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Spiritual Meaning Of Falling Objects

In the ancient times, people looked up at the sky and tried to explain what they saw. How did our ancestors explain falling stars? It is one of the great mysteries of history. Today, we know that it’s caused by meteoroids burning up in the atmosphere. But I want to show you evidence that might prove them wrong.

Have you ever wondered what falling objects mean? Whether it is a rock, sand, leaves or snow, there are many instances where things fall from the sky. There are different ideas to explain the meaning behind these situations and it is believed that most of these beliefs have deep sacred meanings.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Falling Objects? There are a great deal of things that fall in our lives. The list goes on and on, but it’s the things we’re not able to see fall or have foresight as to when they’re going to fall that can blindside us often leaving us emotionally scarred. Whether it be a relationship falling apart, a friend being unfaithful, a job being taken from you, or someone dying unexpectedly, life can turn on a dime. What many of these things have in common is that they are inevitable and out of our control.

Spiritual Meaning of ⁢Falling Objects

Objects Falling

When objects start falling​ around you, it may carry⁢ a symbolic meaning in the​ spiritual realm. This occurrence ⁢can be ‍interpreted ‍as a message from the divine, guiding you or trying to get your‍ attention. In the Bible, there are instances where objects fell from the sky or from a higher place to signify a significant event or to deliver a ​message.

One such example can be found in‍ the book‌ of Exodus, where hailstones fell upon Egypt as one of the ten plagues. This event served as a divine sign and a warning, ‌demonstrating ​the ‌power of God​ and His ability to control the elements.

The spiritual meaning of objects falling could indicate⁣ a shift or disruption in ‍your life. It may suggest that changes are occurring or are about ‌to take ⁤place, urging you to ‌be attentive and open to new possibilities.

What Does it Mean When ‌Things Keep Falling Around You?

If objects consistently fall around you, it might imply a need for ⁢your attention. This pattern might be a message from the spiritual realm that there is something that needs addressing in your⁤ life. It could be an indication of spiritual growth or a lesson that needs to be learned.

Referencing the Bible,​ we can ​find a parallel regarding objects falling repeatedly. In the book of ⁢Samuel, the story of Eli’s sons, Hophni and Phinehas, ​demonstrates ⁤the consequences of their⁣ wrongdoings. The Lord spoke to Samuel, a young prophet, and shared that He would perform an act that would make everyone’s ears tingle. The Ark⁤ of God fell from ⁢its ⁣place ⁢and both of⁣ Eli’s sons died on the same day. This event indicated the judgment of God upon their actions.

Therefore, if you experience a consistent falling of objects,⁣ it may be⁣ wise to reflect ⁤on ‌your actions or ‍decisions to ensure that you ⁣are⁣ aligned with divine will.

Tripping and Falling Spiritual Meaning

Tripping and falling can have a spiritual significance ⁢as well. It can represent a stumble or‍ setback⁢ in your spiritual journey. It may symbolize a lack of balance or harmony in your life, urging you​ to reevaluate ‌your choices ⁤and align yourself⁢ with your⁣ spiritual path.

In the Bible, the story of Peter walking on water and subsequently falling serves as a powerful metaphor for spiritual stepping stones and the potential pitfalls⁢ along⁤ the way. While‍ initially ​having faith and stepping out of the boat, Peter became fearful and doubted⁤ Jesus, causing him to lose his balance and fall into the water.

When you find yourself tripping ⁣or falling‍ physically, it may be ​a gentle reminder from the‍ spiritual realm to examine your current beliefs, practices, or mindset. It encourages⁣ self-reflection and reestablishment of connection with your higher self and divine guidance.

Spiritual Meaning Of Falling Objects – FAQs

What does it mean when things keep‍ falling out of‍ your hands?

When ⁢things continually fall out of your hands, it can signify a difficulty in grasping or⁣ holding ⁤onto something ‌in your life. This could represent a lack of control or a sense of insecurity. ⁤It encourages ⁤you to examine ‍what you ⁢may ‌be ‌struggling to keep ahold of and explore why that might be.​ This spiritual occurrence can serve as an invitation to surrender and trust the divine‌ guidance, allowing for a more​ profound⁢ and fulfilling life journey.

What is the spiritual meaning of objects falling off the shelf?

When objects fall off the shelf ⁢without any apparent reason,​ it often carries a‌ spiritual significance. It can represent unexpected changes or disruptions occurring in your ​life. This event may be a message from the spiritual realm encouraging ‍you to embrace the unforeseen ⁤and learn to adapt. It can also signify a need to reorganize ‍or declutter your physical or emotional space, creating⁤ room for new experiences, growth, and blessings.

What is the spiritual⁣ meaning of spilling things?

Spilling things can have a spiritual meaning, representing ⁣a‌ release of energy or emotions. It can signify a need to let ​go of old patterns or beliefs that no longer serve you. The act of spilling can be viewed as a symbolic cleansing process, allowing for the⁢ renewal ‍of ‌your spiritual and emotional ‍well-being. Just ⁣as water‍ washes away⁣ impurities, spilling things can be a reminder to cleanse​ your mind,⁤ heart,⁣ and soul, creating‌ space for spiritual growth and transformation.

Spiritual Meaning Of Falling Objects

When you fall, it’s because you are not rooted in the earth. You’re not connected to your body, or to the ground beneath you. If you’re feeling disconnected from your body, then falling objects can be a sign that you need to reconnect with who you are and what makes up who you are—your body, your mind, and your spirit.

