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How to hear voice of God

How to hear the audible voice of God is a really common question among Christians. So I wanted to write an article that gives a simple answer for this. A lot of believers struggle at hearing God’s voice, but it does not have to be an ongoing issue for you.

Have you ever had a moment when you felt like God was speaking to you? You were on your morning jog and you sensed that His presence was there with you, or maybe during your devotions one night, God gave you a prophetic word for someone who was sitting in the congregation. It doesn’t necessarily mean that He spoke to you audibly. Sometimes He speaks to us through discernment (1 Cor 2:13) or by picking up on the thoughts of others (Matt 9:4). But what are some ways we can hear His voice more clearly? How do we know it’s really Him?

God gave us His voice through a host of prophets that have been used to guide us throughout our life cycle. But most people don’t listen. Why? Because we feel like we’re too busy for these prophets. We’re looking for another way to hear the voice of God and be guided in our lives. That’s what made God give me a vision to create this blog post and teach you how to actually hear God’s voice in just minutes!

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How to hear voice of God

Get solitude

If you want to hear the voice of God, you need to get alone with Him. You need solitude. Jesus was given by His Father a pattern for us to follow in this area. He did not accomplish anything of lasting significance in His life until He spent time alone with His Father (Luke 3:21-22). As the Holy Spirit filled him and led Him into wilderness, Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights (Mark 1:12). It was during that time that He communed with the Father and heard God speak to Him. It was during those times that Jesus prayed for what God wanted Him to do on earth.

How much time is enough time? There is no set amount of time specified in Scripture, but we are encouraged in Romans 12:2 to set our minds on things above and not be conformed to this world by being transformed by the renewing of our mind through Christ.

Know your common distractions

Knowing your common distractions is the first step. For me, it’s noise and motion. I’ve found that if there is any sound or movement, my mind has a hard time focusing on anything else. However, instead of dwelling on what I can’t control (noise and motion), I change my focus to what I can control: turning off the TV and music, or sitting outside under a tree when it’s quiet.

Once you’ve done your best to eliminate your common distractions, be still! Let go of all the things you need to do and just focus on God. Again, this may not happen in an instant for you as it did for me because we are so accustomed to doing more than simply being with God. But don’t get discouraged! It’s okay if it takes a while—it took me years before I could really hear God speaking to me. Remember that God is faithful; He will speak when He knows you’re ready.*


To hear God’s voice, you need to be still and listen. God is not going to speak audibly like a person. He speaks in a still small voice that we have to discern between our thoughts and His voice (1 Kings 19:12). I love this verse because it shows that God has a way of speaking to people that is both powerful yet gentle at the same time.

God communicates with us in many different ways. He does this through dreams, visions, the Bible, circumstances, angels and people. We can recognize God’s voice if we know what His word says about who He is and what He wants for us.

Pray, listen, respond

Pray, Listen, Respond.

Prayer is our primary means of communication with God. It involves asking God to speak to you and then passionately listening for his reply. It also involves responding to what you hear from him.

This process can take time, but when you pray for guidance in a specific area and then listen for an answer, allowing God’s voice to register in your mind and heart, you will find that he begins speaking. You will experience his presence as he speaks and be reminded of his love for you personally as well as others that might have been on your heart or mind at the time.

Journal your thoughts and reflections

  • Journaling your thoughts and reflections is important because it:
  • Helps you remember what you heard from God and how he spoke to you.
  • Helps you process what God said to you so that it affects your life by changing the way you think, feel, or act.
  • Helps you recognize recurring themes in your relationship with God over time (for example, how he has spoken to you about the same issue many times). This is one reason why journals are so important for missionaries and people in ministry who have a passion for hearing from God on a regular basis (they fill up fast!).
  • Shows your progress over time as a Christian. You can go back later and see when God helped heal something inside of you or showed his love to someone through you or answered a specific prayer in some way that made an impact on your life or the lives of others around you—so many things! The list goes on! You will be amazed at what happens in our lives when we follow after Jesus and stay close with him day-by-day!

You can hear God’s voice if you put in the work.

You can hear God’s voice, and it will take work. It won’t always be easy, but practicing the steps above will help you hear what he has to say about your life. God will speak to you through his Word, through prayer, and through other people in your life. His voice doesn’t sound like a booming voice from heaven because he wants us to approach him as our Father who we have a personal relationship with. Practice taking every thought captive by asking “what would Jesus do?” This is how you make sure you are hearing the voice of God correctly.

how to listen to god in prayer

prayer points on hearing the voice of god

Today we will be dealing with a prayer to hear God’s voice clearly. So many people wonder how people of God hear from God. I have seen someone ask that does God speak to you the same way we speak to ourselves? Some people don’t even believe that they also can hear from God. Well, if you are a born again Christian, you already have the link or access to hear the voice of God crystal clear.

This prayer guide will assist you by opening your spiritual sense organ to identify the voice of God and hear him clearly. It is one thing to hear God’s voice clearly, it is another thing to identify that it is God who is speaking. In the book of Samuel, when God was about to start building him up to become a great prophet, God called Samuel several times. Samuel did the voice of God, but he could not recognize that it was God who was speaking until Eli told him. Thank God he had Eli who was ur High priest to teach him it was God who has been speaking to him. I decree by the authority of heaven that after completing this prayer guide, you will gain access to hearing God’s voice clearly in the name of Jesus and the grace to recognize that it is God who is speaking, I decree that God give it to you in the name of Jesus.

Moses, while he was in the wilderness taking care of Jethro’s sheep, he saw God in the burning furnace, meanwhile, the bush was not burning despite the fire. His curiosity took a heavy one on him as he made steps closer to the fire to have a better look, that was when he heard the voice of God clearly. You also can hear from God if only your spiritual sense of communication is alert. I pray that by the virtue of this prayer guide, your spiritual communication senses will be opened in the name of Jesus. The book of Psalm says Once has God spoken, twice have I heard that all power belongs to God. I decree that by the power in the name of Jesus, you will begin to hear God’s voice clearly in the name of Jesus.

