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How To Dress For Church Men

Men’s Church Outfits: What to Wear to Church For Men

Weekly church services are a chance to put your best fashion foot forward. Dressing well for church helps to show you take the occasion seriously while maintaining a strong sense of personal style standards. But what if you haven’t put together a decent church outfit just yet? What should men wear to church? Don’t worry. We’re here to help with this men’s church outfits guide!

What to Wear to Church: The Basic Rules
First, familiarize yourself with what men should expect to wear at regular church services:

Each church is different. Do your best for a few weeks and simply try to get a sense of what the expectation is at your church. You may find that while some churches include more formal clothes including ties, others might include men wearing a simple button-down and khakis.

Avoid the no-no’s. While women wearing hats in church has been more commonplace in years past, men will be expected not to wear their hats indoors—especially when attending church services. Try to avoid wearing sneakers, as well.

Keep it simple. It’s tempting to use church services as an excuse to dress up and wear maximum flair with our outfits. But the focus should be on the services. Drawing too much attention with your fashion choices or wearing clothes designed to impress on a “streetwear” level could be problematic.

Putting Together Men’s Church Outfits

Knowing what not to wear is easy. But what should you wear if you want to wear a good church outfit to honor the occasion?

Start with your trousers…
Consider your dress pants to be like the foundation of your home—you can’t build the rest of your outfit without it. Your choice of pants will also inform the rest of your outfit. Be sure to browse the many great collections at Berle to find the perfect church dress pants!

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