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Prayer For Archangel Ariel

There are different reasons that people follow the different religions, some do believe in god and angels. Lucid dreamers or just people who want to talk to their inner selves also pray. It is also believed that there are guardian angels in every quarter of our minds and they may help us in controlling dreams, connecting with our souls directly, or open a gate for an outside force to come in. We can also ask god and his trusted angels for help if we believe in them. Prayer for archangel ariel is called on this site for many reasons; the most important is when a disciple wishes to connect with him or her safely. This guide discusses archangel ariel prayer for animals.

Angel of the Environment Ariel, I give thanks to God that He made you into such a strong defender of the universe. Please assist me in doing my part to preserve the natural world God has made.

Help me to be kind to all creatures great and small, and to do what I can to alleviate their suffering, like taking in a stray cat or dog. God, thank you for the many ways in which He has given me pleasure through animals, from the morning song of birds to the back of a horse. Since God desires for all of his creation to work together in the unity of love, let the unconditional love that animals give us humans motivate me to become a more loving person.

Inspire me to reduce my consumption of nonrenewable resources (such as water and electricity) and to reuse and recycle the items I already own to avoid the needless consumption of new ones. Remind me that God created a wonderful world and I should do my best to protect it from pollution. Insist that I do what I can to combat pollution whenever I come across it, such as by picking up trash I find in public places. I need your help becoming a conscientious shopper who prioritizes the health of the planet over material comforts. Give me the strength to spend my life helping others and the planet rather than hurting it.

Prayer For Archangel Ariel

You take care of humans in the same way you take care of God’s creatures and natural resources, by allowing us to flourish to our fullest. What specific objectives should I pursue in order to fulfill God’s will for my life? Just tell me what you’re thinking in a dream or however else you think I’ll understand it. Thanks to your motivation, I’ve set some goals for myself, and I’m going to need all the help and support I can get from Ariel to actually accomplish them. Give me a fresh dose of faith to overcome fear every time I worry I won’t be able to do what God has called me to do.

I pray to you because you assist Archangel Raphael in healing people’s bodies, minds, and spirits, and I need your help to recover from whatever it is that ails me right now. Please pray for those I’m about to name, as they too are in need of healing. Inspire me to live the way God intended me to live (such as by eating a nutritious diet and getting enough sleep and exercise).

If you are so concerned with the well-being of these naturally beautiful rocks, which are said to house potent energy vibrations, then please teach me how to use them in prayer and meditation so that I may more effectively connect with you and the other angels. Since you have such a deep respect for the plants God has created, and since each of them contains chemical compounds that can benefit people in some way, please teach me how to use essential oils as I pray or meditate.

When I am moved by God’s creation, Ariel, please bring me closer to my Creator. Amen. You’ll also see what does archangel ariel represent in this article.

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Archangel Ariel Prayer For Pets

Archangel Ariel, I come before you today to ask for your guidance and protection. You are the guardian of all those who seek to do good in the world, and I am one such person. I know that my path is difficult, but it is also one of great importance.

I ask that you help me with all the challenges that lie ahead of me, so that they might be overcome with ease, and so that we can continue to work together on behalf of all those who need our help.

I thank you for hearing my prayer today, Archangel Ariel.

Dear Archangel Ariel,

I humbly ask that you please help me with my faith. I have been struggling to believe in myself and in my ability to succeed, and I know that you are an angel of faith. Please give me faith that I can be successful in all the things I do. Help me see the good in everyone, even when they don’t deserve it. Help me learn how to accept others’ flaws and forgive them for their mistakes. And please help me find my true friends—the ones who will be there for me no matter what happens.

In Christ’s name, Amen

Archangel Ariel, we pray to you for peace and protection.

We ask for your guidance in all things, and for your protection from harm. We ask that you help us to see the world as you do: filled with love, compassion, and healing.

We ask that you guide us through our lives so that we may pursue our dreams with confidence and joy. We thank you for all that you have done—and all that you will do—to make our lives better. We honor the work you do on behalf of creation, and look forward to a new age of peace and prosperity under your guidance.

Ariel is one of seven archangels who stand as intermediaries between God and humanity, representing various aspects of life on earth. The name “Ariel” means “lioness of God” or “lion of God.”

Dear Archangel Ariel, I ask that you help me move forward in my life and in my career. I pray for guidance, strength, and wisdom as I build a new life for myself. Please show me how to make the most of this opportunity to start over. I trust you will be with me every step of the way and help me find the path that is best for me.


I pray to you, Archangel Ariel, for your guidance, protection, and wisdom. Please help me to find my way.

I thank you for the power of the earth and all its creatures, which you have created and continue to nurture.

Please help me to see beyond my own narrow perspective. Help me to learn from nature in all its forms—from the smallest ant to the largest whale—and to understand what these lessons can teach me about myself.

