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Bible Map New Testament

A Bible map is a useful tool for anyone who wants to better understand the New Testament. The New Testament is the second part of the Christian Bible, and it contains all of the books that tell the story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Some people have trouble understanding how the New Testament relates to other parts of the Bible. For example, they may not know which books should be considered part of this section or why some books seem to be missing from it. A Bible map can help you understand those relationships by showing where each book was written and when it was written. It will also show you how those locations relate to one another geographically (for example, if they were close together or far apart). You can learn more about each book’s author as well as its purpose and audience by looking at where each one was written in relation to others around it on this map. The New Testament is the second half of the Bible. It contains 27 books, including the four gospels and the letters of Paul, which are some of the most influential texts in Western civilization. The New Testament was written between AD 50 and 90 by followers of Jesus Christ after his death. It documents their experiences with him, as well as his teachings. the New Testament was written in Greek, though there have been English translations since at least 1525.

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Bible Map New Testament


The Bible speaks of many places that you may have never heard of. Many of these places are named in the old testament timeline and one can find a new testament map using it.

Old Testament Timeline

The Old Testament Timeline is a chronological list of events from the life of Jesus. The Old Testament Timeline can be used to find a New Testament Map, which is a list of all the places mentioned in the Bible and where they are located on earth today.


Nazareth is a town in the Lower Galilee region of Israel. Located near the city of Tiberias, it is about 50 kilometers (31 miles) north of Jerusalem. Founded in the second century BCE as one of several Jewish villages located in this area to serve as agricultural centers for nearby Sepphoris and Tiberias, Nazareth was established within an area of fertile land that had been cultivated for centuries.

The city’s name means “flourished,” and its most famous resident was Jesus Christ. According to Christian tradition, Mary gave birth to Jesus at a manger located near what is now St. Joseph’s Church and then lived there with Joseph for several years before moving back home to Nazareth after he was born. In addition to being home to many religious sites associated with Jesus’ life on earth (including his childhood home), today Nazareth has become an important center for tourism because so many tourists visit it each year hoping more than anything else they might catch a glimpse of their Savior while they’re there.”


The capital of the northern kingdom of Israel was established by Omri in Samaria during his reign (1 Kings 16:24). It is located in the Jezreel Valley, which runs through central Israel to the Mediterranean Sea. It sits at an important crossroads between Galilee and Transjordan, making it a strategic location for commerce and trade.

Samaria was also located in the center of Israel’s territory, being roughly halfway between Rehoboam’s capital city at Jerusalem and Jeroboam II’s capital city at Tirzah (see 2 Chronicles 11:5–12). This made Samaria an important financial hub for both north and south.


  • Judea is a region of the Southern Levant.
  • Judea was the name of the southern part of the province of Judaea, later renamed Syria Palaestina by the Romans.


The Jordan River, which flows through Israel and into Jordan, is the border between these two countries.

In addition to being a natural border between Israel and Jordan, the Jordan River has been used as a political boundary since biblical times. In fact, King Solomon built his capital city of Jerusalem on its banks (1 Kings 6:1).


Galilee is the northernmost region of Israel, and was a major center for Jesus’ ministry. It’s also the home of several important sites, including Capernaum and Cana. Galilee was the home of several important apostles, including Peter and Andrew.

Galilee’s location in Israel meant that it could be reached by many different routes:

  • Via Tyre through Sidon (also mentioned in Mark)
  • Via Damascus (also mentioned in Mark)
  • Via Jerusalem via Jericho (mentioned only in Luke).


Bethany was a town located just outside of Jerusalem. It was the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus (all of whom were friends with Jesus).

Bethany was also where Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead after he’d been dead for four days in his tomb.

Jesus spent two days at Bethany before He went back to Jerusalem for Passover Week and His crucifixion on Good Friday.

The last time we see Mary is at the foot of Christ’s cross during His Crucifixion, when she anoints His feet with expensive perfume (John 12:3-8).


This map shows the city of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel and holiest city in the world.

Jerusalem is where many important events took place in biblical history: it was home to Solomon’s Temple (1 Kings 6:7), where Jesus was crucified (Matthew 27), and where he was resurrected (Matthew 28).

One can find a new testament map using the old testament timeline.

You can find a new testament map using the old testament timeline. The old testament is a series of stories that tells about God’s relationship with the Jewish people, beginning with creation and ending with Jesus’ death on the cross. There are 39 books in this section of scripture as opposed to 27 in the New Testament.

The book of Genesis begins with an account of creation and goes through Noah’s family surviving a worldwide flood caused by God because man had become wicked. This story concludes with Abraham literally being called out of Ur (modern day Iraq) by God to travel through Canaan where he would eventually be promised land and descendents who would become a great nation: Israel.

The book of Exodus picks up from there, following Moses’ journey from Egypt back to his homeland after fleeing for killing an Egyptian guard who was beating him for not being able to speak well at his Hebrew mother’s command (Exodus 2). Upon reaching Mount Sinai where he was given instructions from God regarding how He wanted His people treated properly, Moses led them back into Egypt where Pharaoh refused their request for freedom so later came down hard on them until finally releasing them when ten plagues struck their cities as punishment for refusing

to let them go first thing in morning each day due to fear over what might happen if they did…


But, at the end of the day, it is a fun experience to map out your own bible map. And if you’re lucky, you might just bump into Jesus in person while traveling through Israel.

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