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Spiritual Meaning of Killing A Dog In The Dream

Spiritual Meaning of Killing a Dog in the Dream: Dreaming of killing a dog is considered negative and brings sorrow to the dreamer. This is true for all types of dogs, especially for dogs that are friendly in your daily life. In this case, you may lose someone near you or have some health issues. Also check out the spiritual meaning of the dog attack and the spiritual meaning of the dog in the dream.

The dog is a faithful animal and symbolizes the different relationships in our lives. The way you dream to kill it and the reason why killing the dog are related to your attitudes and beliefs.

The spiritual meaning of killing a dog in the dream is that you are going to be betrayed by your friend.

You will be hurt and betrayed by someone who was close to you. This person knows a lot about you and could easily destroy your reputation in front of others if they wanted to.

This person may even try to take advantage of you financially or emotionally.

The spiritual meaning of killing a dog in a dream is that you are being attacked by your own shadow self.

Killing A Dog In Dream Meaning

The dog represents your instinctive nature, which is often good but sometimes bad. If you kill the dog, you are denying yourself an essential part of who you are. If you feel guilty about it, or if you have done this before, then this may be a sign that there is something wrong with how you treat yourself.

If you dream that someone else kills the dog and feels guilty about it, it means that they are feeling guilty over their own instincts or desires, which they have repressed or denied themselves. They may be feeling guilty because of something they did or felt compelled to do against their will–something they did not mean to do but could not control themselves from doing.

Spiritual Meaning of Dog Attacking You In A Dream

One of the most loved creatures that live amongst us is the dog, held in high regard for its loyalty, love, and protective ability. Dogs are referred to as “man’s best friend,” because they stay by their owner’s side to offer emotional support and companionship. There are also people that fear dogs, and dogs can display aggressive behavior. So, with these two opposite traits, what is the meaning of a dog appearing in your dream? 

Dreaming of a dog represents emotions you are working through related to your close connections such as friendships and loyalties. Dogs represent your subconscious instincts regarding the trust you have for others. They can also represent protection, obedience, and empathy. 

Depending on the nature of a dog appearing in your dreams, the dream can warn you about harmful or untrustworthy relationships, or they can give you the reassurance that you have people around you who you can trust and lean on for support. The emotions you feel in the dream, as well as the other symbolism that appears alongside the dog, can give you clarity as to what the dream means for you. 

Spiritual Symbolism Of a Dog In Dreams

Spiritual Symbolism of Dogs In Dreams

These creatures are known for their loyalty and can show up in your life when you need insight or spiritual assistance regarding your friendships and relationships. 

They can show up in dreams to help you process energy stuck in your 4th/heart chakra related to relationships and love, or your 1st/root chakra related to security and belonging. 

Symbolically, because dogs are domesticated and reside in the home, dogs in dreams represent issues or concerns related to the home or your physical space. Because dogs are companions, they typically represent your closest relationships that make you feel secure, such as family, romantic relationships, and close friends. 

If you own a dog or have a strong connection to the spirit of a dog, they will be more likely to show up in dreams as an animal spirit guide, and will likely be giving you a feeling of comfort, companionship, or protection when you feel spiritually or energetically threatened. 

Dogs Showing Up As Empathy In Dreams

Many people who have recurring dog dreams often report that these dreams are filled with emotion and even physical pain. They can actually feel the emotion in their physical body when they wake up. They report that the dreams feel “lucid” or very close to reality. 

This is a sign that the dreamer is “empathic” and takes other people’s emotions on as their own. 

Dogs can help an empathic person process the emotions stuck in their body by bringing it to the surface to process it and move it out of the physical space. 

Dogs can show up as the valence that your “empathy” takes on so that you can see and relate to it in a physical form. If you are empathic or a highly sensitive person, a dog can show up as this energetic quality that you possess. 

The dog can give you deep insight as to why you are feeling empathic towards someone or something, and how you are able to manage your empathic tendencies. 

For example, if you have a dream that another dog is attacking your pet dog, this can be a sign that you are energetically taking on other people’s problems which can feel like an attack on your health and well being. 

