The personality of Moses is described in the Bible as a unique mix of humility and fearlessness, zeal and faithfulness to God. Other people were accepting of Moses for who he was and loved him for his quirks and all. Moses was also accepted because he possessed what we would call these days a leadership quality that people longed for

Moses was born a Hebrew, but his fate kept him under Pharaoh’s rule. After seeing an Egyptian beating on a Hebrew, Moses killed the Egyptian. For killing an Egyptian and trying to protect a slave, he was sentenced to exile, and grew up in a desert. He became the most influential, yet controversial figure in the history of Egypt – the “Deliverer”. Here are some facts about the personality of Moses from the Bible.

Moses was a man of many talents. He was a leader, a prophet, and a lawgiver. He was also a husband, father, and friend to many.

Moses’ personality is best described as being humble, kind, and patient. The Bible tells us that Moses once killed someone in anger and then buried them in the sand (Exodus 2:11-12). He regretted this act and asked God to forgive him (Exodus 2:13). Moses was able to accept responsibility for his actions and ask for forgiveness because he knew that he had done wrong. This shows that he was humble enough to admit when he messed up instead of blaming someone else or making excuses for himself.

Another example of Moses’ humility can be seen in Exodus 18:4-6 where he tells his father-in-law Jethro that he is not worthy enough to be his son-in-law because he has no knowledge of how to lead people properly despite all the miracles God has performed through him already!

However, it is not just humility that makes Moses such an interesting character from the Bible; it’s also his kindness towards others which makes him such an admirable person overall.”

In the Bible, Moses is an important prophet, lawgiver and leader of the Israelites. He is also a central figure in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Moses was born in Egypt to Amram and Jochebed (Exodus 6:20). His mother hid him from the Pharaoh’s decree to kill all newborn Israelites by putting him in a basket and setting it among the reeds by the Nile River (Exodus 2:1-4). Pharaoh’s daughter found Moses and raised him as her own son (Exodus 2:5-10).

Moses had many encounters with God before leading his people out of Egypt (Exodus 3:1-21). He was angry with God when he saw how much suffering his people endured under Egyptian rule (Exodus 5:22) but eventually returned to God’s side (Exodus 33:12).

Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt after 40 years of slavery (Exodus 12:40) but they did not enter Canaan immediately because they lacked faith in Yahweh’s commandment that they should not worship other gods (Numbers 14:1-35).

The Bible says that Moses died at 120 years old after spending 40 years on Mount Nebo overlooking Jericho and Jerusalem.

Personality of moses in the bible


Moses was tireless in his work, which led him to devote himself to the people of Israel and their God. He worked tirelessly for 40 years as a shepherd in Midian, even after he became an old man (Exodus 2:11). Even when he was an infant, Moses was tireless; according to Exodus 2:2-3, his mother hid him in a basket and placed him among the reeds along the bank of the river Nile where Pharaoh’s daughter found him while bathing.

Moses’ devotion did not stop there: he spent three months tending YHVH’s flock at Horeb (Exodus 3:1), another 40 years leading Israel through wilderness (Numbers chapters 12-14), plus much more time preaching and teaching about YHVH’s laws (Deuteronomy chapters 1-4).


Moses was shy because he had no confidence in himself. God told him to speak to the people, but he didn’t know how and he was afraid that they would not listen. In order to avoid embarrassment, he asked God to send someone else instead of him. Moses’ shyness also came from his humility—he didn’t want to seem better than everyone else or stand out in any way because this would make him proud and arrogant.

This is why God told Moses not only what He wanted him to do (speak with them), but also how He wanted him to do it (with confidence).


As you read the story of Moses, you’ll notice that he showed great compassion for his people, who were suffering under the Egyptians. He defended their rights and fought for their freedom.

When God sent him to help his people find freedom from slavery in Egypt, Moses cared for them during this journey through the wilderness by providing them with food and water. He also sought to comfort them when they were afraid or sad.

Moses’ caring nature continued after they arrived at Mount Sinai: He provided instructions on how they should worship God; he did not want them to keep doing things that were wrong or evil because that would separate him from God forever!


The most important thing to remember about Moses is that he was faithful. He believed in God’s promises and followed Him even when it meant going against his own people.

He was faithful to his family, taking care of them and protecting them at all costs. When Moses’ father-in-law died, he gave him a proper burial according to his customs (Exodus 4:19). He also took care of his brother Aaron as they fled from Egypt (see Numbers 27:12-14).

Moses was also faithfully loyal towards God’s people—the Israelites—even when they made mistakes or disobeyed Him (see Deuteronomy 9:23). We see this again later on in Exodus 32 when the Israelites worshipped the golden calf instead of serving God like they should have been doing; but instead of punishing them harshly or abandoning them altogether, Moses forgives them because he understands how hard it must’ve been for them living under such harsh conditions throughout their lives (Exodus 32:30-32).


You may have a friend or relative who is dependable, someone you can count on to do what they say they will do. They keep their promises, and they are reliable in their work ethic. The same is true of Moses—he was dependable because he trusted God, he was faithful to God and loyal to His people.


Moses was a patriot. He was committed to the people of Israel, and he showed compassion and care for them. He did not want to be king because he knew that would be a bad idea; Samuel had been trying to teach him that lesson from the beginning. Moses was also wise enough not to fight against God’s will when it came down to his leadership role within the community. This is another example of Moses’ humble nature as well as his patriotism for his countrymen.


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Moses was not perfect, but he was a man of faith who showed incredible character during his lifetime.

Moses was a man of faith, who showed incredible character during his lifetime. He had a very humble character and he was a great leader, an honest man, and a man of faith. Moses was also a caring person who had compassion for others even though he had been mistreated as a child by Pharaoh’s daughter.[3]