Falling objects can also be a sign of getting ready for something new in your life. Falling objects might mean that something is going on behind the scenes or in your subconscious. You might be preparing for something big and can’t quite figure out how to handle it yet—but don’t worry! Your unconscious mind is working on it while your conscious mind sleeps at night (and maybe even while your waking mind is busy during the day).

In the spiritual sense, falling objects are often seen as a sign of failure or disappointment. The object is not what the dreamer hoped or expected it to be, and so it falls.

If you see a falling object in your dream, you may be experiencing some disappointment in your life. You may want something but feel like you’re not getting it. Or maybe someone else has disappointed you by making some choices that don’t align with what you believe.

Dreaming of falling objects can also signify fear of impending failure or disappointment in waking life. It’s important to stay positive and keep your head up when things don’t go as planned.

Spiritual Meaning Of Falling Objects

There was nothing to hold on to; flying for some time and then a sudden bang on the ground. It did hurt but what was it? Yes you were falling down from a high. Your heart was racing and you could realize the jerks and jitters down the spine.

The dream was scary and shocking. Right? Indeed the dream made you feel less controlled and confused of what you just saw. Falling dream meaning is analogous to fears and insecurities of your waking life.

What does falling in a dream mean? – A general perspective

Falling dream means a loss of control or hold over certain situations in waking life. The dream denotes a slip and missing out; as such causing emotional distress and suffering. Symbolically the dream means that you are in a state of terror and anxiety. Your need for support is evident as things are falling apart at a fast pace than ever expected.

If you wake up in a pool of sweat after such a freaky nightmare; it’s obvious that the theme was absolutely frightening and panting. But truly speaking, you are not the only one dreaming about falling. These dream themes are pretty common and are highly symbolic in nature.

In most cases, falling dreams mean a nightmare because it induces a lot of fear and anxiety within the dreamer. The dream symbolizes loss of grip or control over troubling life situations. You are worried about what to do next. 

You may feel an urge to wake up from the fall but couldn’t do so because by then your self-confidence has taken a back seat. Your worries, insecurities, and apprehensions have weakened your self-esteem. Such a dream represents that you have fallen in the darkness of gloom and despair.

Falling dreams symbolize difficulties, misfortune of your waking life that are hard to deal with. It denotes an imbalance and failure to accomplish life goals.

You are probably feeling insecure of your shortcomings, upset with your failures, and worried about your next course of action. Dreams about falling represent your loss of faith and trust in your own abilities. 

Just like flood in dreams and flying dreams, the dream themes are associated with overwhelming emotions and uncontrolled anxieties of waking life. You seem to lose control over certain aspects of life that matters the most to you. It could be related to work, relationships, or family life.

When things seem to go off the place, you may feel shaky and vulnerable from within. Maybe, your conscious mind is trying to fix and mend the repressed issues of the unconscious. Your sufferings and anguish just pops up in dreams.

The act of falling reminds you to wake up again, work hard, and resolve the repressed issues of your waking life to regain the lost control. You are to hold on to positive things and be hopeful for better things coming ahead in life.

Why do we dream about falling? (A symbolic perspective)

Every dream holds a symbolic meaning with current events of the waking life. Falling dreams are no exception. Studies have shown that dreams about falling are quite common and reflect feelings of inadequacy, helplessness, and insecurity. 

If you are having recurring dreams about falling from a high; you may want to figure out the reasons for such a nightmare. Falling dreams symbolize the following things in your waking life. When you understand these symbols well, you know the exact reason for having such a peculiar vision.

Loss of control

Falling dreams symbolize a symbolic loss of control over significant situations of waking life. Maybe, things have been going out of hand against your will.

If you evaluate your real life circumstances, it may feel unmanageable and unruly because of which you are feeling anxious and stressed out. 

The dream represents your agonies and frustration because you are tired of trying and sailing through adversities; but unable to get a grip on it. The feeling of inadequacy and inability gets reflected in the subconscious mind.

Fear and vulnerabilities

Sometimes you may dream about falling because you are feeling insecure and unsure of what is going to happen in your waking life. You are feeling unsafe, unsteady in personal relationships, career, or with regard to social status.

A weak feel and insecurity takes refuge in fear and creates more chaos in your real life. 

Feeling of being lost or disappointed

Dreams about falling symbolize failure, regrets, and disappointments of real life. When you find it hard to accomplish life goals successfully, you may suffer a setback and feel like a failure in life. Such a situation induces sadness and a feeling of being lost. 

You are unsure of the next move. In such a trying time, hopeless feelings can overtake your inner peace and you may feel like there is no support to hold on to.

Unknown future haunts you

Dreaming about falling also means your concern and anxiety related to your future. You are unsure of how your life will be a few years from now. A dark abyss and a hidden ally haunts you in waking life.

You are not sure of which way to lead your life; the road to be taken and the destination to be reached. In such cases, falling dreams may remind you of your unknown future.

A feeling of disintegration

You may get dreams about falling when you feel like your future is not bright enough, because your present is slowly falling apart.

You seem to lose a secure ground and heading nowhere significant. You’re moving towards an uncertain and unpredictable future. You may fall any moment leading to complete failure and annihilation.

Failure and losses

When you dream about falling, it actually signifies loss of status and recognition, loss of approval, and reputation in career or relationships. If you frequently dream of falling; look into your personal life and find out those areas that appear to be failing. 

