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Pastor Michael Todd Biography

Pastor Michael Todd is a man who has dedicated his life to serving others. He is the pastor of [church name], which he founded in 2002. Since then, he has grown the congregation from just a few dozen people to a community of more than 4,000 members. Pastor Todd’s goal is to help people find meaning and purpose in their lives through God’s love.

He believes that every person has a purpose, and that as Christians we are called to use God’s gifts to help others. He also believes that each person’s faith journey is unique and personal, and that it is vital for believers to find their own path toward God. Finally, Pastor Todd believes that being a good person means putting others first; this includes reaching out to those who may not otherwise have access to God or Jesus Christ.

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Pastor Michael Todd Biography

1. Education

Pastor Michael Todd attended Booker T. Washington High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he was actively involved in various extracurricular activities. After graduating from high school, he went on to pursue higher education at Oral Roberts University, a renowned Christian university also located ⁣in Tulsa. At Oral Roberts University, Pastor Michael Todd studied Ministry⁤ and Leadership, immersing ‌himself ‍in ‍biblical teachings and exploring his passion⁣ for sharing the gospel of Jesus ⁣Christ. He graduated with a ⁢Bachelor’s degree in Ministry⁣ and Leadership, equipping him with the ⁤necessary ⁤knowledge and skills to serve⁤ as a spiritual leader.

2. House

Pastor Michael Todd resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with⁤ his wife Natalie Todd and ⁤their children. Their house is not just a physical dwelling but⁣ a place ⁣where they strive to create an ‍atmosphere of love, faith, and worship.⁢ Pastor Michael‍ Todd believes that ‍the home is a sacred space where‌ families can come ​together, grow ‍in their relationship with ​God⁢ and with one another, and be ⁣a beacon ‌of light in their community. The Todd ⁢family’s house serves as a constant⁢ reminder ⁤of their​ devotion to God and their commitment to living out ‍His teachings ‌in every⁢ aspect ‌of their lives.

3. Wife’s​ Age

Pastor Michael Todd’s wife, Natalie Todd, was born‌ on November 11, 1987, making her currently 34 ⁣years old. Their relationship is a testament to the ⁤power of God’s guidance and love, as⁣ they support one another in their⁣ faith journey and work together to inspire and empower others. Natalie Todd is an integral⁣ part of Pastor Michael Todd’s ministry and plays a significant role in the​ transformation of ​their church and the ‌lives of countless individuals.

4.‍ Parents

As a man of God, Pastor Michael Todd⁢ recognizes the influence​ and impact of his​ parents on his life and ministry.⁣ His‌ parents,⁤ whose names are undisclosed, instilled ‌in him the values of‌ faith,‌ prayer,​ and‌ a genuine love for people. Growing⁣ up in a Christian household, Pastor Michael Todd witnessed firsthand the power of ⁤God’s grace‌ and the importance of nurturing a personal relationship with Him. Through their guidance and support,‍ Pastor ⁣Michael Todd ⁣developed‍ a strong foundation in his faith, enabling him to effectively connect with⁤ and inspire others on their ⁣spiritual journeys.

5. Transformation Church

Pastor Michael Todd is ⁣the lead ⁢pastor of ‍Transformation Church, a vibrant and diverse church located in Tulsa,⁢ Oklahoma. Under his leadership, Transformation ‌Church has⁢ experienced exponential growth⁤ and has‍ become known for its ‌dynamic worship, empowering​ messages, and⁤ commitment to serving ⁣the community. Inspired by the transformative power of God’s Word, Pastor Michael Todd and his team ‌strive to create an atmosphere where people can encounter the presence ⁢of God,⁣ discover their purpose, and become⁣ agents of positive change in the world. The church’s mission is driven by the biblical principles of love,⁤ faith, ‍and hope, empowering individuals to live out their God-given destinies.

6. Net Worth

While Pastor Michael Todd’s ‍primary focus is on spreading‌ the gospel and serving his community,⁤ it is worth mentioning his financial success.⁤ As the lead pastor of​ a thriving church and a sought-after⁤ speaker, ‌Pastor Michael Todd’s⁤ net worth is estimated to be in the millions ⁣of dollars. However, it is essential⁣ to note that Pastor Michael Todd’s‌ true ⁣wealth lies in the impact ⁣he has on⁢ people’s lives, helping them find hope, healing,‍ and⁣ a deeper connection ⁣with God.

