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Jacob’s Wives In The Bible

Jacob was the son of Isaac and Rebekah. He was the twin brother of Esau, the father of Joseph and Benjamin, and the grandfather of Ephraim and Manasseh. Jacob is mentioned in the Bible more than any other character besides God.

Jacob’s life was full of conflict and struggle as he struggled with his own identity as well as with others’ perceptions of him. In this blog series, we’ll explore Jacob’s relationship with God, his children and grandchildren, his wives Leah and Rachel, his brother Esau, and Laban (his uncle).

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Jacob was a man of many names.

He was a trickster, a deceiver and a swindler. He was also known as Israel, the father of all Israelites—and he was the husband of four sisters.

Yes, you read that right: Jacob had four wives. But he didn’t marry them all at once. And his marriages weren’t exactly by choice…

Jacob’s first wife was Leah, one of his father’s two daughters. His father gave Leah to him as payment for working seven years in his fields (Genesis 29:15). Jacob’s second wife was Rachel, who had been promised to him by Leah’s father (Genesis 29:27). After giving birth to two sons with Leah and one son with Rachel, both women became jealous of each other and began fighting over who would carry on their husband’s name (Genesis 30:1-4). So Jacob decided to marry their sister instead: Bilhah. This marriage was also arranged by Laban, who wanted to ensure that Jacob would keep working for him (Genesis 30:3-4).

But then God told Jacob that it wasn’t enough just having children through these women—he needed more descendants than just those from his wives (Genesis

Jacob is a name that comes from the Hebrew word for “holder of the heel,” and it was given to Jacob when he wrestled with an angel. After he won the fight, he was renamed Israel, which means “a prince in power with God.”

Jacob’s story is recounted in the Old Testament of the Bible and tells of how he got his name, how he lost his birthright, and how he ultimately gained his father’s favor after being duped into marrying Leah instead of Rachel.

Jacob’s wives in the bible


Jacob , son of Isaac, was the father of Joseph, one of the most well-known characters in the bible. Jacob lived in Canaan but had to leave home when his brother Esau wanted to kill him. On his journey away from home, he met Rachel and fell in love with her. She was beautiful and Jacob vowed to marry her if he worked for her father seven years. Her father agreed but later tricked Jacob into marrying Rachel’s sister Leah first. He had to work another seven years before marrying Rachel, who remained childless while Leah had three sons by Jacob. The two sisters made a deal that allowed them both to have children by him; Zilpah gave birth to two sons for Leah and Bilhah gave birth to two sons for Rachel.

Jacob had two wives, Leah and Rachel, who were sisters. He also had two concubines, Bilhah and Zilpah, who were also their servants.

Jacob had four wives and two concubines. The wives were sisters and the servants were their maids.

Leah and Rachel are the sisters of Jacob’s first wife, Leah. Bilhah is the maidservant of Rachel, while Zilpah is the maidservant of Leah (Genesis 30:3). The two women became Jacob’s wives after he married their mistress, Leah (Genesis 29:27).

Jacob married Leah first and then Rachel. Rachel was the one he loved most.

You may wonder why Jacob loved Rachel and not Leah. The answer is simple: Leah was the first wife. Rachel was the second wife, and she gave birth to Joseph.

Jacob had four sons by his wives, one son by each wife. Joseph was the son of Jacob’s favorite wife Rachel.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of Joseph in the Bible. He was Jacob’s favorite son and became the head of his family after Jacob’s death. Joseph was also the firstborn son of Rachel, who loved him like no other man or woman had ever been loved before.

Joseph is mentioned over two hundred times in Scripture and is one of only two non-prophets named in this book (the other being Joshua).

The story begins with a dream about sheaves of wheat and clusters of grapes (Genesis 37:1-2). This dream was interpreted by his brothers as an indication that Joseph would inherit all their wealth very soon (Genesis 37:5). They hated him for this because they wanted to keep it for themselves alone instead of sharing it with their younger brother as they had agreed upon prior to Jacob’s deathbed instructions some years earlier when they agreed not only not sell him into bondage but also take care


Jacob had two wives and two concubines, which were also his wives’ servants. He also had twelve sons at various times, four of them by his wives, one each. He loved Rachel most of all women he married because she was the mother of Joseph who would become Israel’s next leader after Moses died. You can find more information on Jacob in our article “Jacob’s Wives: Who Were They?”

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