Another example is if you dream of a dog getting injured and you feel emotionally upset, this represents the empathy that you have for other people’s pain. If you try to save the hurt dog, it represents your desire to energetically heal those who are hurt around you. 

If dogs frequently show up in dreams and you are an empathic person, you should view the dog as your spiritual teacher or guide that is showing you how to manage your empathy, compassion, and energetic health. 

Keywords for Dogs in Dreams: 

  • Friendship
  • Loyalty
  • Generosity
  • Protection
  • Obedience
  • Empathy
  • Warning
  • Energetic health
  • Relationships
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Emotional attachments 

Common Dreams With Dogs And Their Meanings

There are an infinite amount of situations that dogs can show up in dreams, however, there are common recurring themes with dogs that get asked about most frequently. These include

  • Dogs attacking in dreams
  • A dog biting in a dream
  • A dog dying or being injured in a dream
  • Someone killing a dog in a dream
  • A dog eating in a dream
  • Friendly or protective dogs in dreams
  • Different colors of dogs in dreams

If you have had any of the above dreams and are wondering about what it means, this section will go over the various elements of each of these dreams and what they may mean for you. 

Dog Attacking or Fighting In a Dream Meaning

While there are kind, loving, and caring qualities of a dog, we cannot ignore the scary and aggressive side that a dog can show. Dogs can be dangerous, and there are people who associate dogs with danger and violence. 

Dreaming of a dog attacking you represents feeling powerless, vulnerable, and threatened. This is often associated with very dominant and aggressive energies in your life, such as a boss, partner, or energetic bully. It may represent poor judgment or a fear you have about the future. 

Dogs attacking you in a dream can be a warning that there are dangers around you. This is often related to relationships or harmful energies that are blocking your 4th/heart chakra or 1st/root chakra about survival. 

You may have someone appearing as “man’s best friend” but they are actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 

Here are the most common dog attacking dream and their general meaning:

Dreaming of a dog attacking another dogThe meaning of a dog attacking another dog in a dream represents jealousy, competition, and betrayal. There may be someone in your life who you think is a friend, but they are actually competing with you. They may throw you under the bus at the first chance that they get. Be careful who you take on as a friend, partner, or community member. 
Dreaming of a dog attacking a childThe meaning of a dog attacking a child in a dream represents vulnerability and insecurity at your core level. You may not feel as if you are protected in life, or that your guardians or safe-keepers have let you down. These dreams bring up emotions of abandonment and helplessness. This may be a good time to connect with a strong community or parental figure. 
Dreaming of a dog attacking someone elseThe meaning of a dog attacking someone else in a dream represents not feeling that the world is a safe place. You might think there are dangers that lurk outside your comfort zone. You may be putting too many limitations on your growth due to fear that you perceive; yet, it has actually not happened to you. 
Dreaming of a dog attacking a catThe meaning of a dog attacking a cat in a dream represents a psychic attack or internal conflict between your emotional attachments and your intuition. You may feel deep down that you should do something, yet your emotional attachments to someone or something is keeping you from leaving. It may be helpful to do some energy cord clearing to help resolve this conflict. 

Other Violent Dog Dream Meanings

Dreaming of a dog barking or growlingThe meaning of a dog barking or growling at you in a dream represents a warning to take notice of in a new relationship, partnership, or friendship. The new emotional attachment may be dangerous the more you invest in it. It might not be the healthiest relationship. 
Dreaming of a dog chasing youThe meaning of a dog chasing you in a dream represents a part of your spirit or energy that wants to run away from harmful energy in your life. This could be an unhealthy relationship or attachment to someone that is holding you back. You may feel unhappy in a relationship, job, or living situation and feel like running away from your commitments. 
Dreaming of a rabid dogThe meaning of seeing a rabid dog in a dream represents a situation that has gone completely out of your control and outside assistance is needed. You cannot try to use your logic or past experiences to sort it out. It is often related to mental illness, drug abuse, or PTSD in someone that needs professional help. 
Dreaming of a dog fightThe meaning of encountering a dog fighting another dog in a dream represents the saying “it’s a dog eat dog world.” It means that everyone is putting their own matters before yours, yet you are putting others before you own matters. There may be an area in your life that other people are taking advantage of you, and you are giving too much to people who are “takers.” 

