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Spiritual Meaning Of Dreaming About Your Ex Kissing You

Dreaming About Your Ex Kissing You? A Psychologist’s View on the Spiritual Meaning of Dream Within a dream, kissing is often described as a passionate, romantic experience. Many times, it is thought that the kissing between two people could represent a sexual encounter. This may also be interpreted as a love interest or someone who likes you and could be an important part of your life. The person you’re dreaming about kissing may be someone you know, or it could represent an aspect of yourself.

Dreams often represent an aspect of our lives that we are not totally conscious of or acknowledge. Dreaming about your ex kissing you would suggest that the relationship or the breakup has left you with unresolved issues that need to be addressed. Talked about; Dreaming of French kissing someone, Dream meaning kiss on the lips.

Spiritual Meaning Of Dreaming About Your Ex Kissing You

Dreaming of your ex kissing you can symbolize many things, including loss and longing. When we lose someone we love, it can be difficult to let go of them. In our dreams, this may manifest as seeing your ex-lover in your dream and being unable to let go of them.

When you dream about your ex kissing you, it can also mean that you are afraid that you will never find another person who loves you the way that they did. This can leave you feeling lonely or desperate for companionship, which is why dreaming about your ex kissing you may be a sign that you need to take action in order to find someone new and exciting in real life.

Dreaming about your ex kissing you can be a sign of unfinished business. It may be that you have not yet come to terms with the end of your relationship, or perhaps you’re still feeling emotional about it.

If you dream of kissing someone who is already your significant other, this might be a sign that you are concerned about losing them. Alternatively, it could represent some kind of sexual attachment to that person. This can be an indication that they are keeping secrets from you or not sharing their true selves with you.

If you dream of kissing someone who is not your significant other, this can indicate that there is something missing in your current relationship or that there are unresolved issues between the two of you. It may also suggest that there’s some sort of attraction between the two of you; however, in most cases, it would be best to address any underlying issues before pursuing any kind of relationship outside of your primary relationship (if such a thing would even be possible).

Dreams About Kissing Your Ex-Boyfriend or Ex-Girlfriend

Dreaming that you are kissing an ex-partner can be really shocking. To add to the confusion, there are tons of explanations (many of which are contradictory) about why this might have happened. Upon exploration of what might have caused you to personally have this type of dream, you will find that it doesn’t matter if you are single or taken and happy in your current relationship (or unhappy); this type of dream is very common. Let’s talk about what’s going on in your psyche and put an end to some of the confusion or guilt you might be feeling.

Oftentimes, kissing your ex simply means that you are being reminded of some of the traits that they possess that you’ve identified in someone else (your current crush) or in yourself. Even though you might be seemingly attracted to your ex in your dream, you might be projecting your attraction to these identifiable traits and simply using your ex as a medium for your expression of liking. It’s also true that in some cases, you might still have feelings for your ex or might not have experienced full closure when the relationship came to an end. This is common, but not necessarily the only explanation.

Dream Meaning Kiss on The Lips

The dream meaning of a kiss on the lips can be interpreted in several ways, depending on the individual dreamer’s personal beliefs and experiences.

The general meaning of a kiss in dreams is an expression of love and affection. If you dream of kissing someone, it suggests that you feel loved and desired by another person. You may also feel that this person cares deeply for you and wants to express this feeling through physical contact, such as a kiss.

Kissing can also represent romance in a dream. If you dream of kissing someone, then it indicates that there are feelings of love between the two of you. You may have just started dating this person or perhaps you have been together for some time now but have recently started feeling more romantic toward each other again after some time apart or being apart from each other for an extended period of time due to work or school schedules conflicting with one another.

If you dream about kissing someone who is not your significant other, then it means that there is something about this person that attracts you physically and sexually, but there is no emotional connection between the two of you at all, not even friendship at all, let alone love or even lustful feelings toward one another at all!

Dreaming of French Kissing Someone

Dreaming of French kissing someone is a sign that you will find love and joy in the near future. This can also mean that you have to be careful about who you share your feelings with, because this person might not be as sincere as you think.

Dreaming of French kissing someone can also mean that you are having difficulty expressing your feelings to someone you care about. You may be afraid of rejection or losing them, so it is best to talk to them about how you feel before it is too late.

If you see yourself French kissing someone in your dream, then this could be a sign that there is an attraction between the two of you. It may also indicate that there are some unresolved issues between the two of you.

To dream that you are kissing someone on the lips means that someone has stolen your heart away from another person by their good looks, charm or charisma; they make others feel special around them, and they know how to make people laugh at what they say or do. The expression “kissy-kissy” describes those who hug and kiss each other all over their body when they meet up with each other again after some time apart; maybe even after several years apart from one another.

Spiritual Meaning of Kissing In A Dream

Dreaming about your ex does not necessarily mean you want them back. This type of dream might simply be pointing to aspects you recall from a past relationship that you are missing in your current, or a need to feel as though you’ve had closure. If anything, try introducing some love and romance in your current relationship.

Kissing your ex in your dream could mean many different things.

1. Your Ex Initiated the Kiss

If your ex initiated the kiss, this might be the universe’s way of reminding you that there are unresolved feelings between the two of you and perhaps your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is still seeking a connection with you.

Did You Like It?

How you felt about the kiss is equally important. Did you enjoy it? Was it sensual, loving, tender, or pleasing? Alternatively, did you feel nothing, annoyed, unattracted to them, confused, or guilty like you cheated on your current partner?

If your reaction to the kiss was positive and mutual, you might have unresolved feelings towards your ex or even simply be seeking out the feelings that were once felt between you two in your current life. This means that while you aren’t necessarily unhappy in your current relationship, you might be craving more sensuality, romance, and connection with your current love. There’s nothing to feel guilty about here, it’s just your mind telling you what you would like. Use it to guide your current waking life.

2. You Initiated the Kiss

If you initiated the kiss, this likely means that you are seeking a romantic connection in life. It does not mean you are necessarily seeking it with your ex, but your brain is going back to the last time and place that you were romantically connected to someone or familiar with romantic connection (i.e., with your ex). Because of this, your brain is walking you through the emotions of what it feels like to pursue a physical connection with someone. Your mind is actually saying that your ex feels familiar and safe (it’s like going through the muscle memory of a kiss). You might not even like your ex, but it’s a way for your mind and what’s buried in your psyche to surface and tell you that at this phase in your life, you could do with a little more romantic connection and pleasure to truly feel happy and fulfilled.

This could also mean that your current relationship lacks physical connection and intimacy. You might love your current partner and maybe your relationship is wonderful in many ways, but you could use a little bump in the romance department.

Was it a kiss on your wedding day?

What Type of Kiss Was It?

  • Unexpected: This might mean that you will soon experience a new romance that will bring about strong emotions, similar to those that you experienced in the past. Are you currently crushing on someone?
  • Kissing on your wedding day: If you are kissing your ex on your wedding day (if you have plans to marry someone else like your current partner), this might mean that your current fiancé reminds you of your ex-boyfriend. This is not all too uncommon considering we choose similar partners in a lifetime.
  • Mutual kiss: A mutual kiss likely means that you have unresolved feelings for one another. You might be denying reality and your true feelings for your partner. Often, this means you two felt like the relationship ended abruptly without getting closer. Consider reaching out to them if the relationship was a healthy one and the timing is right this time around.
  • Seeing yourself kiss them: If you are watching yourself kiss an ex, the focus of this type of kiss might be more on the fact that you are showing love. You might actually be neglecting yourself and your relationship with yourself in waking life, and perhaps if your ex was similar to you, you are serving as a reflection board for your self-worth; let this be a reminder of that and what you deserve.

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