The act of falling is synonymous with failures and negligence because it leads to coming down from a certain level in terms of performance. If you do not note the red flags early, failures can bring a complete fall of a project or creative endeavor that you were trying to do in real life.

Seeking support

When life throws odds towards you, you may feel helpless and hopeless about everything going on around you. You wish to seek support from your loved ones.

When you do not receive the much needed help; you may feel like falling apart, dropping and slipping and hitting the ground. As the realities of waking life are always harsh, it can lead to a mental collapse as well.

Grief and depression

Falling dreams symbolize a deeper sense of personal loss leading to a fall in a pit of sadness and despair. You may feel like falling inside a deep hole from which escape seems to be difficult. You have fallen down in negativity and hopelessness. 

An empty feeling struck you and you are going deep inside it. Falling dreams represent sadness, depression, and free flowing negative thoughts spiraling your mind every now and then. You may drop down and plummet in it without even realizing it consciously.

Anticipating fear

When you think and anticipate that negative things will happen with you in waking life, you may start dreaming about falling. Here, falling symbolizes lack of confidence and being unsure of the future. 

The fear is strong enough to make you fall deeper into troubles and it will not allow you to rise above adversities. You have lost your inner strength and your grip slithered and you fell.

Falling Dream Meaning – 40 types of dream scenarios & their meanings

When things start moving down and you are clueless of how to help yourself, you may get falling dreams that can trigger fear and anxiety like never before. 

Like any other dream symbol, falling dreams symbolize that certain aspects of your waking life are moving through a rough patch. It could be anything from work, relationships, family, or finances.

You may feel overpowered by negative forces. A repressed part of your own self is pushing you hard towards the edge. You need to be wary of it and resolve the issues of real life to get a foothold on the situation.

Perhaps, the need of the hour is to gain insight and listen to what the dreams are trying to tell you. In this section, let’s decipher the meaning of common dreams of falling and its symbolic relevance to our waking life.

1. Dream of falling down from anywhere

Falling dreams are a common dream theme. When you dream of falling from anywhere, it reflects the insecurities and fear of the dreamer related to certain significant areas of his/her waking life.

If you are the one seeing such a dream repeatedly, it means you are feeling inferior with regard to your personal ability that can bring an eventual setback and losses in reality. 

You are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and apprehensive. Loss of control over the situations in waking life have led to poor self-confidence and you may feel like falling in a hole of grief and pessimism.

To dream of falling down also represents a loss of grip, letting go of power and more struggles coming your way in near future. You are heading towards an unpleasant change that can knock off your efforts and leave you mentally exhausted, confused, and bone-tired.

2. Dream of someone falling

When you dream of someone else falling, it might be that someone you know is in grave trouble and may need your help to come out of it.

Maybe his/her life is out of gear in recent times. You are deeply worried about the person’s well-being in your waking life and as such the fears are getting relayed in the dream state.

Sometimes you may feel insecure of what’s going to happen to that individual, whether he/she will be able to come out of it or not. Such a dream warns you of an impending danger and helps you overcome the trying times of life in a better way.

3. Falling in dreams and then waking up

If you dream about a sensation of falling and then waking up with a sharp jerk; it symbolizes negative things coming ahead in recent times. Such a dream means you are standing on the edge and will soon encounter new problems and difficulties in waking life.

As falling is a terrifying experience for the dreamer, you may wake up with twitches and jerks in different parts of the body.

Such a thing is called the ‘hypnic jerks’. These are sudden, abrupt, and involuntary muscle contractions that usually occur in the first phase of sleep. You may experience it while falling asleep.

Though the exact reason for such twitches are not known, waking up with a jerk symbolizes a warning sign. The dream reminds you of the loss of control and insecurity that you are having in your waking life.

4. Dream of falling of a building

When you dream of falling off a building, it means you are losing balance on certain aspects of your waking life.

You are losing ground and feeling quite insecure about it. Such a dream symbolizes fear of the unknown. It represents difficult times that are emotionally overwhelming. You may feel like losing hold and scared of the upcoming situations. 

The worries and conflicts of daily life and the situations that you cannot control may bring such a dream theme much alive that you have ever expected. In certain contexts, a building falling in dreams suggests loss of life goals. 

Your vision and efforts to accomplish it in reality are crumbling into pieces and you are feeling helpless and hopeless about it.

5. Falling off a cliff dream

When you dream of a fall from a cliff or a hilly terrain, it symbolizes being ‘stressed out’ and getting emotionally restless and insecure in waking life. Any major life change can bring such a weird dream into a reality. 

The dream represents a sudden job change, new relationships, pregnancy and much more. Sometimes, such a dream symbolizes your plans to achieve some important life goals but you do not know how to achieve them. It induces insecurity and fear; if things do not fall in line.

A dream of falling from a cliff also means that you have poor decision making skills. You are not considering the consequences of your actions and may end up losing control over the situation and may fall in utter gloom, loss, and despair.

6. Dream of falling downstairs

When you dream of falling down from the stairs, it could mean your sense of ‘self’ is lost somehow.

You have put yourself in some dangerous situation because of indecisiveness and lack of self-belief. It is a bad sign indicating a negative influence on different spheres of waking life.

In some dream themes, falling down from stairs also means that you are restless, impatient, and emotionally overwhelmed. You are not thinking rationally before arriving at a decision. As decisions are hasty, the probability of making mistakes are much higher.