7. Role ‌as a⁢ Pastor

Pastor ‌Michael Todd’s journey as a pastor is rooted in his unwavering faith and deep ⁤love for God’s Word. He is committed to ⁢sharing the gospel ‌in a relevant and relatable way, anchoring his teachings in biblical⁣ principles and characters. Drawing inspiration from biblical figures like David, who was a shepherd boy chosen by God to ​become a ‌great king, ‌and Paul,⁢ whose transformation from a persecutor of Christians to an apostle is a testament to⁤ God’s redeeming power, Pastor Michael Todd encourages his congregation to embrace their own⁤ transformative journeys. Through ⁤his ⁣dynamic preaching style⁤ and engaging storytelling, he captivates audiences, leading them to a greater understanding of God’s love and purpose for their lives.

8. Birthday

Pastor Michael Todd was born⁢ on November ‍16, 1986, which means he is​ currently 35 years old. His birthday ​serves as a reminder ‌to him and his congregation of the ⁢precious gift of life and the significance of each passing year. As he grows ‌older, Pastor Michael Todd continues to seek⁢ God’s​ guidance and ⁤wisdom,⁣ desiring‍ to make a lasting impact on the lives of those he serves. His⁢ birthday ⁣is also a time for celebration​ within ‍the Transformation Church community,⁤ as they honor and appreciate the remarkable ⁢leader God⁢ has appointed​ in Pastor Michael Todd.

Pastor Michael Todd Biography

Michael Todd is the lead pastor of Transformation Church. He’s a graduate of Liberty University and holds a Master of Arts in Practical Theology from Southeastern University. In addition to leading Transformation Church, Michael is devoted to teaching people how to discover their purpose and live out their full potential.

He’s written several books including “Relationship Goals,” “Own Your Life,” and “The King Jesus Gospel: The Original Good News Revisited.”

Michael loves spending time with his wife Amanda and their two children Judah and Adrielle. He enjoys playing basketball in his spare time.

How old is Pastor Michael Todd wife

American pastor Natalie Todd gained notoriety as the spouse of contentious preacher Michael Todd. She grew up in Oklahoma, Texas, where she was born. She is of Native American origin and was born on April 5, 1987.

She leads a very quiet life, thus as of the time of this writing, there is also no information available on her parents or siblings.


April 5th, 1987 was Natalie’s birthdate.

In 2005, Pastor Natalie received her diploma from Union High School.

Family Life
Michael Todd is the pastor’s spouse, Natalie. The couple was blessed with four children by God. When Michael was fifteen years old, they met during the birthday celebration of a mutual friend. In 2010, they tied the knot after dating for a number of years.

Since 2015, the two have shared pastoral duties at the Transformation Church. The pair reaffirmed their marriage vows in a modest ceremony on June 19, 2020, which was broadcast on YouTube.

Pastor Michael Todd Age

Pastor Michael Todd is 32 years old. He was born on May 23, 1988 in Los Angeles, California. He is the youngest of three children and has two older sisters. The family embraced a Christian environment at home and regularly attended church services together.

I can see you were really excited to find out how old pastor Michael Todd is! Now that you know how old he is, let’s talk about who his wife is!

Pastor Michael Todd Net Worth

Pastor Michael Todd Net Worth is $1.5 million. Pastor Michael Todd is a pastor of Transformation Church, media host and motivational speaker with the net worth of $1.5 million. Michael Todd has earned his net worth as a former rapper, songwriter, author and pastor of an innovative church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Pastor Michael Todd and his wife earn most of their money from their church that originated in South Carolina. He is also an author and host of the radio show “Transforming Truth.”

The wealth from the church comes from membership fees and donations, which range from tithes to offerings or special gifts for building funds or conference costs. Not all churches are full-time paid churches for pastors; many pastors do full-time secular jobs to earn money that they use to fund their ministries or live off themselves, depending on the church budget allotment.

