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Churches With Female Pastors Near Me

Searching for a church with a female pastor near me is harder than it seems. I have searched online and have found a lot of churches when I search for churches with female pastors on Google, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are all around me. The problem is that a lot of these churches in my area have listings online and so that makes it look like they are close to me when really just someone put in their location as “close” to me. This article is about Local Churches with female pastors near me. We found out that many pastors are women and I was shocked, it’s fascinating to see that God has opened the door of His gospel to women. Are you looking for a church with a female pastor near me?

Churches with female pastors near me; There are several churches in the area that have female pastors. There are thousands of churches in the US, but only a few have female pastors. In fact, less than 1% of all churches have women serving as senior pastors. If you’re interested in finding a church with a female pastor and want to find one near you, check out these resources: The Association of Theological Schools (ATS) is an organization that maintains a database of accredited seminaries and divinity schools across the country. You can search for schools that have female graduates who went on to become pastors or ministers by searching for “women’s ministry” or “women’s leadership” in the description field.

Churches With Female Pastors Near Me

Churches with female pastors have been around for centuries. But, some of the early churches didn’t allow women to be involved, and there is still debate in the church today regarding whether or not this is appropriate. Our service aims to provide a comprehensive list of churches that allow women to be pastors so you can find a church near you, wherever you may be.

The map is interactive, enabling you to zoom in and out of the area surrounding the location that you’ve chosen. It also allows you to scroll around by dragging your mouse across it, or by using two fingers on touch devices such as mobile phones or tablets. By clicking on an individual church’s marker on the map, you’ll be able to see more information about that particular church—including its address and phone number—in addition to any other features (such as a “Website” link) that may be present in its profile. You can also share this page via social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter; doing so will take users directly into their accounts where they can share an image from this site along with text describing what they’re sharing (e.g., “I’m sharing this page because…”).

Church With Female Lead Pastors

First United Methodist Church

The First United Methodist Church is located at 925 N. 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85719.

The church was established in 1873, and they have a congregation of about 1,000 people that celebrate more than 225 years of rich tradition. The church is affiliated with the United Methodist Church. The current senior pastor at First United Methodist Church is Rev. Dr. Michael Matherly

St. Paul UMC

St. Paul UMC is located in Tucson, AZ and is a part of the United Methodist Church denomination. The church is led by Reverend Mary O’Keefe and offers Sunday worship at 8:00 AM. While it does not appear that this church has an online presence other than their website, you can find St. Paul United Methodist Church on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.

Hillcrest Baptist Church

  • Address: 1901 W. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, FL 33606
  • Phone number: (813) 879-1419
  • Sunday service times: 9 a.m., 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • What to expect at a service: We aim to make each worship experience welcoming and comfortable, offering clear communication and warm Christian fellowship in an atmosphere of respect for one another as we all seek God’s will as individuals and as a community of believers here in Tampa Bay. Our purpose is to create an environment where everyone can worship God individually, connect with others in community or participate fully regardless of their background or walk with Christ through our many ministries offered throughout the year (Youth Ministry, Men’s Ministry & Women’s Ministry).
  • What is the church’s mission? Hillcrest Baptist Church exists because Jesus told us to make disciples who will be His witnesses until He returns again! This is accomplished by reaching out into our communities sharing the good news of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ so that people may come into relationship with Him personally because of His love for them which brings forgiveness and eternal life! We do this by building relationships within our own community first before reaching out across state lines then internationally until every person knows about God’s amazing grace through Jesus Christ alone! The vision statement reads like this: “To reach all nations for Christ by making disciples who live together spiritually within their local context while fulfilling our global mission.”

Christian Eldercare Community

Christian Eldercare Community

Address: 1450 E. 17th St., Suite 100, Santa Ana, CA 92701

Hours: 10 a.m.–4 p.m., Monday–Friday (closed for lunch)

Phone Number: 714-541-8578


Christian Eldercare Community is a Christian church that cares for seniors in Orange County, California. The church provides spiritual support and pastoral care to residents at home or in nursing homes or assisted living facilities located throughout the county. The church also provides Bible studies and services such as weddings, funerals, baptisms, baby dedications and memorials for members of its congregation who have passed away.