The dream reminds you to be cautious in your day to day life. You need to be more watchful of your next move, otherwise things will fall out of place. You may find yourself in a rut and keep going down further; unable to figure out where you are heading towards in reality.

7. Dream of falling from a high into a hole or pit

When you dream of those two scenarios, it indicates fear and insecurity about the sudden changes of your waking life. Usually, fear of falling in a pit or a dark abyss symbolizes fear of death or fear of being killed.

Such a dream is quite scary because the anxious element is strong and sustains in the dreamer’s mind for a long time. Contrary to this, falling from a high indicates anticipating something uncanny about the future.

This could be easily related to an ongoing event in your waking life that is not going smoothly and you are unsure of the outcome. Examples of such a fall are

  • From an edge of a cliff or hill to a dark pit deep down
  • Falling from a sky and hitting the hard ground
  • To fall from a tall building along the adjacent street
  • Dreams of falling into an ocean or any other huge water body
  • Falling from a tree top

8. Dream of falling out or off from something

This dream represents falling out of a moving car; feeling a sudden jerk and waking up in reality.

This dream represents shock and sudden emotional outburst related to an unexpected situation of waking life. The dream represents odd things happening around when you were least expecting them.

It can leave you wondering and confused about what to do next to control the situation. On the flip side, the dream of falling off something can be like falling down from a chair or desk. 

The dream denotes loss of power and control over stressful situations. You can either hurt yourself by hitting the floor or you could just topple off and become imbalanced.

In both the cases, the dreams symbolize social embarrassment, loss of social image, lack of self-confidence, and poor self-esteem. Your personal life may feel jarred with more anxiety and disregard for ‘self’.

Falling off a chair, or swing, or a little high denotes frustrations but you will overcome the issue shortly. It indicates loss of grip or hold on over something in waking life.

9. Falling dream that is endless

If you dream of falling from a high but it seems to continue forever and you never seem to land on the ground; it symbolizes helplessness, loss of hold on something dear to you. You may feel uncertain of how things will take shape in future.

The dream represents loss of balance and your inability to manage things well.

An endless fall in dream symbolizes fear of the unknown. It also signifies insecurities, failure, and inferiority feelings in waking life.

You may feel inadequate and unskilled and as such your life is out of control. This dream symbol represents loss of hope, anguish, and frustrations in waking life.

10. Falling dream meaning due to a push by someone

If you dream of being pushed by someone and you fall or trip or lose balance; it represents that you were betrayed and cheated by someone in your waking life. It may indicate a change in relationship where you were either deceived or being fooled by someone. 

You may feel helpless and out of control. The dream suggests fear and anxiety of whether you should trust these people in your waking life. You may be holding resentments and agonies and falling in a hole of darkness and pessimism.

11. Falling dream meaning due to loss of grip

If you dream about falling due to loss of grip, it indicates failure to accomplish goals in waking life. The dream symbol conveys the message of disappointment and your inability to hold on to a support tightly.

Maybe you tried your best to overcome the issue and hold on to something but failed in your efforts because you have lost your inner strength, you gave up and thus you never got up again. 

These dream symbols mean poor self-confidence and you do not feel strong enough to rise above hurdles. You are feeling powerless and thereby losing a grip over things in reality.

The dream also symbolizes your need for support from near and dear ones who can guide you through the right path and help you regain your lost inner strength. The dream symbolizes pessimism and falling into a deep hollow from which a comeback may seem difficult to achieve.

12. Dream of falling from the sky

A dream of falling from the sky means you are tired and exhausted. The dream tells you to relax and take some time out of your busy schedule for self-care and healing.

The dream suggests overwhelming emotions that are related to some ongoing event of your waking life. 

It is making you restless and agitated. You lack focus and thus feel like failing in personal and professional endeavors. When you dream about falling from the sky slowly, it means you are gradually moving towards a failure. 

The dream represents your inability to achieve goals in reality. It also means that you are ready to make some changes prudently and see whether things work out well in reality.

When you dream about falling quickly and hitting the rock bottom, it indicates that you are alert about malicious people in your life. The dream means a lot of pain and hurts; yet your insight will help to overcome the crisis soon.

13. Dream about falling down the ladder

If you dream of falling from a ladder, it means a negative sign. This dream symbolizes misunderstanding with friends and family due to miscommunication and false allegations. It suggests downfall in social status; missing out on bonding and togetherness. 

The dream indicates that your plans are not full proof and as such it is destined to fail in future. The ladder signifies social statuses. Thus you may lose the hard earned respect in social life for no fault of yours. This dream tells you to remain cautious and work on your communication skills. 

The dream reminds you not to surrender to the whims and wishes of others if you feel that you are doing what matters the most to you.

14. Dream about falling of a boat

This dream is a warning sign that reminds you to be cautious and careful of your plans and creative ideas before realizing it into a reality.

You need to be more cautious with your dealings with superiors at work because you might be misunderstood. They may abandon and isolate you, if you do not fit in the frame.

Thus the best way to overcome this fall is by making yourself clear before others. Let others know about your priorities and life goals before they hit you hard and try to fail your efforts in real life.

15. Falling dreams from the roof

Dreams about falling from the roof means loneliness, isolation, and abandonment. You are slowly landing in a dark alley, away from the hustle bustle of social life. The dream symbolizes loss of trust, disagreements, and fights with family members and friends. 

