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Spiritual Meaning Of Alarm

Alarm has religious and spiritual meaning, although it can be a state of mind as well. Here in this article I would like to share the basic information about spiritual meaning of alarm.

Alarm is the condition of being aware of danger and responding to it. A suitable analogy would be the wailing sound produced by an alarm clock — when the clock emits a certain sound, this means that you should wake up (and not miss your train, for example). In other words, it calls you to do something. The very word “alarm” suggests that you should pay more attention to your actions. Talking about; Spiritual alarm, What does an alarm clock symbolize.

Spiritual Meaning Of Alarm

Alarm has various spiritual meanings. Depending on which religion the interpretation comes from, alarm may have positive connotations (alarm as a sign of favor from the divine beings) or may be perceived as negative (alarm leading to fear, causing people to do things in extreme ways). Although the spiritual meaning behind alarm can be traced back further than a we hear in the Quran and Sunnah, these sources also contain explanations that are very interesting and found only in them.

What is the spiritual meaning of alarm? To be alarmed is to be prompted to act by a warning or danger. We are persuaded by an alarming sensation that can only mean one thing, action. Be it motion, emotion, reaction– response is inevitable when alarmed. The word alarm has a history that is both intriguing and teaches us something about our roots as humans.

The spiritual meaning of an alarm clock is that when you hear one, it’s time for you to take action. You have the ability to decide what happens next, and if someone is trying to control your life, then they are doing something wrong—not you.

What does an alarm clock symbolize

As instruments of time, clocks have various symbolism based on the same theme. Here’s a look at the symbolism and meaning behind the clock.

  • Time Pressure – Clocks can symbolize feelings of time pressure. They can also serve as a reminder that time should be used wisely as it is a limited resource.
  • Feeling Overwhelmed – A clock can also signify emotional overwhelm caused by something in one’s life, perhaps a tight schedule or a deadline that needs to be met.
  • Passage of Time – Clocks are also thought to represent the passage of time, which moves forward relentlessly, and once gone can never be recovered. They can be viewed as a sign that each minute is precious, and that it’s important to live every minute of one’s life to the fullest.
  • Life and Death – Clocks are considered to be a symbol of life and death. They’re a clear sign that nothing remains permanent in life and that everything changes at some point or other.
Meaning of clocks

Spiritual alarm

The spirit of the alarm is to remind people that they have the power to control their own lives. An alarm wakes you up and tells you what to do next, but it does not make decisions for you. If someone else tries to control your life, this is a false alarm.

Alarm is a spiritual symbol that can help you to stay alert and aware.

If you’re having trouble staying on task, or if you find yourself falling into bad habits, try setting an alarm for yourself in order to keep yourself going. You can even set it for something that isn’t related to work or productivity, like a reminder to take your vitamins or go for a walk.

You can also use the idea of alarm as a metaphor for how you feel about situations in your life. If something feels like it’s buzzing at you constantly, maybe it’s time to do something about it!

Do You Use An Alarm Clock? It’s Time To Stay Spiritually Awake Romans 13:11

Written by Joel Igbokwe

The writer to the Romans tells us that it is time to wake up in the spiritual sense. It is important as a believer that you stay spiritually awake.  Romans 13:11 “And do this, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed.” 

Beloved of God,

The Alarm goes off at 6:17! It’s time to wake up! It you are asleep spiritually, you need to stay spiritually awake!

Do you use an alarm clock to wake up this morning or any other time? Sometimes it is difficult to get up right away. Lot of alarm clocks; even on our cell phones have button on them called a snooze alarm. When your alarm goes off, you can hit that button and go back to sleep. In about five minutes, the alarm rings again. You can just keep on doing this and go right on sleeping.

Maybe it is fine and dandy to get that extra sleep under the covers, but there are two bad results with snooze alarms. The first is that if you keep on hitting the snooze alarm, you may be late or miss out on something completely, like happened to my wife, Ozichi. The second problem is that if you keep hitting the snooze alarm, you may get so used to the sound of the alarm that you don’t even hear it at all and you will sleep right through the alarm.

Spiritually, God sounds a “wake up” alarm in our lives daily. He speaks to our heart and says, It’s time to wake up and get serious.”(Romans 13:11, 1 Peter 4:7). Some people hit the snooze button and say, “Not now Lord, call me again — a little bit later.” (Jeremiah 6:17). And some people hit that “snooze button” so many times that they get to where they don’t even hear God’s voice. Just as they finally wake up, they find out that it is too late.

God appointed Ezekiel to be a watchman to his people not only to bring them warnings but also to preach message of hope. The second part of his message is that God will remember to bless his people who are faithful to him (Ezekiel 33:1-48:35). Let us pay close attention to both aspects of Ezekiel’s message: warning and promise. Those who persist in rebelling against God should take warning. It’s time to wake up if you are rebelling against God. Those faithful to God should find encouragement and hope.  To get the later, we should change our mindset. 

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