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 holman illustrated bible dictionary revised and expanded pdf

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The Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary is a comprehensive resource with over 1,000 entries arranged alphabetically and covering a variety of topics. It features illustrations, charts, maps, and timelines that help you explore the Bible in greater depth.

The Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary is a comprehensive, single-volume reference tool that provides easy access to thousands of clear definitions, descriptions, and illustrations of people, places, events, and more. The dictionary is designed to meet the needs of students and teachers as well as general readers seeking more information about the Bible.

With over 6,000 entries covering all 66 books of the Bible, this dictionary gives you quick access to information on everything from Abishag to Zion. Each entry defines key words and phrases that appear in the text of the Bible; these definitions are linked to related terms within the same entry or cross-referenced to similar terms elsewhere in the book.

holman illustrated bible dictionary online free

The Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary includes maps and charts that make it easy for you to find your way through unfamiliar territory.

The Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary is an authoritative, yet accessible resource that provides clear entries on biblical people and places, as well as key theological terms.

It offers a comprehensive look at the characters, events, and teachings of the Bible, with more than 3,000 entries. The dictionary includes entries on major figures such as Abraham and Jesus; places like Jerusalem; events such as Pentecost; concepts such as grace; and more.

The Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary also includes many photos and graphics to enhance understanding. This makes it a great tool for reading groups or personal study.


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