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Prayer To St Timothy For Stomach Disorders

Saint Timothy is the patron saint of stomach problems. St. Timothy was one of the first followers of St. Paul and is renowned as the author of many of books of the New Testament including Thessalonians, 2 Corinthians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon. Today, the Catholic Church recognizes the feast day of St. Timothy on January 26th of each year.

St. Timothy is regarded as the patron saint of those with stomach disorders. Throughout his life, St. Timothy suffered from poor health, constantly getting sick during his travels spreading the Good News. In 1 Timothy 5:23 it is written “Stop drinking water only; take a little wine for the good of your stomach and your frequent illnesses.”

The Calling of St. Timothy
St. Timothy was born at Lystra in Asia Minor. Saint Timothy was a beloved disciple of St. Paul, forsaking his country, his home and his parents to follow the Apostle and to share in his poverty and sufferings. St. Paul, recognizing Timothy’s incredible gift of evangelization, personally ordained him and they worked closely together in spreading the Good News.

St. Timothy Preaches throughout Asia
St. Timothy accompanied St. Paul on his missionary journeys from Lystra through Asia; at Philippi, Thessalonica and Berea, in 52. St. Paul, who obliged to leave Berea on account of the persecution of the Jews, left Timothy behind him to strengthen the new converts there. When St. Paul reached Athens he sent for Saint Timothy, but upon learning that the Christians in Thessalonica were being persecuted for the Faith, he sent St. Timothy there to comfort and encourage them.

Later Saint Timothy went to Corinth to give an account to St. Paul of his success. This inspired St. Paul to write his first Epistle to the Thessalonians. He then commissioned St. Timothy and Erastus to go before him through Macedonia, to notify the faithful of his intention and to prepare the alms to be sent to the Christians in Jerusalem.

St. Timothy is Made a Bishop
St. Timothy, was made the first Bishop of Ephesus, and while there received two Epistles from St. Paul which bears his name; the first was written from Macedonia in 64, while incarcerated there, urging his “dearly beloved son”, to come to see him again before death would summon him. In the year 64, after St. Paul had returned to Rome from the East, he left St. Timothy at Ephesus to establish the church, to ordain Priests and Deacons, and consecrate Bishops.

St. Timothy also suffered imprisonment for Christ gloriously confessed His name in the presence of many people. Timothy died a martyr in the year 97A.D. Because of his frail health he is the patron of those with stomach disorders. St. Paul writes, “Stop drinking water only; take a little wine for the good of your stomach and your frequent illnesses.” (I Timothy 5:23). St. Timothy is the co-writer of Thessalonians, 2 Corinthians, Philippians, and Colossians.

St. Timothy is the Patron Saint of Stomach Problems
The Catholic Church regards St. Timothy as the patron saint of stomach problems and stomach ailments. It is recorded in the Bible that St. Timothy often suffered stomach problems and Saint Paul even wrote in his letters to Saint Timothy possible solutions to St. Timothy’s stomach problems. In 1 Timony 5:3 Saint Paul writes to Saint Timothy with a suggestion to remedy his stomach ailments. St. Paul recommended St. Timothy “use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake.” While this would likely not be considered wise medical advise in the modern day, prayers to St. Timothy for the intercession of your stomach problems may certainly help.

St. Timothy, patron saint of stomach disorders, pray for us in our time of need and give us strength and wisdom to spread the word of God in all we do. As the patron saint of those who suffer from irritable bowl symptoms, lactose intolerance, and all problems of the stomach, pray for us. May we have the strength to follow your example and spread the word of God to the world. Wearing a St. Timothy medal is a prayer of invocation to St. Timothy to intercede for the intentions of the wearer.

Prayers to St. Timothy
Prayer of Intercession to St. Timothy
O Blessed St. Timothy, martyr and bishop, we turn to you seeking your prayers for (name person) and all who are suffering with stomach ailments.

Inspired by your zeal and with complete confidence in your intercession we place him/her in your competent hands trusting that you will carry (name person) to the Holy Trinity begging on his/her behalf for relief and healing if that be God’s will for him/her. Thank you, St. Timothy for your continued prayers for (name person).

We trust in your patronage and await a favorable answer to your prayers. Amen.

Prayer to St. Timothy for Stomach Problems

Dear Saint Timothy,
well known for your gentleness,
you were a most faithful disciple of
Saint Paul, and like him,
traveled much to bring
the Good News to all people.
The Letters Paul wrote to you reveal your zeal
and inspire us with confidence in you.
You too were cast into prison
and you too gave your life for Christ.
So with confidence we dare to ask,
please obtain relief for
(name of sufferer),
if it be God’s will.

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