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Churches That Help Pay Rent In Dallas TX

Are you currently looking for a church to attend? You’ve heard about several churches in the Dallas area, but are still unsure which one to choose. You decided to research the churches that help with rent in dallas tx and found this page. At Kensington United Methodist Church we understand your desire to take care of your family and provide a good foundation.

We also know that sometimes going to a service every week can cause stress due to lack of money. That’s why we offer help with housing assistance, utility assistance, food pantries, and education seminars.

If you’re struggling to pay your monthly bills, we can help. We have a number of options for churches that help with finance and rent assistance programs in Dallas, Texas. We know how hard it is to face an empty bank account when you’re already working as hard as you can to make ends meet.

We have a catalog full of information on churches that help pay rent in Dallas TX, churches that help with finance, rent assistance programs in Dallas, and other helpful resources. Take out some time today to visit our catalog for more information on similar topics.

Churches That Help Pay Rent In Dallas TX

Looking for a church that helps pay rent in Dallas? We’ve researched every single church in Dallas, TX that has a program geared toward helping people pay their bills, including rent assistance programs. We’ve compiled all of this information into one place for you—all you need to do is click on our catalog below!

The Greater New Life Baptist Church is one of the churches in Dallas that helps people pay their rent. They have a special program where they will help you with your rent and other bills. The church’s address is 715 E. Jefferson Blvd, Dallas, TX 75203. The phone number is (214) 631-7608

The Church of the Holy Apostles

The Church of the Holy Apostles offers a variety of programs to help those in need in Dallas, including a program that allows members of the church to pay rent for people who are struggling. It is a great place to go if you need help with paying your rent.

Lighthouse Mission Church

Lighthouse Mission Church is a church that provides assistance to those who are in need of help. They offer a variety of services such as food, shelter, and clothing to homeless individuals who may be struggling to get by. If you or someone you know is having difficulty paying their rent and would like additional financial assistance, they may be able to provide assistance with housing costs.

Faith Presbyterian Church

Faith Presbyterian Church is a church that helps people who are in need. They help with food, shelter, and clothing.

Faith Presbyterian Church is located in Dallas Texas at 901 South Field Street. This is the address for Faith Presbyterian Church

If you want to go there to get some help from them then their office hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 am-4 pm

Christ the King Cathedral

The address of Christ the King Cathedral is:

1520 N. Fitzhugh Ave. Dallas, TX 75204

The phone number is (214) 942-4820.

They are open on Sundays from 11 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturdays from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., and by appointment only during the weekdays (Monday through Thursday). They provide food to those in need every Tuesday starting at 6 p.m.. The church accepts food donations throughout the year but especially during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter seasons when they hold their annual holiday food drives for families who need help with rent or utility bills in Dallas TX area

New Beginnings Church

New Beginnings Church is a Christian church located at 910 W. Jefferson Blvd., Dallas, TX. It is an independent, interdenominational church that believes in the power of God and His ability to transform lives.

New Beginnings Church offers many services including: weekly worship services; youth programs; Bible study classes; prayer meetings; and more! The church also helps people who need help paying rent by offering a free food pantry as well as financial assistance with utilities and bills.

Greater St Matthew Baptist Church

Greater St Matthew Baptist Church

5100 Junius St, Dallas, TX 75246

Phone: 214-821-8200


This church is located at 5100 Junius St, Dallas, Texas 75246 and the phone number is (214) 821-8200. They help with rent and utilities if you have a family that needs assistance or if you are currently on government assistance but can’t make ends meet they will help pay your rent while they try to find other solutions for long term aid such as employment programs or housing vouchers etc… If you live in the area of Dallas then this church may be able to assist you with paying some bills until things get better financially because they don’t want anyone sleeping outside when it’s cold out there!

Positive Life Ministries

Positive Life Ministries

Address: 2810 S. Lancaster Road, Dallas, Texas 75241

Phone: (214) 333-1881


Rent assistance is only available for a maximum of 6 months for an individual and 12 months for a family, after which time applicants must reapply through the program if they still meet income requirements and other qualifications. They offer assistance with paying rent up to $1,700 per month depending on income level as well as utility bill assistance at 30% of total household income that can cover up to $300 per month in utilities costs. In addition to helping with housing needs, Positive Life also offers other services such as financial literacy education classes that teach people how to manage their money better so they can avoid future financial difficulties.

Churches That Help With Finance

Local Churches Financial Assistance – Do you require help paying rent, utility bills, eviction notes, or dental services? Are you searching for the best churches and charities with jobs like Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army, that assist families with fewer resources to keep their stability? These faith-based ministries help fortify the well-being of your loved ones. They can also assist you with job preparation, immigrant support, parenting education, and family counselling. The majority of these organizations work at the federal level, but they’re also located in most communities in America.

There are lots of national and local churches and faith-based organizations operating within the community to encourage low-income households , the elderly, the handicapped, and children.