Dog Biting In a Dream Meaning

Well trained and cared for dogs usually do not display the behavior of biting, so what does it mean when you dream of a dog biting you? 

Dreaming of a dog biting in a dream often represents betrayal, dishonesty, and disloyalty. It can be a warning dream that the energy you are putting into something will not give you positive rewards in the future. You may be enabling someone’s bad behavior by avoiding to talk to them about it, or by giving in to their manipulation. 

The phrase “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” is appropriate in these dreams. You may be giving your time, energy, and emotion into someone or something; yet, you will not get loyalty or a payoff for your hard work. 

You might be continuing to invest your time and energy into something that will “hopefully pay off” in the future. This dream is a sign that you should listen to your instinct about things not feeling right with your investments. 

Dreaming of a dog biting someone elseDreaming of a dog biting someone else represents other people that you notice are being betrayed or manipulated. If there is someone in your life that you feel needs help in a relationship or at a job, this dream may be an invitation to ask them if they want to talk about it. 
Dreaming of a dog biting your left handDreaming of a dog biting your left hand represents a need to be cautious about what you are receiving in your life. The left hand is the receiving hand, and people may be trying to manipulate you by giving you things that you will feel trapped by later. This could be a job, relationship, or business partnership. 
Dreaming of a dog biting your right handDreaming of a dog biting your right hand represents the need to be cautious about what you are giving to others. The right hand is your giving hand, and you may be giving too much time and energy into others instead of yourself. This could be giving too much time to others who are energetic vampires, which enables them to keep this behavior going. This dream can represent insecurity, not setting boundaries, and feeling victimized
Dreaming of a dog biting your left legDreaming of a dog biting your left leg represents the past and where you have come from. You may have hurt someone or made a bad choice that will “come back to bite you.” It may be helpful to ask for forgiveness if you feel guilty about something or try to correct a decision you made in your past. 
Dreaming of a dog biting your right legDreaming of a dog biting your right leg represents that there may be betrayals in your future and where you are heading. The right leg represents forward movement, and this dream warns you about investing your time wisely now so that there won’t be danger or disappointment in your future. Think about the important choices you are making now, especially regarding finances, relationships, and legal partnerships. 
Dreaming of a dog biting your bum/behindDreaming of a dog biting your bum represents betrayal and someone taking harmful actions behind your back. Someone close to you might be dishonest, speaking badly about you, or passive-aggressively trying to pull you down

Dog Dying Or Injured In a Dream Meaning

One of the most emotional dreams that you can have about a dog is if you dream that a dog is dead, dying, or injured. These dreams often bring up intense emotions that stay with you even after you wake up. 

Dreaming of a dead or dying dog symbolizes changes and endings that are about to happen in your relationships and home life. It may represent a separation of an actual person or a separation of a part of yourself. It can also mean that there is an emotional attachment in your life that is needing to be separated. 

All changes in life bring up uncomfortable emotions; however, oftentimes change can lead to better and healthier opportunities. Change and separation are often necessary from growth, evolution, and spiritual progression. It can be healthy to let go of relationships holding you back. 

When you have a dream of a dying dog, ask yourself if there is an emotional attachment you are ready to release or a big change that you are ready to make in your life that may cause you to say goodbye to people you care about. 

Dreaming of an Injured Dog

If you dream of an injured dog, it often represents your awareness of pain and suffering happening around you. This is especially true if you tried to help or save the injured dog in your dream. 

Dreaming of an injured dog is showing you your empathy and that you are taking on other people’s pain. It represents holding on to other people’s emotions or being fearful that people will be hurt around you. 

Meditation and exercises to manage your empathy can help you process the emotions that are coming up in these injured dog dreams. 

