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Praise And Worship Songs About Prayer

Praise and worship songs about prayer is a list made up of the best praise and worship songs that feature words about prayer. The best praise and worship songs are those that are lyrically powerful and convey accurate lyrics that translate into people’s hearts and bring about positive emotions.

Praise and worship songs about prayer are a great way to praise and worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We have many great praise and worship songs that speak of the hope that comes from God through prayer. These songs can be an encouragement for you to pray for your loved ones and for yourself.

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Praise And Worship Songs About Prayer

For worship leaders and musicians, it’s a nice feeling to know you’ve helped someone in a time of need. This can also be the case with songwriters. A songwriter writes music for their own satisfaction, but it is sometimes hard to reach an audience. Whether in the worship team or writing for local Christian artists, we always look for opportunities to use our songs in church services and music projects. Below are some of the best praise and worship songs about prayer that aren’t commonly sung in churches today.

Praise and worship songs about prayer are not hard to find. These songs are designed to help people praise God and worship Him. They often contain scriptural references, which makes them even more powerful than other types of music.

The following are some of the best praise and worship songs about prayer:

  • “Your Grace Finds Me,” Matt Redman
  • “Because He Lives,” David Crowder Band
  • “Give Me Faith,” Hillsong United

Prayer is a powerful tool that can change your life, but it can be hard to know how to pray. Here are some praise and worship songs about prayer to help you get started:

“Give Thanks” by Sam Covington

This song is great for getting started in your morning prayers, because it’s fast-paced and uplifting. The chorus goes something like this: “Give thanks for the sun, give thanks for the rain, give thanks for the flowers growing in the rain.” It’s a fun way to start your day off with some gratitude.

“God Is Good” by Chris Tomlin

If you’re looking for something more traditional, this song features a simple melody and easy-to-remember lyrics that focus on God’s goodness. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been praying all your life, this song will help remind you how much God loves us and how he wants us to praise him.

Worship Songs About The Power Of Prayer

Jenny & Tyler – We Will Feast

In this song, Jenny and Tyler encourage people to pray. The message is that prayer is valuable and powerful, so we should take time to pray.

The meaning of the song is clear: prayer matters!

Pray for Us (feat. LaDonna Taylor) by NewDay Praise

I believe that the best way to learn about a subject is to hear it from experts. So I have compiled a list of some of the most popular praise and worship songs about prayer.

Call To Prayer by Matt Maher

>”Call To Prayer” by Matt Maher

In a modern and compelling way, this song explores the power of prayer. The lyrics reflect on the fact that prayer is the key to life, peace, joy and hope:

  • “Prayer is the key to life…the key to peace…the key to joy…the key to hope.”
  • “Prayer can do anything you need it to do.”

Your Glory Fills The Earth – Power Of Your Name by Gateway Worship, Jason Clayborn and Brenton Brown

Your Glory Fills The Earth – Power Of Your Name

Jason Clayborn and Brenton Brown wrote the song, which is about God’s power. It is on the album: “We Are Your Church”, which was released in 2008. This song is an example of praise music, which has been popular since the 1950s. The song was written in English

King Of Glory by Hillsong Worship

King Of Glory is a worship song by Hillsong Worship. It was released in the album “Let There Be Light.” About God’s awesomeness and power, Hillsong Worship wrote it.

Verse 1:

O Lord You are Holy, You alone are worthy to be praised

You’re Stronger than any army or anything that tries to stand against us


King of Glory, King of Kings (Repeat)

Power In The Name Of Jesus (Agnus Dei) by Benita Jones, Darius Paulk and Tim Rogers

The power of a prayer is undeniable. And when you pray with the name of Jesus, it becomes even more powerful. The Bible says that His name is above every other name (Philippians 2:9). That means nothing can compare to the power of His name and what He’s capable of doing in your life when you call out to Him.

While this song is sung as a duet, it could also be sung by a group or choir with multiple voices coming together in praise and worship of God. It starts out slow but builds up until the very end when everyone joins together for its explosive ending!

I Will Call Upon the Lord by Don Moen

I Will Call Upon the Lord is a song about trusting God through life’s challenges. It was written by Don Moen and released on his 1995 album I Will Sing. The song has since become a worship classic and has been covered by many artists, including Grammy Award winner Hillsong United, who recorded it in 2010.

The lyrics of “I Will Call Upon the Lord” are inspired by Psalm 116:1-2: “I love you, O Lord; you are my strength/You have turned back my adversaries; you have put out your hand against those who were too strong for me.”

Surely the Presence of the Lord Is in This Place by Larnelle Harris and Sandi Patty

Larnelle Harris is an American gospel singer and songwriter. Sandi Patty is an American Christian music singer. Both have won 5 Grammy Awards and 11 Dove Awards, and both have won 5 Stellar Awards for their work in Christian music.

Come People of the Risen King by Keith & Kristyn Getty and Stuart Townend

Come, People of the Risen King is a popular worship song written by Keith and Kristyn Getty and Stuart Townend. It has been recorded by many artists, including Matt Maher and Chris Tomlin.

The lyrics describe how God wants to use us to bring peace and love to those in need. It’s an encouraging song about using your voice to praise God for all he does for you!

Jesus Lover of My Soul by SONICFLOOd

Jesus Lover of My Soul by SONICFLOOd.

This song is a remix of the original version, which was released on the album Sonicflood in 2001.

This remix version was released on their second greatest hits compilation album, Remix Project, in 2005.

Let My Words Be Few – Arranged and Orchestrated by Phil Nitz and Brandon Heath

This song is about worshipping God with all your heart. God deserves all praise, so we should only talk to Him when there’s something important to say.

The song was written by Matt Redman, and was originally recorded on his album Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire in 2003. It has since been performed by many other artists including Phil Wickham and Passion (who did the version featured here). The lyrics are simple but powerful: “Let my words be few/I’ll just give You praise/For Your glory fills me up/And I won’t take more space than that.” This makes it an ideal choice for weddings—and also a great choice if you’re looking for worship songs about prayer!

These songs will deepen your prayers with God.

The best way to use these songs is as a tool for prayer. As you sing, focus on the words and tune into God’s presence in your life. These songs will deepen your prayers with God, who is always there to listen and respond!

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