That sin in your life that is hindering the communication flow between you and God, I pray that God will take it away right now in the name of Jesus. The truth is, God, speak all the time, it is the right of every man to stay alert all the time. When sin began to enter into the life of Saul, he could not minister to God anymore, not until David plays the harp, he would not feel the connection between him and God. Sin is a hindrance to communication flow between man and God, take out sin and you will hear God speak to you all the time. The word of God has promised us in the book of Acts of Apostles that at the end I will pour my spirit upon all flesh, your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams and your young men shall see visions. This is the promise of God, I decree that the spirit of God will come upon you right now in the name of Jesus and the portal of revelation will open for your sake in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Points:

Lord Jesus, I come before you today because I want to hear your voice. I want you to always speak to me, just like you speak to the Prophets of the old, the same way you people your sons and daughters of Zion who have shunned the world to follow you, I pray that you will speak to me clearly in the name of Jesus.

I unlock every of my spiritual sense organs right now in the name of Jesus. My spiritual eyes are opened, my spiritual ears are opened in the name of Jesus. I pray that your spirit will come upon me, the spirit that will quicken my mortal body, your spirit that you have promised us in the book of Acts of Apostles, I pray that you will descend it upon me right now in the name of Jesus.

Lord Jesus, I pray that when you speak to be it will be clear, the grace for me to identify your voice, I pray that you give it to me in the name of Jesus. The grace to know when you speak, the power to understand what you say, I pray that you will give it to me in the name of Jesus.

Father Lord, I come against every power of sin in my life. Every sin that will stop my spiritual connectivity to you. Every sin that will stop me from hearing your voice Clearly, I pray that you will take it away in the name of Jesus. Father Lord, I always want to hear from you because I know that you speak all the time. I want you to speak to me concerning my life, destiny, and purpose, Lord speaks to me in the name of Jesus.

I come against every power and principalities around me that won’t make me hear from you, every environmental power, I destroy them by the fire of the holy ghost in the name of Jesus. The scripture says once have you spoken, twice have I heard that all paper belongs to you. I pray that by your power, you will destroy every power and hindrance that is stopping me from hearing your voice crystal clear in the name of Jesus.

Lord Jesus, I want you to pour your spirit upon me. Your spirit that will give me the mental and spiritual alertness, I pray that you give it to me in the name of Jesus. Lord Jesus, unlock my spiritual ear today in the name of Jesus.

From now, I shall not be confuse when God speak to me in the name of Jesus.

how to hear the voice of the holy spirit

One of the questions people ask the most is, “How do I hear the Holy Spirit?” They think there must be a magic formula involved—and while there isn’t a 1-2-3 magic formula, there are disciplines that you can implement to put yourself in the place of hearing the Holy Spirit more clearly. Remember, He’s always speaking; it’s just a matter of opening your spiritual ears to hear Him. Let’s look at three ways that you can improve your ability to hear the Holy Spirit.

1: Hear the Holy Spirit when you Focus on the Word

One of the most effective ways to improve your ability to hear the Holy Spirit is by focusing on God’s Word. In John 15:7, Jesus said, “But if you remain in me and my words remain in you, you may ask for anything you want, and it will be granted!”

How do you know when you have been focusing enough on the Word? The Holy Spirit talks to you through it! He directs your thoughts as you go about your day. He brings it to your mind when challenges arise, and helps you know what to do.

You focus on the Word by spending time in it. You can’t just read it casually every now and then. You have to be diligent to read your Bible and reflect on it every day and obey it. Treat it like the priceless treasure it is.

2: Hear the Holy Spirit when you Listen to God’s People

The Holy Spirit isn’t only speaking to you; He’s speaking to all of God’s people. Sometimes those people have received a message from the Lord for the church, like when the Lord spoke through the Apostles or when the Lord gives Kenneth Copeland a prophecy. Other times, the Holy Spirit uses those people to share a special message specifically for you. By listening to trusted faith ministers and even Spirit-led friends and family members, you can hear the Holy Spirit’s direction.

Now, that doesn’t mean you should listen to every person, or even every Christian, who believes that God wants them to tell you something. Make sure those people are Spirit-filled, Spirit-led and full of faith. Watch the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast, read the Believer’s Voice of Victory magazine, attend a faith-filled church, build friendships with believers in those churches, and join KCM’s faith-filled online community and build relationships there.

3: Hear the Holy Spirit when you Listen in Prayer

Do you find yourself doing all the talking in your prayer time with the Lord? If you never get quiet enough to listen, how will you ever hear what the Holy Spirit is speaking to your heart?

When you pray, spend some time praising God for His goodness and thanking Him for all He has done for you (Psalm 100:4). Then ask Him for what you need (Philippians 4:13). After that, get quiet. Prayer is not a one-way conversation. Make sure that you give the Holy Spirit a chance to speak. He may bring a scripture or song to your mind. He may bring a person to mind that needs prayer. Or He may give you direction for your day or even an answer for a prayer request.

Keeping a prayer journal is another great way to identify the Holy Spirit’s voice. Write down what you’ve asked the Lord for and the different ways He has answered those prayers. Write the thoughts He brings to your mind. As you put this into practice, you’ll begin to understand how the Holy Spirit works in and through you. You’ll begin to hear (and read) His answers.

The Holy Spirit is talking. It’s up to you to hear Him clearly. By putting these three keys into practice, you’ll improve your ability to hear the Holy Spirit, and you’ll have the joy of living a Spirit-led life!

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