Either they may not trust you or you may lose trust in them because of personal differences. The dream denotes grief and depression as well. It reminds you to take actions and improve your social relationships in waking life. The power to mend the broken bonds lies with you. So do it at the earliest.

16. Dream about falling into the snow

This dream symbolizes drawbacks in business and career growth. You may not achieve the desired goal in your waking life.

The dream represents new troubles coming your way that will be hard to deal with. It also suggests that the time is not ideal to make any fresh beginnings as it may lead to failure and delay in goal accomplishments.

17. Dream of falling of a balcony

When you dream of falling off a balcony, it symbolizes loss in love and relationships. It indicates relationship issues that may even lead to a breakup. This dream represents that this is not a good time to start a new relationship as it will also move towards a failure.

The dream means that your partner might leave you for days and months due to work related obligations. It reminds you to have more understanding of him/her to keep going with it smoothly.

18. Dream about falling from a great height

This dream is a good sign. In the dream theme, height represents promotion and success. It indicates a new job role or bonus at work. The time is good to start a new venture and nurture your creative ideas. 

The dream also indicates a rise in social status, praise, and appreciation from your superiors at work. The dream reminds you to make the best use of your good times and achieve success as much as possible.

19. Dream about falling from a small height

The dream symbolizes small failures and problems coming your way in waking life. You may have communication issues with others that may hamper your good relationships. It may happen that your plans are not working out well or there is delay in accomplishing a project. 

However, all these problems will be short lived and it won’t damage you in the long run. The dream suggests a clumsy attitude and a lack of proper coordination in whatever you are doing in reality. You should be more careful of this so that it doesn’t incur a big loss.

20. Falling dreams with a great pain

When you dream about falling and getting hurt, it means anxiety, worry, and stress regarding something that did not go according to the plans. Perhaps it denotes your annoyance and disappointment about the failure of the project.

The pain symbolizes the grief, suffering, and anguish associated with your failures. Meanwhile, the dream also represents adaptation to new situations. It tells you to ignore things that can make you a worrywart; rather to focus on how to cope up with stressful situations in a better way.

21. Dream about falling for those in love

If you dreamt about falling while in a love relationship, it means red flags in your relationship. The dream represents minor squabbling and misunderstandings with your partner. It indicates the risk of losing connection with your partner. 

Somehow, you may find your partner losing interest in the relationship. There could be regular fights and unresolved issues surfacing every now and then.

It also denotes breakup and separation. You may find yourself in a pit of grief and disappointments like never before.

22. Dream about falling for business people

Falling dreams for a business person indicates bad luck. You will suffer losses and your revenues will not be that great. Maybe your business plans will not be that smooth and you will suffer a lot of problems in pursuing it. 

The dream reminds you to be cautious of your next course of action. Falling dreams denote that this is not the time to make big expansion plans rather to remain low until the right time arrives. You can go back to your old routine once things settle out well.

23. Falling dream and getting on your feet

Falling dreams where you see yourself on your feet after you hit the ground means that you will be able to overcome all obstacles in your waking life.

You will figure out the problems, solve it, and make it work again. The dream reminds you that whatever happens in reality, you have the courage to fight back and stand on your own feet. You will gain ground soon and fly high again. 

This is an ideal time to start a new project because despite problems, you will be successful and shall fetch good results shortly.

24. Falling dream and staying down

This dream symbolizes a bad sign where you will suffer a loss of some kind. Your waking life may become chaotic with many issues coming in one after another. You may be confused about how to resolve these together.

The dream reminds you to stay focused and put in effort to get back what you have wished for. It tells you to be resilient and stay strong in trying times to overcome it successfully.

25. Falling dream with partner

If you dream that you and your partner are falling together, it means that both of you will face similar issues in your waking life. It could be a similar goal that is not working out well and you people are going through mental tension and stress.

The dream denotes relationship issues as well. It indicates that there are disagreements between the two of you that are hard to resolve; so both of you are passing through an agonizing phase of life.

26. Dream about a stranger falling

When you dream about a stranger falling it means financial crisis and monetary losses. You will suffer a cash crunch due to new investments; or you will suffer a big business loss in future. The dream reminds you to be careful and cautious with future expansion plans as much as possible.

27. Falling dreams for a sick person

Falling dreams for a sick person means that their health condition will further deteriorate and they will suffer a lot in the coming days.

Their condition will turn from bad to worse, if proper care is not taken. The dream tells you to take a call and visit some specialist before things start to settle down slowly.

28. Dream about falling into a river or sea

This dream holds both positive and negative meanings. Positively, the dream symbolizes good health, monetary gains, and easy solving of life issues. Negatively, the dream represents overwhelming emotions. 

As water denotes emotions, seas and rivers indicate deep seated feelings that were repressed for a long time but now you are allowing it to flow freely.

You are giving a vent to the pent-up emotions related to some negative aspect of your waking life. Now you have learned to let go of your negative feelings and cope well with the situation you are in. 

29. Falling dream through a window

If you dream about falling through a window, it means bad luck, financial difficulties and minor crises coming every now and then. The dream symbolizes risk in starting a new project and reminds you to be more careful about the situation in hand. 

It tells you to evaluate and monitor everything going on around you and then take a plunge in starting something new and exciting.

30. Falling dream from a mountain

This falling dream means you are arrogant, rude, and unkind in waking life and that’s what makes you fall in the eyes of others.

