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Dream About Voodoo Priestess

In Haitian mythology, a voodoo priestess is usually referred to as a mambo or a houngan. They are depicted as possessing practices of divination, magick and herbal medicine. Although some ceremonies involve the entire community, these gatherings are often led by a voodoo priest.

No doubt you care how you will look in your dream. I think things look quite real and believable when we’re dreaming, so you don’t want to be under-dressed or under-prepared! This is your first date with Voodoo Priestess after all, and you would want to make a good impression. The feeling when you dream about Voodoo Priestess is totally different from the feeling when she’s in your reality but even then the truth is the same.

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Going back to the roots, to our childhood; most people I know remember their first lucid dream. I’d like to share my story with you through this article. I hope after reading it, you will become more motivated and inspire to practice lucid dreaming. Therefore, I will teach you how to increase your chances of having a lucid dream when you go back to bed.

When we dream, we let our unconscious take over our mind. This is a way that our subconscious can be heard and working in order to solve problem, or simply to make us feel better. You probably have dreams every night. What do you dream about? It might be something that you need to pay attention to.

Dream About Voodoo Priestess

The dream of the Voodoo Priestess is a common one, and it can mean different things to different people.

The first thing that you should know about this recurring dream is that it’s not necessarily bad news. The voodoo priestess is a symbol of your inner power, and she represents your ability to take charge of your life and make choices that are good for you.

In dreams, the voodoo priestess may appear as an old woman with dark skin, who might be wearing traditional African clothing or other items associated with voodoo worship. She also wears a necklace made from bones and teeth from animals killed during rituals.

Some people see her as evil, but others believe she has healing powers that can help them solve problems in their lives.

If you have experienced this dream before, then you should pay attention to what happens next in your dream. If she appears angry at someone else or herself for some reason then perhaps there is something about yourself or another person in your life who needs a solution to their problems.

In your dream you were at a party and everyone was having fun. The food was delicious, and the music was great. You were dancing around with your friends when suddenly you noticed a strange woman standing in the corner of the room. She had on a long black dress, with a white shawl over her head, and she held a voodoo doll in her hand. As you watched, she pulled out a sharp pin and stuck it into the doll’s leg! You screamed at her to stop, but she did not listen. Instead, she took another pin out of her pocket and stabbed it into the doll’s arm! Suddenly all of your friends began screaming as well! They also had pins sticking out of their bodies! You ran away from them as fast as you could so that they would not hurt you too! When you woke up from this dream, you realized that everything was okay—it was just a dream after all!

Dream About Voodoo Priestess

To see a priestess in your dream indicates a woman who is jealous, tricksy and lustful.

To see a young or beautiful priestess in your dream denotes a lustful spouse for man, a woman who is trickster and disarrange your life if you are a woman.

To see an old or ugly priestess in your dream implies that there is a woman who envies you and wants to do harm to you, but that woman will never achieve.

To see more than one priestess in your dream represents that you will be a person who is loved and isn’t shared in your environment.

To see that a priestess prays and worships in your dream signifies that there is a woman who loves you, watch over you and she prays for you.

To see that you are a priestess in your dream may represent that if you are a man, you will direct to spiritual life rather earthly life because of sayings of an old woman, you will see reason. If you are a woman, you will give up a bad habit and thanks to that you will make an old woman happy.

To see that you talk to a priestess and you get an advice from a priestess in your dream denotes that there are people who envy your relationship and they will apply for manipulative ways to separate you.

To see that you’re relative is a priestess in your dream implies that you will destroy the games of people who think badly about you, thanks to an information which you learned from that you’re relative.

To see that you make love with a priestess or kiss her in your dream symbolizes that you will make peace again with a person whom you love much and break up and you will handle with your problems.

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