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Spiritual Meaning of Harvest Moon

The harvest moon is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. It has a special blessing and spiritual meaning in many cultures and faiths. What does a harvest moon symbolize? Discover the spiritual meaning of harvest moon, and harvest moon symbolism.

The Harvest Moon is the full Moon that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox. It is also sometimes known as the “Blood Moon” or the “Mead Moon”. The Harvest Moon was given its name by farmers of earlier times who used it to help gauge when to plant crops such as wheat, barley, and rye. In a good growing year, they could harvest two crops. One would be planted in the spring and the second would be planted shortly after the Harvest Moon. This exposition expatiate on what does a harvest moon symbolize, and full moon spiritual meaning.

Harvest Moon Symbolism

The harvest moon is generally the full moon closest in time to the autumnal equinox (this year, Sept. 23), when the sun crosses the celestial equator from north to south at the start of autumn. According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the harvest moon earned its name because of the moonlight that occurs early in the evenings, leaving farmers with more time to harvest their summer-grown crops.

Many cultures throughout history have celebrated this beautiful phenomenon, which occurs once every year in late autumn (typically around September). In ancient times, people believed that their crops would be affected by how much light shone from the harvest moon—so they would celebrate this celestial event with festivals and rituals meant to bring them good luck for their crops.

The harvest moon is also associated with other traditions around this time of year, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving (which occur on different days but fall within a short period of time). During these holidays, people usually focus on gathering together with family members or friends to share food or make crafts together. They may also enjoy outdoor activities like hiking or playing outside after dark while watching fireworks displays together!

“As every full moon does, [the harvest full moon in Aries] brings the need to balance the energy of two zodiac signs, which in this case is the energy of the sun in Libra and the moon in Aries,” Montúfar explains. “This axis is all about creating awareness about having healthy relationships, while still having an overall feeling of individuality and true authenticity. This is actually a very important theme that arrived for the collective on July 17, and that remains important for us all for the next 18 months,” she adds. (In case you missed it in our yearly horoscope, July 17 is when the North Node, also called the True Node, which determines your spiritual purpose, entered Aries.)

The Harvest Moon is a full moon that appears in the autumn, usually in September. It’s called the “harvest” moon because it’s when farmers and gardeners can see well enough to harvest their crops.

It is also associated with paganism and magic. In some places, it is celebrated as a festival in honor of the goddess Persephone, who was kidnapped by Hades and forced to live in the underworld for six months every year. The harvest moon represents the time when Persephone goes back up to earth and reunites with her mother Demeter, who is the goddess of agriculture and fertility.

Spiritual Meaning Of Harvest Moon

The harvest moon is one of the most powerful symbols in the natural world. It represents the end of one year and the beginning of the next. This is a time when people begin to put away food for winter and prepare for long, cold months ahead. The harvest moon brings with it a sense of hope and renewal, even though it’s also a time when many animals hibernate and humans have to hunker down against the elements.

The Harvest Full Moon refers to the Full Moon that is the closest to the Autumn Equinox. Usually this Full Moon happens in the month of September…

Harvest moon is a time of reflection, gratitude, and abundance. The harvest moon is a full moon that appears in autumn and is the largest and brightest full moon of the year. It often appears orange or red in color due to light refraction from dust particles in the atmosphere.

Many people consider harvest moon to be a sign of abundance, good fortune, and happiness. People often celebrate with festivals or parties on harvest moons. Harvest moons are also special because they represent a time when farmers can rest after a long season of working hard in their fields.

Harvest moons have been celebrated since ancient times, including by Native Americans who believed they were signs from their ancestors. Many cultures have similar celebrations around this time of year; some believe that it is the best time to ask for a favor or wish upon a star!

Harvest Full Moon Balance

Amidst the Harvest Full Moon energy there is a continuation of the balancing forces that strongly circulate with the September Equinox. With the Harvest Moon, these balancing forces shine a light on how you’re balancing giving and receiving — and specifically  how you are balancing the energy you cultivate and the energy you share with others.

This is a good time to reflect on what you’re giving and sharing, how you’re being of service, and where you’re putting the needs and desires of others first in your life.

How do you balance the energy you’re flowing towards others with what you need to be happy, healthy, confident and centered in your truth?

Use the energy around the Harvest Moon to find a harmony and balance between being of service towards others, and cultivating energy for your own happiness, health and spiritual connection.

Find a harmony between taking care of yourself and being of service towards others.

Full Moon Spiritual Meaning

The Full Moon is a time of heightened spiritual energy on the inner planes. It is a wonderful time for deepening spiritual practice, meditation, and for re-charging your intentions with light and life force energy.

It’s well known, that the Full Moon is a time of heightened emotional energy as well. The phrase “lunatic“, comes from the Latin root word luna and refers to how the changes of the moon can have a way of causing a type of insanity.

One of the keys to successfully navigating through the strong energies of the Full Moon is to practice presence. Stay grounded, centered, and be willing to face and release any heavy emotional patterns that may arise within you.

Harvest Moon Symbolism

Emotional Cleansing With The Full Moon

On and around the Harvest Moon, you may be feeling your emotions in a way that’s intensified.

One of the keys to handling this with grace and ease is to allow the emotions to flow. Don’t try to bury, stuff down, stop or cork your emotions up as they arise, and don’t judge yourself for having them or believe that “you are your emotions”.

