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How Many Days Seminar For Church Wedding

You may safely and confidently navigate all the mazes of this world with God’s Word in your hands and mind. The true and narrow path is so boldly outlined that even a runner can read it. A traveler, even a fool, can safely navigate it (Isaiah 35:8) because it is clearly marked with God’s laws, even though the rest of the world can’t see them. The Spirit of Truth, who is unseen, guides us and reassures us when we are unsure of what to do, saying “This is the way, walk ye in it” (Isaiah 30:21). As a result, you can continue on your journey to the city of God with peace of mind as you rely on the Bible as “a lamp to your feet, and a light unto your path” (Psalm 119:105), a route that no one knows save He who leads you.

 The path brightens as you travel over mountains and through valleys, eventually leading to the ideal day. That’s what the wise say (Proverbs 4:18). If we pay attention and steer our rickety schooner by God’s Word, we will reach the promised land of eternal peace and rest without hitting any snags along the way. But if we are not careful and arrogant and rely on our own conceits, we will sink our faith. A young lieutenant in the English navy recently reported a previously unknown and potentially hazardous rock in the Mediterranean to the admiralty. The directive to include it on all charts was sent via telegraph to every station. 

The first vessel to pass over the spot was captained by an elderly man who, upon seeing the fresh warning on his map, was curious as to who had first reported the rock. When told this, he said, “There is no such rock there.” Twenty years of sailing this sea has left me without evidence of such a rock. Then, full of self-importance, he ordered his sailing-master to take the ship straight over the target. The brave ship sailed straight through the perilous area. The ship crashed with terrible force, taking the lives of everyone aboard. Many a Christian has gone down in flames due to arrogance or ignoring his infallible compass. We pray that the Holy Spirit would prompt us to carefully examine the course laid out for us by God.

It’s not enough to pick only four excellent tracks. Instead, they should transport their audience from the moment they enter the theater, maybe at the end of a trying week, to a place where they can focus on Jesus.

Encourage folks to reach for the stars at church. Not being the best is more important than making sure you and your team improve each week. Come out here and perform like you mean it. You are not at this event to put on a show; rather, you are there to assist.


Several things take place at this juncture of the service.

At the close of each service, members of the congregation share their praises and prayers with one another. This is crucial because it allows us to both pray for those in need and thank God for the blessings in our own life.

People are encouraged to introduce themselves to those seated next to them, to those they know in the neighborhood, and to those who are visiting for the first time when the service begins.

Then, we continue our worship by bringing weekly offerings. One of our staff members will read a Bible scripture and offer encouraging words at the time of the donation. Now is the time to share the good news of God’s promise and Word concerning the benefits of generous living. This has nothing to do with begging or attempting to dupe others into contributing.

Make this enjoyable for the guests. In the end, it’s an opportunity to have lighthearted conversation with the group, announce upcoming events, welcome newcomers, and establish a sense of community.


We can sing a hymn of praise and then rise to our feet in recognition of the one who will be delivering the Word.

The speaker introducing the preacher should create an atmosphere where the preacher believes he or she is on the verge of victory.

The lecture is meant to aid the audience in some way. On Mondays, Pastor Brian encourages his congregation to continue the conversation started on Sundays. That’s the kind of message we should be bringing to folks every Sunday.

The preaching should be biblically based. Sharing a word from God is more important than making people laugh or drawing analogies.


This last portion of the service is what the others have been building up to. In the last moments of a service, we make careful to allow God room to accomplish whatever He pleases and to let the Holy Spirit work.

When we pray and speak over people’s life, we often pray for specific situations (such healing or a breakthrough) and use songs of praise to affirm and deepen the message.

Everyone who attends our church services is given the chance to make a personal commitment to Jesus. If the preacher or host makes such a request, those in attendance may all join in a group prayer.

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