Pastor Michael Todd Twitter

If you want to get closer to Michael Todd, follow him on his social media accounts. He has a Facebook page and also a Twitter account. For example, on his official Facebook page he has around 100K followers and on his Twitter profile, he has around 80K followers.

Moreover, he is making videos and posting them on YouTube where he has more than 90K subscribers. In short Michael Todd is an active person who loves sharing his thoughts with people all over the world!

Michael Todd Sermons

    • Michael Todd Sermons 2020

Pastor Michael Todd is a millennial educated, with his first seminary degree in theology, and secondly in advanced leadership. He has been serving as Pastor of Transformation Church for the past seven years.

    • Michael Todd Sermons 2019

Michael Todd started his new position at Transformation Church on December 31st. Since then he has been sharing how God’s love and worthiness will never change our lives. In each sermon he gives a message about what God does for us and why we are so blessed to be His children!

I believe that we are all called by God to do something great in this world; however many times our busy schedules get in the way of fulfilling that calling because we just don’t know where or when it will happen if ever at all! That is why Pastor Michael Todd takes time out each week during his sermons to remind us of our purpose as well as give practical tips on how best you can fulfill your calling without neglecting your family life or professional career! You won’t want miss these powerful messages filled with biblical truth, encouragement and hope today!

Height and Weight of Pastor Michael Todd

You want to know about Pastor Michael Todd height and weight. He is a tall man, standing at 6 feet and 4 inches. While his weight is not exactly known, his height suggests that he weighs around 80 kgs.

This post is about Pastor Michael Todd

Michael Todd is a pastor and the author of numerous books, including Relationships 101. This post is about his life story.

Todd was born on October 7, 1984 in Tucson, Arizona. He has two sisters and grew up a non-Christian. When he was in college at the University of Arizona, he joined a church community that had just begun called Transformation Church. The pastor said that it would be their vision to make less churched people more like Jesus through encouraging relationships with God. Todd became part of this community after being invited by one of his friends to attend their Easter service; however it wasn’t until three months later when he gave his life over to Christ after hearing about how God had saved him from death row for murdering someone when drunk driving as an underage teenager himself many years ago before giving birth to Todd (the latter which makes you wonder if perhaps there may be any similarities between them… but we won’t get into details here). As an adult now living in Charlotte with his wife Lauren Tarshis – they have two children together named Michael jr. And Sophie Elise – todd continues preaching at transformation church while also working full time as lead senior pastor at transformation church where they continue reaching out through social media platforms such as Facebook Instagram Twitter etcetera providing hope and healing along with others who need help finding purpose within themselves by talking with those around them who share similar struggles (or even just listening).

Pastor Michael Todd Biography, Age, Education, Career and Net Worth

Pastor Michael Todd Career

Pastor Michael Todd popularly often called Mike Todd is an American pastor and creator. He’s the Lead Pastor on the Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Pastor Michael Todd was born on November 16, 1986 in Oklahoma, United States.

Pastor Michael Todd Profile

Identify Pastor Michael Todd
Actual Identify Pastor Michael Todd
Date of Beginning November 16, 1986
Age 35 years (2021)
State of Origin Oklahoma
Nationality United States
Race Black
Occupation Pastor
Faith Christian
Church Transformation Church
Spouse Natalie Todd
Net Worth $5 million


Pastor Michael Todd is an American pastor and creator. He began his profession as a musician and music producer. He produced a music for Transformation Church’s convention with the late Myles Munroe.

Pastor Michael Todd began main the music ministry earlier than finally turning into a pastor with Transformation Church.

He was appointed a senior pastor of Transformation Church by Bishop Gary McIntosh on February 2015 and his spouse because the co-lead pastor on the Church.

Pastor Michael Todd can also be an creator. He has printed books like Relationship Objectives and Loopy Religion.

Private Life

Pastor Michael Todd is the son of Tommy Ray Todd. He has three brothers Grabriel Todd and Brentom Todd. Pastor Michael Todd is married to his spouse Natalie Todd. They received married in June 20, 2010. Their union is blessed with three kids; Isabella Todd, Ava Rae and a son Michael Alexander Todd Jr.

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