People do not like you and you are losing your social status too soon than expected. A mountain denotes an inflated sense of ‘self’, so you are being considered as ruthless and ungrateful. 

This dream also symbolizes fall in your own eyes. You are losing self-esteem and recognition in your social life. This feeling is harsh on you and you seem to lose your grip over the various situations of real life.

31. Dream of falling in mud

When you dream about falling in mud, it means bad luck. It indicates that you will soon face problems with someone dear to you. There will be differences of opinion, or little fights with people close to you like family members, close friends, or intimate colleagues. 

The worst part is you will be held responsible for these issues. Slowly you will find yourself in a mud; signifying filthy emotions and lack of control over the situation. You will be unhappy and highly disappointed with what’s happening around but will not be in a position to help yourself much.

32. Falling dreams out of bed

Dreams of falling out of bed indicates that you wish to do everything perfectly in waking life. But while doing it, you come across many problems and as such feel anxious of how to go about it.

You may be a perfectionist but the situation does not allow you to do things in the right way. You seem to fall off your standards and start worrying about the petty matters and the smallest of things.

33. Dreams about falling and landing safely

When you dream of falling and landing safely without being hurt or losing balance, the dream symbolizes inner strength to overcome adversities in life. It tells you to trust your intuitions and have faith in yourself to keep going in hard times.

You will surely lead yourself out of the difficult situation, no matter what happens on the way. The safe landing denotes a sense of security and personal well-being. It means success and achievement.

34. Falling dream due to a big jump

When you jump and fall from a big height it means that you are trying to escape from or ignore certain troubling situations of waking life. In this case, a fall denotes moving away, or running away from a stressful situation.

You are falling down just to save yourself from more anxiety coming your way shortly.

35. Dreams of being scared and frightened after the fall

If you are scared and frightened after the fall, it means conflicts and anxieties looming large upon you in waking life.

The dream symbolizes overwhelming emotions and uncontrolled fear. You seem to feel that things are slipping off fast from your hands and you are unable to keep things in place.

36. Dreaming about not being able to get up after a fall

This dream symbol is a bad omen. It means you have fallen in a pit full of negativity and hopelessness. You are unable to gain strength and fight back; rather feeling helpless and anxious.

Seeing yourself stuck and unable to get up means feeling of despair and disappointments. You have failed in your efforts and could not achieve something you wanted.

37. Dreams of falling off a tree

If you dream of falling off a tree, it means a desirable life change. The dream conveys a positive message of self-growth and renewal.

You have the power to soar high up again; if you put proper effort. The dream also tells you to stay strong and hold on to hope till things fall back on the tracks.

38. Falling dream while riding a horse

If you dream of falling from a horse, it means new problems and dangers coming in future. It also signifies negative forces around you that will lower your inner strength and confidence.

But as said, ‘where there is a will, there is a way’; you should follow a path of determined action to resolve the issues bothering you. You must learn to rise above again after a fall and that’s where you will be different from others.

39. Falling dream from a waterfall

Dreaming about a fall from a waterfall indicates your free flowing emotions with regard to certain situations of waking life. The dream symbolizes new hope and fresh beginnings. Even if you fall and hit the hard ground, you have the power to rise again. 

In certain contexts, such a dream also means blooming love relationships and more happiness around you. You are excited about new things happening around you. It’s giving you immense pleasure and satisfaction.

40. Dreams about falling quickly

This dream symbol is considered a bad omen because it means that you are fast heading towards a big loss and a great failure. The dream signifies damage and destruction in personal and professional endeavors. 

It may mean breakup in relationships, fights and squabbling with friends, disagreements with family members etc. the dream symbolizes social isolation and loss of social grace and respect. You have fallen in the eyes of others; losing respect and recognition in public life.

Spiritual meaning of falling in dreams

Spiritually, falling dreams mean lack of spiritual grounding and loss of connection with higher self. It means lack of confidence and no control over your actions. Thus, anytime you may hit the rock bottom out of insecurity and inferiority.

Falling dreams refer to your deepest fears and deadliest insecurities. Whenever you tend to feel less grounded and lose touch with reality, you may dream about falling.

Spiritualists believe that falling dreams expose those vulnerable aspects of your personality that need to be healed and taken care of. This will help you develop insight and awareness about the various issues of waking life.

Dreams about falling symbolize your inability to face reality, to confront the fears of waking life. You have problems facing life challenges. It makes you emotionally inhibited and rigid. Falling also means decline in moral ethics and values.

For some, these dreams symbolize malicious acts of real-life that can make one feel inferior in one’s own eyes.

These dreams indicate loss of help and support in waking life; when you needed them the most. It means bad luck related to career, job, and relationships. You will not receive a helping hand from loved ones while you fall and that scares you the most.

The dream makes you feel isolated and break down in terms of physical health and emotional wellness. If you get recurring dreams about falling, it is an unfortunate sign. It means your enemies are conspiring against you and it will lead to your downfall.

It represents that you have lost your foothold, as you lack the ability to cope up with the troubling state of waking life.

Biblical meaning of falling in dreams

In the Bible, falling dreams symbolize imbalance, lack of focus, and credibility. It means you are trying to hold on to certain subtle things that are not serving your best interests in life.

Biblically, a fall indicates to descend down towards the ground against gravity. Thus, it indicates a divine and sacred fall of oneself. The dream means that your self-growth is hindered and restricted because of you. You have let loose your hold on important aspects of waking life and thus it failed.