Help me to accept that there is much about myself and others that I cannot change by my own will alone, but can only change with the help of others. In particular, please help me deal with those who are critical or harsh toward me without losing my temper or becoming defensive.

Please give us all patience with one another’s flaws, failures, and shortcomings; give us compassion even when others do not deserve it; let us be like trees that bend before the wind but never break; let us forgive easily but never forget easily either; let us look at each other with respect instead of judgment or contempt; let us treat each other well no matter how we are treated ourselves.”

Archangel Ariel, we pray to you, who are the angel of love and light.

We ask that you shine your light on our hearts today as we seek to understand and love ourselves better.

We know that in order to truly love others, we must first be able to love ourselves, and this can be a difficult thing. We know that it’s not just about thinking positively about ourselves—it’s about being honest with ourselves about where we need to improve and how we can grow into the best versions of ourselves.

Archangel Ariel, please help us today as we work toward loving ourselves more fully. Help us see our own strengths, weaknesses, and potential for growth. May we use these insights as fuel for transformation!

O Lord, the King of all kings and Lord of Lords, I pray to you today to bless me with the strength to face my enemies.

I pray that you bless me with your courage and your wisdom.

I pray that you comfort me in my times of trouble and sorrow.

I pray that you give me hope in my darkest hours.

I pray that you help me to always remember that even though I may be small, there is no situation too big for you!

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Archangel Ariel Prayer For Animals

Ariel, angel of nature, I thank God for making you such a powerful protector of creation. Please help me do my part to take good care of the natural world that God has created.

Guide me to treat all animals well and to help animals in need, such as by adopting a homeless dog or cat. Whenever an animal brings me joy (from listening to the natural music of birds singing in the morning, to riding on the back of a horse), remind me that each creature is a gift from God. Let the unconditional love that animals give us humans inspire me to become a more loving person since God wants all of his creation to work together in the unity of love.

Motivate me to conserve the Earth’s natural resources (such as water) and the energy (such as electricity) that I get from natural resources by using them carefully, and to recycle the products I use to prevent the unnecessary use of additional resources. Encourage me to avoid polluting the beautiful environment that God has made. Urge me to do what I can to help clean up pollution whenever I encounter it, such as by picking up trash I notice littered around my community. Guide me to be a wise consumer — someone who lives a simple lifestyle and makes buying decisions informed by what’s good for the environment. Empower me to be a healing force on the Earth, rather than a destructive one, during my lifetime.

Just as you care for God’s creatures and natural resources, you also care for humans, helping us reach our fullest potential in life. Please clarify what goals I should set to accomplish God’s purposes for my life. Communicate those ideas to me in whatever ways I can best receive them, such as through a dream. Ariel, please give me the encouragement and support I need as I work to reach the goals you’ve inspired me to set. Whenever I feel anxious that I won’t be able to do what God has called me to do, give me a fresh dose of faith to overcome worry.

Since you work with Archangel Raphael to bring healing to people’s bodies, minds, and spirits, I ask you to intervene to help heal whatever illnesses or injuries I’m dealing with physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually right now. Please reach out to the loved ones I mention to you now in prayer, who also need healing. Motivate me to pursue a healthy lifestyle as God naturally intends (such as by eating a nutritious diet and getting enough sleep and exercise).

Show me how to use crystals as a prayer or meditation tool when communicating with you and other angels, because you care for those beautiful rocks that contain powerful energy vibrations. Show me how to use essential oils as I pray or meditate, as well, since you also care for the wonderful plants God has made — each of which contains chemical compounds that can benefit people in some way.

What Does Archangel Ariel Represent

Let’s go visit Mother Earth’s guardian angel, Archangel Ariel! One of her most well-known roles is as a protector of the natural world. She is able to help you develop a stronger bond with the plant and animal kingdoms as well as the elements of nature such as wind and water.

Archangel Ariel’s close relationship with nature makes him uniquely qualified to help us establish a firm foundation and make a meaningful connection to the planet in order to attract material blessings and bring about our heart’s desires. In order to establish a deep emotional bond with something on Earth, invoke the help of Archangel Ariel.

Angel Ariel, Guardian of Terra
As her name, Ariel, suggests, she is a divine lioness. She frequently uses the outdoors to motivate those around her to take better care of the environment. Some devotees believe that calling on Ariel will also give them the fortitude to fight for their principles when they are threatened.

Archangel Ariel may surround you if you have a soft spot in your heart for animals and the outdoors. She has the ability to help your sick or injured animals recover and even your plants flourish. Due to her mastery of nature, Ariel is an excellent ally for bringing about material success. But she helps us manifest by connecting us to the material world. When we strengthen our bonds with others and the earth, we become more receptive to the things we truly want in life.

Some also link Ariel with the Gnostic and mystical traditions. There is speculation that she was present at the Big Bang and given control of the winds as part of her role in helping bring the world into existence. This is why she is often portrayed as Mother Earth’s Guardian Angel.

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