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When You Dream About Alligators What Does That Mean

Alligators are one of the oldest and most feared animals in the world. Here you’ll find out what they represent in dreams, why people who dream about alligators have nightmarish nightmares and know how it can affect your life, if you suddenly start dreaming of them. Here is what you need to know about when you dream about alligators, what does it mean for your love life, work and health.

Biblical meaning of alligators in dreams

In the Bible, an alligator is a symbol of an enemy. It represents an outside danger or an inherent wild part of yourself that may bring problems to you. As these are fierce and merciless reptiles, dreams about alligators symbolize primal instincts and power.

To dream about an alligator or crocodile symbolizes a dangerous situation in your waking life that is hard to avoid and can cause immense harm to your well-being. It represents your inherent fear and insecurities that you do not wish not wish to encounter.

In the Bible, alligators and crocodiles are symbols of strength, demon-like qualities, evil spirits and everything that is wild and savage.

Thus, the biblical interpretation of dreams about alligators highlights treachery, hidden instincts, and maliciousness of some significant individuals in your waking life.

Dreaming about alligators also symbolizes a tough character, strong ethics, good judgement, and wise decision making ability.

The Bible also represents alligators as symbols of manifestation. The dreams remind you to use the power of mind and intellect to manifest your ideas and accomplish your goals successfully.

Spiritual meaning of dreams about alligators and crocodiles

Spiritually, dreams about alligators represent the jerks and jitters of your personal life. It represents your vulnerable side, lack of trust, malicious influences around you. The dream also signifies that you are trying to hide and run away from your waking life issues.

Dreams about alligators or crocodiles symbolizes the presence of ferocious and deceitful influences in your waking life. This dream acts as a warning sign given to remain prepared for impending dangers. These fierce reptiles are symbols of fear and threat in real life situations.

Spiritually, these vivid dreams mean the following:

1. Vulnerability

Alligators and crocodiles are fierce spirit animals that represent the vulnerable side of personality. It denotes inner weakness and a feeling of being threatened from within. Some perceived danger of waking life is weakening your self-confidence and worth. 

You may feel helpless, emotionally wounded, fearful, and insecure to move ahead in life. Dreams about alligators may also mean that some family member, spouse, or your boss might pose a threat that you are unable to deal with.

The conflicts and turmoil of everyday life just gets manifested in the subconscious mind.

2. Lack of trust on others

Dreams about alligators denote your inability to trust others in waking life. The hurts you had received from others, the painful backbites and criticisms you suffered may be the possible cause of this distrust.

You are now bound by suspicion and so the alligators in dreams represent your inner strength. 

The fearless reptiles tell you to revive your power and confidence and remain cautious of the impending harm. You need to proceed with care and caution.

A big change may come up in your personal relationships that you need to accept and embrace. The dreams tell you to trust others but with vigilance and foresight.

3. Sign of corruption and maliciousness

Alligators or crocodiles in dreams are signs of corruption and cheating. It denotes the malicious intentions of the people around you.

Your emotional safety is at stake. The dreams convey the message of threat and fear. It reflects the innate insecurities of your waking life. 

Alligators in dreams personify dishonesty and deception by known people around you. The dream reminds you to be careful of these folks and use your intuition and wise decisions either to confront these deceitful people or to avoid them altogether.

4. Fear of the unknown

Dreaming about alligators symbolizes change that you are currently going through in your waking life. These creatures represent some new developments happening every now and then in your life, thus representing transition for either something good or bad. 

It may represent a new relationship, or a change in job role. You may have unknown worries lurking on you.

There may be a constant fear of what might happen next. The dream reminds you to remain aware and mindful of your actions and consequences.

5. Sign of hidden instinct

If you have recently dreamt of an alligator, it means you are trying to tap your hidden instincts.  It might hint towards unleashing your secret abilities and power.

Such dream themes mean that you already have the intuitive power in you, but you are not making the full use of it in dealing with difficult times.

The dream reminds you to do that. It tells you to face life challenges with renewed vigor.

6. Sign of power and conflict

Dreaming about alligators usually means conflict and a power tussle between you and your immediate social influences. It signifies that powerful people are trying to bring new problems in your life. 

You may get affected by the negative remarks of others, resulting in conflicts. But in such a situation, the dreams remind you to pick up your speed, develop courage and intuition to fight them.

It tells you not to remain docile and submissive but to fight back the adversities with renewed courage and inner strength.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Alligators

1. Dreaming You’re Being Attacked By An Alligator

Dreams involving being attacked are usually very stressful. You may find you wake abruptly, your heart pounding. So what does it mean if your attacker is an alligator?

Different traditions ascribe different meanings to the alligator.

To the Aztecs, alligators represented psychic powers and wisdom. Land was seen as a symbol of the physical world, water as a symbol of the psychic realm. As a creature who lived in both, the alligator was believed to transcend those boundaries.

In recent times, alligators are more popularly portrayed as dangerous creatures. They may represent the idea of threat or danger.

If you dream of being attacked by an alligator, one interpretation is that the animal is representing the destructive power of your own thoughts. Perhaps you are harming your own wellbeing by thinking in negative ways. Meditation may be a useful tool to calm your mind.

Other interpretations see the alligator as symbolic of an external threat. Your dream alligator may represent a real person or circumstance. And the chances are, it’s someone or something you see as vicious, aggressive and treacherous.

If you are held immobile by the alligator, despite your best attempts to get away, the message is direct. You are literally and metaphorically in the grip of your enemy – whether that’s someone else or your own thoughts.