Rather, allow the emotional storms to move through, knowing that you are not the emotion and that when you simply allow it to circulate, the storm will pass. And on the other side of that storm, there can be an opportunity for you to more fully understand yourself, to recognize that what emotions are seeking to convey something to you.

What are your emotions seeking to reveal to you?

Perhaps your emotion is attempting to show you where you’ve not been true to yourself?

Perhaps your emotion is showing you where you’re still holding on to past traumas, to past memories, or past pain that you can now choose to let go.

Realign With Your Core Truth

Astrologically speaking at the time of the Full Moon, the Sun and the Moon are in opposition. This creates an illuminating force where much can be revealed to you about who you really are, what you truly desire and where you are, or are not on track in your life.

Where you are or are not in alignment with your core truth.

Some of the themes around this are:

  • You may realize you’ve been following the script that another has written for your life.
  • You may see that you’ve been trying to do things in a way that you think others would understand respect or want you to do.
  • You may recognize that you’ve sort of sacrificed your inner truth, inspiration and inner intuition in order to try to fit in.
  • You may see that your primary motivation has been doing things in a way that maintains the status quo or makes those around you happy.

The Harvest Moon is a powerful time to reconnect with your inner most truth and light, to rediscover who you really are and how you can most vibrantly thrive in your life.

In doing your spiritual practices, meditation, reflection and contemplation, be aware that you may be able to get some insight now into:

  • Who you are now.
  • What you truly value.
  • What’s now most important to you.
  • What do you now want to create to go after, to weave blessings into your life and getting clarity about that now is really a profound and powerful thing.

What Does the Harvest Moon Mean For Each Zodiac Sign?

Of course, every zodiac sign will have a different takeaway from this year’s harvest full moon in Aries. Here, what to expect during this powerful lunation.


If you feel like your work-life balance has become a little . . . erm, unbalanced, Capricorn, you can blame the full moon, which is taking place in your fourth house of home and family. “You might feel like you’ve been neglecting your private life by pouring all your energy into your career,” Montúfar says. “Success isn’t as important as your foundation, so act accordingly.”


“This full moon is happening in your third house of communication, having you scream your needs to the winds,” Montúfar says. “This is a magical moon for you, so perform a cord-cutting ritual that assists you in removing from your life anything that prevents your full self-expression.”


You’ve got money on the mind, Pisces. “This full moon is happening in your second house of money, bringing tangible themes to the table,” Montúfar says. “How does the give-and-take look in your closest relationships — and not just about money, but also time and effort? After all, your energy and attention are your highest commodities.”


It’s time for Aries to face what they’ve been hiding. “This full moon happens in your first house, which might feel like an emotional roller coaster. Something that was previously hidden comes to light, informing the important decision that you must put yourself first,” Montúfar says. Her advice: “Find a balance between autonomy and dependence, and avoid impulsivity!”


“This full moon happens in your twelfth house of subconscious mind, meaning that you’re bound to feel tired,” Montúfar says. “Schedule rest and self-care in your calendar during the three days surrounding this event,” she advises. And if you find yourself wanting to distance yourself from connections — personal or professional — that no longer feel stimulating or warm to you, go for it. Your ruler Venus is forming a square with change-maker Uranus, setting the stage for healthy change.


“Drama within a group of friends could be in your Friday night plans, even if you didn’t plan on it,” Montúfar warns. To manage the upheaval, try to stick close to home and avoid choosing a side — everyone involved will be feeling sensitive. But you can trust your own POV. “With your ruler, Mercury, currently placed in Virgo, you’re able to see the situation clearly,” she says.


“This Full Moon is happening in your career sector — your tenth house — meaning that an important project could come to an end,” Montúfar says. “After working so hard on it, you could feel exhausted, so make sure to take care of your body this weekend.” But there are bright things on the horizon for you, Cancer. “If you receive a job offer now, ask for what you deserve,” Montúfar urges.


“This full moon is happening in your ninth house of life philosophy, which might test your belief system,” Montúfar says. “You’re normally very set in your ways, but with Venus in your sign squaring Uranus, you have no choice but to change your position about an important matter, most likely career related.” Keep your mind open, Leo — you may be pleasantly surprised by where you’re led.


“This Full Moon is happening in your eighth house of intimacy,” Montúfar says. Yep, that means you’ll be seeing the affects in your relationship — specifically, some difficult conversations might surface around the full moon. But difficult doesn’t mean bad. If you’re single, this full moon is “a good time to work on your budget and see how much you truly spend on other people,” Montúfar says.


Get ready, Libra. “This full moon is happening in your seventh house of partnerships, so a relationship — romantic, business, or friendship — could come to an end,” Montúfar says. But really, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. “This is the beginning of an 18-month period of huge transformation for you during which you will learn to relate to others in a healthier way,” she says. Strap in!


“This full moon is happening in your sixth house of work and wellness, so you will most likely be busy,” Montúfar says. Luckily, you like it that way; unluckily, you like it a little too much. “Deadlines aren’t as important as your peace of mind, so if you need an extension, ask for it,” she urges. “On a personal level, it’s the perfect time to abandon any negative habits.”


With the harvest full moon taking place in your fifth house of pleasure and dating, you may find yourself in a tricky situation, Sag. “On one side, you might feel the need to fly solo, but on the other side, an impulsive desire to pour your heart out to a lover might take over,” Montúfar says. “Make the decision next week, once lunar energies are more manageable.”

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