Dream Meaning of a Dog Drowning:

Dreaming of a dog drawing represents feeling overwhelmed by the emotions that you have for someone, making you feel vulnerable or fearful of losing them. Communicating with your loved ones and letting them help you process these emotions can release some of these overwhelming emotions. 

You may also have a strong emotional attachment to someone that makes you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or emotionally out of control. This can happen when you start new relationships, or there is a drastic change in your current relationships. 

Dreaming of a Dog Being Hit Or Run Over By a Car:

Dreaming of a dog getting hit or being run over by a car represents you or someone you care about making a big change in their life direction, which may impact your long-term relationship. 

For example, if a close friend decides to move to a different city, you may worry about losing that close connection. Their decision to make a big life decision change represents the car, and the dog getting hit represents your relationship that may be harmed by this. 

If your car hits a dog in a dream, this represents that your life direction and your emotional attachments are in conflict. Perhaps you want to make a big life change, but your loved ones are holding you back. This dream may let you know that a big change in your life will have to end strong connections. 

It is always important to remember that separation after a big change is hard and can make you grieve; yet, there are always new connections and relationships that you can establish that are more in alignment with where you are heading. 

Dog Killing in a Dream Meaning

In dreams, the act of killing or being killed is often associated with power or a deep need to get rid of something in your life. Dogs are associated with emotions, heart-centered connections, empathy, emotional attachments, relationships, protection, and survival. 

Based on the context of the dog killing or being killed, and the other symbolism that appears around it, you can gain clarity as to what the message is for you. 

If you kill a dog in a dream, this is related to breaking off an emotional attachment that felt as if it was taking your power away from you. This dream represents the deep suppressed anger and oppression you feel from the relationship; yet, you are not able to communicate or end the relationship in a healthy way. 

You may feel vengeful, jealous, or have not forgiven someone for harm they caused you. These unresolved emotions towards someone keep that attachment alive, but in a negative way. This dream is letting you know that those negative emotions may be causing harm, and forgiving them over killing them may be the better method of releasing them from your energetic space. 

Dreaming of a dog being killedDreaming of seeing a dog being killed by someone else may suggest that someone in your life is competitive, jealous, or harmful to your close relationships. It might suggest that someone feels intimidated by you, so they are talking badly behind your back or trying to harm your relationships. 
Dreaming of a dog killing another dogDreaming of a dog killing another dog suggests that there is inner conflict within yourself about emotional attachments that you have. Two parts of your heart are trying to decide on a situation, and one will overpower the other one. It might be helpful to take a step back from the conflict and meditate on it before making emotional decisions that you cannot take back. 
Dreaming of a dog killing a snakeDreaming of a dog killing a snake represents your emotions overpowering your subconscious truth. It might suggest that your emotional decisions regarding a relationship may not be the direction of your higher path. This dream invites you to give some distance between you and your emotional attachments to see the bigger picture. Kundalini meditation may be helpful. 
Dreaming of a dog killing a catDreaming of a dog killing a cat might suggest that your empathy towards others may be overwhelming your energetic health. Cat’s are related to psychic gifts and intuitive sight, so the cat may be asking you to use your intuition rather than empathy; yet, your emotions are clouding your psychic gifts. This dream invites you to learn to manage your empathy and develop your psychic gifts of clairsentience or clairvoyance instead of being overly empathic. 
Dreaming of a dog killing a birdDreaming of a dog killing a bird represents your emotional attachments clouding your mental judgment or spiritual growth. Birds are associated with the element of air, which is connected to logic, mental pursuits, and wisdom. Birds are also strongly connected to the spirit realm. There may be unhealthy relationships in your life that are preventing you from seeing the higher perspective. 
Dreaming of a dog killing a ratDreaming of a dog killing a rat represents issues you have with trust in a relationship. It can show you that you have self-sabotaging tendencies in relationships due to insecurity or past traumas with trust. You may view close connections as being vulnerable, and are prone to jealousy or criticism when people get too close. Healing your heart chakra may be helpful to learn to let people in.  

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