Get Local Church Assistance Programs

Churches that Help with rent and bills, Churches that help with Food and clothes help families remain stable and prevent homelessness through their assistance programs. A number of these non-profit organizations, churches and parishes, offer help to families in the community. These agents are also linked to the authorities and can direct you to receive all the services you need. If the church’s aid programs can’t assist you, they will refer you to other agencies for help.

Some of these churches are well known for their support of the underprivileged, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities. The concept of these assistance programs is to demonstrate God’s love by helping the less fortunate.” If you’ve never received their help, give them a go. They can help you a great deal more than just rent. They can provide you family counselling or help you acquire new skills to get a better job.

Churches That Help With Finance Accounts

Here is a short list of churches that help with accounts:

  • Episcopal Church
  • Catholic charities
  • The Salvation Army
  • United Methodist Church
  • Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Church
  • Jewish Federation of North America
  • Lutheran Social Services

Churches Charities that Help with the Payment of Bills

In each community, there are churches, synagogues, and religious organizations that assist families and people with bills, counseling, instruction, and much more. Call the charity in your area to learn where you can get help. A number of these ministries will give you a list of government-funded churches and religious organizations that help pay bills and other services. The Episcopal Church is a worldwide church organization serving locally. They assist with food, hot meals, clothing, and several other benefits. Contact the Episcopal Church on your city to find out more about their solutions.

Episcopal Church Help

Episcopal churches have countless parishes in America. They supply emergency financial help to disadvantaged families. They offer a lot of services like utility assistance, medical assistance, rental assistance, clothes, gas vouchers for commuting, and homeless shelters, food banks, and soup kitchens.

Jewish Federation of North America

The Jewish Federation of North America is a religious organization which works alongside other national charities. Like all churches and religious agencies, its main objective is to assist the poor. If you need assistance, contact the Jewish Federation of North America.

Lutheran Social Services

Lutheran Social Services is a nonprofit charitable organization which helps low-income residents. They associate with the government and other organizations and operate as a clearinghouse for services such as meals, help paying bills, and temporary shelters.

United Methodist Church

This ministry United Methodist Church assists the poorest in America and abroad. Their applications include temporary housing, alcohol and drug counselling, food aid, and invoices. These assistance programs are subject to the number of funds available.

Catholic Churches Charities

Catholic Charities has provided a wealth of community services throughout its over 100 year history. They’re devoted to assisting the poorest and changing their lives with dignity and respect. The best quantity of aid comes from your eating plan. Hot meals, dining rooms and food boxes to the elderly are a few of the advantages of this organization.

If you’re facing eviction or the suspension of your utilities, they will be able to help you. Other assistance programs include education, social services, health care, pregnancy support, foster care, adoption services, disaster relief, job growth, and much more

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army provides help with rent and utilities. These benefits derive from the availability of funds. Each church has a yearly budget, and when finances run low, it’s sensible to go elsewhere to get help. If you need assistance with rent or utilities, call your local Salvation Army to set up an appointment. They also supply thrift store vouchers.

If you need clothing, furniture, or household products, you can go to a Salvation Army thrift shop. You can even receive coupons if you live in a shelter. In addition, they offer nursing services, a meal plan, a food pantry, shelter, and school clothing for kids.

Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

Saint Vincent de Paul is a major charitable organization in America. They’re a ministry dedicated to serving the poor. They encourage families facing illness, family issues, and other financial issues. They’re devoted to providing social services, resources, and financial help to people most in need.

Staff and volunteers provide financial help and counseling to displaced and low-income families for bill payment and other services. The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, is a nonprofit ministry that offers various types of assistance, such as

  • Clothing
  • Thrift store
  • Meals on festive occasions
  • Food distribution
  • Housing assistance
  • Prescription assistance
  • Eviction Prevention.
  • Help with utilities.
  • Life crisis counseling
  • Gasoline, train and bus fare

“All of the Church’s assistance programs obtain a limited amount of funding each year. You can go to any other organization when grants run out. Good luck!”

How to Get free help for churches near me

If you feel in crisis, there’s a place of compassion that can assist you or direct you to where you can get the help you require. These organizations are open to people of all beliefs and backgrounds who want help. To find out more about the Churches and the services they supply, click the link at the end of the section, marked “locations.”

You can also learn more about how to get help by contacting your regional Catholic Church in your city. There you will be directed to the nearest place of the Society of Saint Paul. Find Saint Vincent de Paul locations here. If there is not any location in your region or city, they will surely have a listing of places where they can fulfill your needs.

How to Get Free Christmas Loans

In banks and credit unions you could also find help to spend some nice parties. Of course: remember not to go into debt or request more than you can pay , since not even Christmas is a strong enough reason to put the family economy in check.

  • Get a private loan to go on vacation or decorate the house for the holidays.
  • Refinance the car loan to be able to save on your payments and have more free cash.
  • Take out a low-interest salary advance loan from a credit union.

You will find free and interest-free loan programs run by certain churches and even community action agencies. In cases like this, you may use the funds to buy or Free toys and gifts for Christmas, to prepare dinner, or to meet your financial obligations, like paying for gas or rent. The good thing about this choice is that the loan will not be subject to an interest rate, commissions or fees.

