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Goodnight Prayer For My Husband

The day has finally arrived. Tonight you’ll be going to sleep, and when you wake up tomorrow, your wife will be beautiful and pleasant like a morning songbird. It’s been a long journey filled with crying, screaming, and fighting. Now, as you drift off to sleep, take a few minutes to say your goodnight prayer for your husband.

Good Night Prayer For My Husband

Good night, my love.

I pray that you have a goodnight restful sleep.

May God bless you with the best of dreams, and may they all be about me.

I pray that your day tomorrow is filled with joy, and that you are surrounded by so much love.

May today be another day of happiness for you.

I know that tomorrow is a new beginning, and I hope that it will be better than today.

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Good Night Prayer For My Husband


Love is a funny thing. It can make you feel all kinds of emotions, and it can make you want to do things you never would have thought possible. When I think about my husband, I can’t help but smile. He’s my partner in life, and the love of my life. He makes me laugh every day and supports me in so many ways. There are many different ways to show love to your partner, but there’s one thing we should all try to do more: pray for them.

You might be asking yourself why exactly someone would want to pray for their husband or wife before bed each night. Isn’t praying kind of outdated? Well, no, not really! According to some stats from a 2015 Pew Research Center study on prayer usage in America, about 65% of Americans report praying daily (about half say they pray several times a day). Of course, that number has fluctuated throughout time – the highest was from 1970-1972 at an impressive 94%!

So as it turns out: people still pray today! And when you pray for your partner before bed each night, you are doing something truly special for your relationship with them: You’re telling them that you care about what happens to them because they mean so much to you. You’re also reminding yourself of how lucky you are that they’re in your life! Whether or not God is real (and I believe he is), the act of praying can be healing unto itself based on its effects on our belief systems alone – which means it’s good for our mental health too! A great way to start this practice is with this good night prayer for my husband:

Loving God, I ask that you bless my husband as he sleeps.

Loving God, I ask that you bless my husband as he sleeps.

I pray for him to have a restful sleep, safe from all harm and danger.

May his dreams be filled with pleasant things and sweet dreams.

Please allow him to be true to me in thought, word, and deed each day of our lives together.

Lord, please wrap him in your arms and give him a restful sleep.

Please, wrap him in your arms and give him a restful sleep.

I pray that you will keep him safe from harm.

I pray that he has sweet dreams of our future together.

Lord, please help me see that we are meant to be together forever. Let us be true to each other, always and forever.

goodnight prayer for my love

Keep him safe from harm and all evils.

Dear Lord, we pray that you keep my husband safe from all harm and evil.

Keep him safe from the hands of evildoers, and protect him from their evil designs. Keep him safe from physical harm or injury, whether at home or while traveling; keep him far away from things that can cause bodily harm or injury—guns, knives, drugs or alcohol. Protect him from spiritual evil by keeping his mind clear so he can think clearly about what is right and wrong in life; protect his body with no interference with his ability to function normally in work and play; if necessary give him grace when he makes mistakes so others may learn how not to behave.

Protect our marriage against those who would seek to destroy it through gossip or lies about one another’s character; stand between us as an intercessor if either of us should fall into sin; strengthen our resolve when temptation comes upon us so that we can resist temptations which lead away from Godly living and towards destructive behavior such as adultery (sexual immorality), lying (false witness), stealing (stealing goods) etcetera…

Give him sweet dreams of the future with me.

Dreams are a way of giving yourself hope. They’re like little wishes, and they help you plan the future. If you have lofty dreams, even if they never come true, they give you something to aim for.

Your husband is going through a lot right now. He’s tired and stressed out, he has important things on his mind (like saving money or keeping up with all his responsibilities), and he probably feels like everything is so overwhelming that it will never get better. His job may have issues that make him feel like he can’t do anything right; just try asking him about work when he comes home sometimes!

If your husband needs something to look forward to at night before he goes to bed—something fun or exciting—then let him dream about those things first thing when he wakes up in the morning. That way those dreams will stick with him throughout the day as well as into his sleep cycle at night when his subconscious mind comes online again!

Help him see that we are meant to be together forever.

We are meant to be together. Help him see that we are meant to be together forever.

It’s not just the love we share in this life that makes our relationship special, but also the love you have for each other in your next life. The love your husband and I share can never be taken away from us, not even by death!

night prayer for husband and wife

Help us to be true to each other, always and forever.

I pray that you help us to be true to each other every day, always and forever. Help us to never take each other for granted, but always appreciate our marriage as the most precious gift you have given us.

Help us to remember what is important in life: a loving relationship with one another, a loving relationship with those around us, and faithfulness in all things.

When you pray for your partner, you are giving them a gift beyond words to show them how much you care about them.

Prayer is a great way to show your husband that you care about him. Going to bed each night and praying for him will let him know that you are thinking of them, even when they’re not around. When you pray for your partner, it’s also a way of showing them how much you love them and what an important part of your life they are. If you want your husband to know that his happiness means everything to you, then giving them this gift will let them know how much he means to you!

When we think about our husbands and wives at night before going to sleep we should always ask God for protection over their lives because He knows what’s best for us in all situations! We also need prayings prayers so they can have peace and joy during this challenging time in their lives as well as ours too!


Prayer is a powerful way to connect with your partner and can help you strengthen your love for each other. You may find that praying together brings you closer than ever before, or it could be something that you do on your own as well. Whatever happens, just remember that when you pray for someone else, no matter who they are or what they believe in, they will feel the power of your words and appreciate everything that comes out of them.

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