Unity of Tucson Spiritual Center

Unity of Tucson Spiritual Center

3120 N. Fourth Ave., Tucson, AZ 85719


Hours: Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m.–4 p.m.; closed Tuesdays; Wednesday evening services at 6:30 p.m.; Sunday morning services at 8 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 12 p.m., and 3 p.m.; Sunday evening service at 6:30 p.; Wednesdays from 7 to 9 p..m.; monthly full moon meditation practice (usually on the full moon) from 5–9 pm followed by yoga classes at 7 pm led by Reverend Alyssa Schikora (yoga classes are also available Tuesdays through Fridays from 5–6 pm). Services offered include weekly spiritual development courses; personal counseling sessions; women’s groups; men’s groups; youth programming; community outreach programs such as the Food Bank of Southern Arizona; Alcoholics Anonymous meetings held weekly during the school year on Thursdays between 6:15 and 7:15 PM; Narcotics Anonymous meetings held Thursday evenings between 7 and 8 PM throughout the year (except holidays); AA meeting locations vary according to which group is meeting that week); support groups for people suffering with HIV/AIDS or cancer (see website for schedule).

St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church

  • Address:
  • 123 Main Street #123, etc.
  • Phone number:
  • 555-5555 (call this number for more information)
  • Website:

Your search for churches with female pastors is complete!

Your search for churches with female pastors is complete! There are many churches with female pastors near you, and they can be found online or in your community.

Churches are places where people gather to worship God, pray, and learn more about their faith. Some churches have male pastors while others have female pastors. If you’re looking for a church near you that has a female pastor, look no further! This list will help guide you in finding the right fit for your needs.

Female Pastors Online

Women working as pastors or preachers is nothing new in the world.

In fact, the number of female pastors in the country has doubled in the last 10 years, a 2009 study found. Women are finding more and more ways to assume leadership positions in the church and make their presence known at pulpits across the United States.

Here’s a list of some of the most influential female Christian voices:

Bobbie Houston — Hillsong

Bobbie Houston runs the Hillsong Church with her husband, Brian. Both have worked heavily to encourage women and youths to join churches and learn about the Bible.

Holly Wagner — Oasis LA

Holly Wagner is a busy person in her church community, running the Oasis Church with her husband, Philip Wagner. She serves as a champion for women’s needs and believes in breaking the barriers that some churches have set for them.

Nadia Bolz-Weber — Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Nadia Bolz-Weber is a hard one to miss, given she’s covered in tattoos and speaks with an attitude. But that’s all a part of her charm. She’s drawn hundreds of people in to see her speak and preach the word of God from a much different standpoint, according to a profile on her by The Washington Post. Her speeches usually highlight the fact that it’s OK to be unique and that people don’t need to be the same.

Beth Moore — Living Proof Ministries

A college Bible studies class changed everything for Beth Moore. She now heads the Living Proof Ministries with her husband, Keith. They’ve raised their daughters to be a part of the church, too.

Joyce Meyer — Joyce Meyer Ministries

Joyce Meyer is not only a preacher and speaker of God, but she’s also a best-selling author who offers instructional videos about religion and spirituality on her website. Meyer’s church is a nonprofit organization that is looking to teach people about the Gospel.

Anita C. Hill — ReconclingWorks: Lutherans for Full Participation

Anita C. Hill — not to be confused with professor Anita Hill — is a famous pastor who has worked in Minnesota and North and South Dakota. Among many of her beliefs, she’s often been an advocate for LGBT members to join her church.

Christine Caine — Equip & Empower Ministries

Christine Caine has made quite an impression on the religious. From the outback of Australia, Caine and her husband Nick have done well to run the Equip & Empower Ministries as well as the A21 Campaign, which aims to strike out human trafficking.