Rent Assistance Programs In Dallas To Help You Pay Bills

In this community resource guide, you will learn about a number of Dallas nonprofits that offer rent and utility assistance.

If you are having a tough time paying your bills, these nonprofits may be able to help you. Many of these programs provide short-term financial assistance that can be used to help you avoid eviction or having your utilities disconnected.

Each program will have its own set of rules for eligibility in addition to the areas that they serve.

To learn more about the requirements for these Dallas rent and utility assistance programs be sure to call them at the numbers provided below.

Keep reading!

1.) Lazarus House Initiative

The Lazarus House Initiative is a nonprofit organization that provides rent assistance and other services to low-income residents in Dallas, Texas and Ellis County.

In order to be eligible for assistance from the Lazarus House, applicants must meet certain requirements, such as being a resident of Dallas County, having an income that falls below a certain level, and demonstrating a need for help paying rent.

Call Lazarus House Initiative at 972.803.0432 to learn more about this Dallas rental assistance program.

2.) Dallas County Health and Human Services (Dallas County Rental Assistance) 

Dallas County Health and Human Services provide short-term financial aid to qualified individuals in Dallas County. The program of DCHHS serves as a safety net for low-income households in Dallas. The county’s welfare system is limited in duration and is meant to assist citizens until they are able to return to work or until they can receive help from other resources.

Financial assistance provided includes:

  • Shelter
  • Utilities
  • Food
  • Transportation

For more information visit the Dallas County Health and Human Services website or call them at 214.819.1800.

3.) Stewpot Community Ministries of 1st Presbyterian Church of Dallas

There are many organizations that can help you pay your rent. The Stewpot Community Ministries of 1st Presbyterian Church of Dallas is one of these organizations. They offer rental and utility assistance to people who meet certain requirements, like being from Dallas Texas and having a low income.

You can contact Stewpot by calling 214.746.2785, or visiting their website at

4.) The Salvation Army of Dallas

The Salvation Army of Dallas offers an emergency rental and utility assistance program that can help residents who are behind on their rent. Eligibility is dependent upon the income and resources, family size, availability of suitable housing in the area, and many other factors.

You can apply for this Dallas rent and utility assistance program by calling 214.424.7050. The Fort Worth rent assistance program phone number is 817.344.1800.

5.) North Dallas Shared Ministries

There are many different places that offer rent assistance in Dallas TX. One of these is North Dallas Shared Ministries. They can help you if you have a low income and need help paying your rent or utilities. You might be able to get help from them if you meet certain requirements, like having a low income living in the Dallas area.

Learn more by visiting their website or calling the North Dallas Shared Ministries phone number at 214.358.8700.

6.) Grand Prairie United Charities (Grand Prairie Rental Assistance)

There is a nonprofit in the Dallas area called Grand Prairie United Charities. This group can help you if you are low income and behind on your rent, mortgage, or utilities. They might be able to provide you with money to help pay your rent or the light bill.

You can call them at 972.262.2014 or go to the Grand Prairie United Charities website to apply for this Grand Prairie rental assistance program.

7.) Irving Cares Rent Assistance

If you are a low-income person who is behind on your rent, Irving Cares may be able to help. This nonprofit organization offers rental assistance to people in need. They also offer other services, such as help with food and utility bills.

Call this Irving TX rent assistance program at the Irving Cares phone number of 972.721.9181 or visit their website to apply for financial assistance.

8.) St. Vincent De Paul Dallas (Financial Assistance)

The Society of St. Vincent De Paul can help people who are low income and behind on their rent. They have programs that can give you money to help pay your rent each month.

You can learn about funding that is available through this Dallas Texas rental assistance program by calling 214.520.0650 or visiting their website.

9.) White Rock Center of Hope

This nonprofit offers an emergency utility and rent assistance program for low-income individuals and families in Dallas. They also provide other services such as food, clothing, and utility assistance.

Call White Rock Center of Hope at 214.324.8996 or visit their website to learn more about this Dallas financial assistance program.

10.) Texas VFM Foundation (Financial Assistance For Texas Vets) 

Texas VFM Foundation offers financial assistance to Texas veterans who need help paying rent, utilities, or some other basic need.

You can apply for this Texas veterans financial assistance program by visiting their website or calling the Texas VFW Foundation phone number at 512.291.6850.

11.) Endeavors Dallas

Endeavors Dallas offers both individual and family housing programs in Dallas Texas.

Call them at 214.932.6276 to apply for this Dallas housing program or visit the Endeavors website.

12.) Catholic Charities Fort Worth

Catholic Charities offers help and support to people who need it. If you are struggling because of your bills, Catholic Charities can help by giving you money for your rent.

To learn more about eligibility requirements, you can call 817.534.0814 or visit their website.

We hope this article has helped you learn about Dallas rent assistance programs. There are many nonprofits and government agencies that provide help for low-income families in need of financial support to pay their monthly rent or other essential bills.

If you’re struggling, take a look at the list we’ve provided above to see if there is an organization near you that can offer some utility or rent relief in Dallas Texas.

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