Sometimes, the dream indicates your fall due to the mistakes and sins you have committed in reality. It means that you have succumbed to darkness and pessimism and there is nothing to hold on to. You have lost your faith in yourself and thus slowly moving towards a demolition. 

Positively, falling dreams mean you have the power to change, transform, and renew your inner strength and evolve yourself according to the wishes of the Lord. You can follow the path of righteous living and be humble and grateful towards the Almighty.

When you fall and get up again, it means you have got back the lost control and now you can move ahead smoothly and survive the adversities that were bothering you in reality.

The Bible also says that if man cannot persevere and endure challenges, he will suffer a fall. The fall means to go down emotionally and spiritually. 

It means a downfall in his own captivity. When your mind is stuck and confined in fear and insecurity, you are in a bondage. You have become a captive of your troubles and problems.

The dream signifies a loss of power to revive and stand again. But the lord has given you enough strength to get back on your toes. 

You are to follow your intuitions to come out of this slavery and make the best use of everything that you already have. You are to break the slavery of anguish and disappointments and seek the Lord’s blessings to start all over again.

Psychological meaning of falling dreams

Falling dreams indicate fear, anxiety, grief, inadequacy, lack of control over self and the situation. The dream indicates failure and hopelessness as well.

Carl Jung in his book ‘Man and his symbols’ refers to falling dreams as a symbolic representation of ‘inflated self’. It means pride in oneself and putting a high value on oneself. This can lead to clouding of perspectives and thoughts. 

You may start to think of yourself as the best, ignoring and humiliating others around you. When you are carried away by feelings of self-importance and start to boast over your endeavors, you may lose control over the situation you are in.

It signifies that you are heading towards a failure or fall and slowly shall hit the ground.

Dreams about falling also refers to your innate insecurities and fears. It denotes lack of confidence to confront the fears and let it go. You are trying to hold on to it and do not wish to change for anything better and bigger in life.

The dream represents self-doubt, lack of clarity, and awareness of the situation you are in. You are in a helpless state of mind and want to get the grip back.

On a positive note, the dream reminds you to work harder, relax, and develop a better clarity of the situation to make things happen in the long run.

Islamic meaning of falling dreams

According to the Islamic culture and religious beliefs, falling dreams denote disappointments, failure, fear, guilt, and agonies. It means that you have committed a mistake and had fallen in the eyes of the Almighty.

Falling dreams symbolize that your life conditions have changed from good to bad. It means you have fallen in trouble and hurdles from where escape seems to be difficult as you have lost the grip over the situation. 

Falling dreams reflect bad company and evil consequences that can spoil your social image. It reflects emotional distress and sufferings, as if falling in darkness and pessimism forever.

Falling dream meaning in Hinduism

In Hinduism, falling dreams signify fear and insecurity about the future. It shows your overwhelming emotions related to certain aspects and events of waking life because you think you are slowly losing control over it. The dream represents your incapability to keep up to the expectations. 

You are falling short somewhere leading to failure and disappointments. This lack of faith and self-confidence is not allowing you to realize your life easily. You are struggling and slowly getting into more fears and agonies.

If the fall is severe, it indicates complete failure. Positively falling dreams tell you to revive your old spirit and inner strength to keep going in trying times and never give up.

Falling dream meaning – The good and the ugly

Dream interpreters believe that every dream carries a deep-seated meaning; some good while others bad. Likewise falling dreams also has a dual meaning and carries a positive connotation in waking life.

The good side of falling dreams are:

  • New changes coming soon
  • Renewal and transformation
  • Rise above adversities
  • Confronting fears
  • Trying to regain lost control
  • Hopeful of better things coming ahead
  • Ability to take up risks and move towards self-growth
  • Caution about not making the same mistake ever in your life.

The downside of falling dreams represent the following things.

  • Feeling out of control
  • Imbalance
  • Anxiety and fears
  • A feeling of being powerless
  • Failures and setbacks
  • Shocked and threatened
  • Anger and resentments after the fall
  • Insecurity about future events
  • Strained relationships
  • Misfortune
  • Disappointments
  • Gloom and sadness
  • Endless troubles coming your way

Questions to ask yourself when you dream about falling

Falling dreams are a tricky one to deal with. Seeing a fall is not that bad always. Sometimes the fall may help you to regain the lost faith and trust in yourself. It all depends upon the details of the dream and your associated feelings.

The dream interpretation was never an easy job because each dream has its own story; full of enigma that needs to be solved in order to understand the hidden meaning.

In order to do so, you need to ask yourself certain questions to gain clarity and a better insight of the entire dream theme.

  • How was the fall?
  • Were you hurt?
  • Did anybody push you or you lost balance while falling?
  • Have you tried to hold on to something while falling?
  • Did you see an abrupt fall or a slow moving fall?
  • Did you land on the ground safely?
  • Can you relate the dream with your waking life?
  • Are you anxious and overwhelmed because of something weird happening around you?
  • Would you like to remember the falling dream?
  • Was the dream recurring every now and then?
  • Do you have secret wishes in real-life?
  • Describe your emotions after waking up?