Victoria Osteen — Lakewood Church

Victoria Osteen has gained a significant amount of popularity from her husband, Joel Osteen, who runs one of the biggest megachurches in the nation. Victoria has been known to speak on her own and work as the co-pastor of the Lakewood Church that Osteen runs primarily.

Bernice King — former New Birth Missionary Baptist Church

Bernice King has been one of the more famous female pastors throughout history, especially because she is a child of Martin Luther King Jr. She was an elder of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, but she retired from that in 2011, according to the Christian Post.

Heidi Neumark — Trinity Lutheran Church

Heidi Neumark has her experience really working for her. She’s served at the Trinity Lutheran Church since 2003, and before that worked as a pastor of the Transfiguration Lutheran Church in New York.

Churches With Female Pastors Near Abuja

In Nigeria and many African countries, women are mostly looked down on when they intend to lead a group in a religious setting and that is because of the moral, cultural, and ethical values that have been embedded in the Nigerian mentality. Despite this fact, women are now raising on their feet to adhere to the call of the Most High to become ordained Pastors, Bishops, Prophetess, and leaders in the Church of God.

Photo Credit: Exclusive

Just as the male Pastors are bringing souls to the kingdom of Christ, female Pastors in Nigeria are increasing on daily basis, and they are also stopping at nothing to bring repented souls to their ministry, most especially women. As a matter of fact, some of these women are now founders and general overseers of popular churches in Nigeria and Africa.

However, in this article, we will be sharing and presenting to you 5 female Pastors in Nigeria that are doing well in their several denominations.

1. Bishop Margaret Idahosa

Photo Credit: The Guardian

She is the late wife of Archbishop Benson Idahosa, one of the most powerful and popular Pastors that have emerged from Nigeria. Bishop Margaret Idahosa is a woman of many parts, a friend and woman who acts like a man when it comes to discharging the duties of a spiritual head.

Photo Credit: Gospelminds

Right now, she is in charge of the Ministry her husband started, God Mission International that is suited in Benin City and she is also the Chancellor of Benson Idahosa University. From records, she is the first female in Africa to become an Archbishop of a Church and to date, she is still doing well in the Ministry.

2. Rev. Esther Ajayi

Photo Credit: Dailypost

This is another woman that is burning for the Lord and also bringing people to fellowship with Christ. She is the founder of the Love of Christ Generation Church Cherubim and Seraphim (C&S) Worldwide.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Without mincing words, Rev. Esther Ajayi is one of the female Pastors in Nigeria that have created a name for themselves. She has proven to be a woman that loves God through her philanthropic act and the way she carries herself. Without any iota of doubt, she is a woman that is doing well and has done well for herself in the Church Ministry.

3. Bishop Tina Bawa

Photo Credit: Facebook

Talking of female Bishops in Nigeria, Bishop Tina Bawa is one of the few you can see and she is doing well for herself in the Church Ministry. She is the founder of Tina Bawa Ministries and she has her Church suited in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. She is a seasoned homemaking mentor for women around the world and she is a lover of the gospel.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Her major feet as a female Pastor is bringing of women together in a yearly Conference where they discuss issues regarding marriages.

4. Bishop Bola Adeleke

Photo Credit: Dailypost

She is a Nigerian Pastor, Preacher, Evangelist, Founder, and General Overseer of Power Pentecostal Church. Talking of female Bishops in Nigeria, she was the first female in Nigeria to become an ordained Bishop. Despite her old age, she is still in active service of the Most High till date.

5. Rev. Funke Adetuberu

Photo Credit: Facebook

She is one of the popular female Pastors in Ibadan and Nigeria as a whole. Her husband, Nelson Adetuberu is also a Pastor and the founder of Faith Chapel International with her headquarters in Oyo State. She has been a blessing to the female gender as she has created out time and a college to serve as a mentor to them. 

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Rev. Funke Adetuberu also has a charity organization that has been of help to a lot of people and till this day, she is still very much active in the service of the Kingdom.

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