What Does It Mean When Things Keep Falling Around You

Yesterday something fell onto the floor three times before I finally realized it was a sign: my smudge bundle kept rolling off the shelf because I needed to clear my aura. The other day I kept knocking over my iodine drops while reaching for something in the cupboard, and then it occurred to me that I had forgotten to take my dose that morning. And a couple of years ago, when I drove my moving van out of an apartment complex where I’d had a miserable experience, I turned on the radio and the song “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift began playing.

These are all examples of signs, messages, and guidance from the Universe.

Our Consciousness is in a constant conversation with the Universe. This is how our reality is formed around us. Our Consciousness also skips ahead a few beats to help prepare us for what’s coming next, which it then communicates to us through our intuition and other senses.

Have you ever had a book fall off a shelf right in front of you? A song that keeps playing over and over everywhere you go? Or you receive a recommendation for the same thing from separate, apparently random sources? These are all just examples of signs and messages that the Universe, through its conversation with our Consciousness, is sending us.

This is also part of why our thoughts are so powerful, because they become topics in that conversation.

We don’t have to ask for signs. Communication is all around us all the time, we just need to pay attention! That’s the hard part: We need to pay attention. It’s a very distracting world we live in now. It’s very easy to tune out Spirit’s guidance when we’re plugged into the noise, and miss the signs.

You don’t need to be hyper-aware, but if you start to train yourself to pay attention to things that stand out, then all sorts of good things can happen. You’re available to the guidance of Spirit and your Consciousness, in flow with the Universe, and thus more capable of improving your life on every level, in both big ways and small.

Beware of asking for specific signs! Your consciousness is also a very great filter, and your ego is a gorgeous little gremlin who loves to mix up the works. When you fix your attention on something, you’re far more likely to notice it: this is as equally true of the zit on your chin or seeing cars that are the same as yours, as it is for wanting signs that he’s the right guy or that you should stay in the job you hate.

Sidestep this by setting an intention to receive Spirit’s guidance and being open to Spirit’s truth, as opposed to being attached to an answer or particular outcome.

Keep your eyes and ears open for these potential signs from the Universe:

  • Patterns and repetition: if you keep noticing the same image, sound, phrase, or object, or if you keep bumping into the same person over and over, it’s likely a sign. Get quiet and ask yourself what it might symbolize or what it might be communicating to you.
  • Things falling or being knocked over: a quite literal means of grabbing your attention! It could be something obvious, like an instrument needing repair before it gets worse, or a piece of furniture that’s out of alignment with the energy of the space. But it could also have a deeper, more meaningful message for you, like a book that contains healing information you need, or the photo of a deceased loved one indicating their presence.
  • Receiving the same suggestions or recommendations from different sources: Carolyn Myss once said that the gods speak to us through other people. Sometimes this becomes obvious, like the one hundredth time someone asked me if I was writing a crystal book (lol!). Other times it could be that you keep doing a Google search for one thing, but another keeps popping up in your results. Allow yourself to investigate and see what comes through.
  • Things that stand out for no immediate or apparent reason: a classic example could be something you look at then dismiss, like your water bottle, and then a little later you’re thirsty and wish you’d brought it with you. Or the color red keeps grabbing your attention all day without any obvious significance, and then in your therapy session that evening you realize you need more passion in your life. Asking yourself why you’re noticing these things in the moment can help you connect with the meaning.
  • Coincidence: I think not! There are none. The Universe doesn’t make mistakes. Whenever you experience a coincidence pay attention to it right away. Trust and follow your gut feelings about it.
  • Nature & Animal Totems: finding feathers, flower petals, having animal encounters (like bees that keep buzzing around you, or a fox that keeps crossing your path), admiring a specific species of tree, or being drawn to the same certain crystals all hold meaning.
  • Idle thoughts or momentary images flashing in your mind’s eye: they could be your imagination, but are likely your intuition. Have you had a moment when you thought you’d forget your wallet, and then later that’s what you ended up doing? Or, like me, you have the image of something being knocked over and spilled all over the floor, and then the next day that’s exactly what happens.
    They may seem like idle thoughts or images, but then they prove to be meaningful later. Remember that your consciousness skips ahead to prepare you for the future. Train yourself to be mindful of these moments by setting an intention to notice them, and then recording them at the time. Especially if they are cautions about your safety, the foresight these signs provide can be invaluable.
  • Feeling goosebumps or chills for no physical reason: when you get the chills or goosebumps all of a sudden in a room, or in response to something someone has just said, that’s a sign that either there’s a spirit in the room or that something has resonated for you on a deep, soul level. Either way, it’s a definite signal from Spirit to pay attention and discover the meaning .

Note two key things: mindfulness, and asking yourself what something means. Many people can only manage presence for a few moments and then it’s back to the hullaballoo of their minds. But a few moments of presence may be all you need to notice and make sense of a sign! The more consistently you meditate and practice mindfulness, the more in tune you’ll be with the Universe and the wisdom of your own consciousness.

Spiritual Meanings Of Things


(ta pneumatika):

Things proceeding from the Holy Spirit and pertaining to man’s spiritual life, worship, service. Contrasted in 1 Corinthians 9:11 and in Romans 15:27 with ta sarkika, things fleshly, physical, which have to do with man’s sensuous, corporeal nature, such as food, raiment, money. By “spiritual things” Paul signifies the benefits accompanying salvation, the gifts of the Spirit–faith, hope, love, justification, sanctification, peace–all the fruits and blessings and aids of the regenerate life.


Things pertaining to spiritual office, the ministry of the Word, or the service of the sanctuary.