2. Dreaming Of Someone Else Being Attacked By An Alligator

Of course, your dream may involve someone else being attacked by an alligator. If that’s the case, it’s important to analyze the identity of the person being attacked and your feelings about them.

If you dream the alligator is attacking 6a spouse, partner or friend, the message may be about your own insecurities. The dream may be reflecting your fear of losing them, a fear which may itself be damaging the relationship.

If your dream alligator is attacking a child or pet, the message is slightly different. Here, the victim is vulnerable, or loves you unconditionally.

In the case of an alligator attacking a child, the child may represent your own vulnerabilities – the childlike part of yourself. Your dream may be identifying some form of emotional immaturity that is holding you back in your life.

Where the victim is a pet, the dream may be highlighting a fear of losing love, or of losing something you love. Through your dream you are processing the feelings of horror, loss and grief that such an event would cause.

3. Dreaming Of Being Chased By An Alligator

If your dream features an alligator chasing after you, the alligator may again represent your own thoughts and feelings.

The powerful creature can symbolize your own personal power. Perhaps you are afraid of succeeding in your goals, or of letting other people down.

In other cases, the alligator may be representing a different type of threat. Perhaps there are other challenges in your life that you fear may overwhelm you. You’re viewing them as something dangerous that you need to run from.

An alternative approach is to try to see those challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.

4. Dreaming Of Being Eaten By An Alligator

You might imagine that dreaming of becoming an alligator’s lunch is just a more extreme version of the alligator attack scenario. But in fact, the interpretation of this dream is often quite different.

Here, the action of eating can symbolize change and the balance of karmic energy. The alligator, remember, often represents your own thoughts. So this dream shows the power of your thoughts to effect change in your life.

Of course, change is not always comfortable! But the dream is telling you that it is coming, and it is time to embrace it.

But what if the alligator is eating someone else? Some interpretations hold that this represents the end of a karmic contract between you and the person being eaten.

That may mean the relationship is coming to an end. Or it may simply mean that it is moving into a new phase, one in which there is no karmic debt on either side.

5. Dreaming Of An Alligator In Water

We have already seen that water represents the psychic realm. An alligator in the water may therefore represent the thoughts and feelings in your subconscious mind.

In your dream, were you afraid that the alligator would burst from the water and attack you? If so, you may be worried about what will happen if you give vent to your true emotions.

Perhaps you are telling yourself to behave “rationally” over something that has upset you. Your dream may be telling you that it’s also important to be honest with yourself about how you feel.

Another possibility is that you’re concerned about launching a new idea or project. You’re more comfortable keeping it hidden beneath the water. You believe that by doing so, you’re protecting yourself from the risk that it will fail. But you’re also not giving yourself the chance to succeed.

6. Dreaming Of A Calm Alligator

A calm alligator in your dream is usually considered a very positive sign. You have mastered your own inner thoughts and feelings, and everything you do is intentional. That means you’re in the best possible place to embark on a new project or venture.

In a similar vein, dreaming of taming an alligator suggests you’re ready to let go of negative emotions. This might mean, for example, settling your differences with someone with whom you’ve been in conflict.

But surprisingly, a pet alligator in your dream is not such good news. While it suggests that you’ve mastered your feelings, this dream may be alerting you to the danger of going too far. Perhaps you’re at risk of using your emotional control to manipulate others.

7. Dreaming Of A Baby Alligator

A baby alligator appearing in your dream is generally considered to be a positive omen. It can mean that a new project you have conceived is not yet mature. It will require you to nurture it to allow it to succeed.

This might mean considering whether you want to change the routine in parts of your life. Do you want to improve your diet or exercise? Commit to a course of learning? Or perhaps you’d benefit from regular meditation.

Whatever approach is right for you, the baby alligator is reminding you of the need to nurture your goals. Commit your time and energy to achieving them, and you’re sure to succeed.

8. Dreaming Of Stepping On An Alligator

If you dream of stepping on an alligator, it may mean you need to take care. There are barriers in your way, and you need to proceed with caution.

Be observant and plan carefully, and you’re less likely to end up with a nasty bite!

9. Dreaming Of Killing An Alligator

Alligators are often considered frightening creatures – so is a dream of killing one a good omen? Unfortunately, that might not be the case.

Remember, the alligator often represents our own thoughts, feelings, wishes and fears. So killing the alligator can mean you are avoiding confronting the way you think and feel.

Nothing in your dream, of course, is real in the physical world – so it can’t harm you. For that reason, killing the alligator may also represent an overaction to a threat. You may be avoiding challenges in the hope of a quiet life, or blaming others for your own mistakes.

10. Dreaming Of An Unusual Alligator

Sometimes, dream alligators aren’t quite like the real thing. So what does it mean if you dream of an alligator that’s unusual in some way?

If you’ve dreamed of a white alligator, it’s considered to be a sign of spiritual purity. Maybe your dream is telling you it’s time to respond to your higher calling.

If the alligator in your dream is giant sized, it may mean that you’re facing a significant obstacle. Remember, though – that obstacle may not necessarily be external. It could be your own thoughts and feelings that are acting as barriers to progress.

If your dream alligator speaks to you, some interpret this as a sign of an enemy that appears friendly. Others believe that it is your inner thoughts expressing themselves directly in a bid to make you acknowledge them.

In both cases, it’s important to listen closely to what the alligator said. That can help you determine which is the correct interpretation.

If you dreamed of a flying alligator, it may be a sign that you need to set your subconscious free. Perhaps your thoughts and emotions have been tethered for too long. It’s time to let them take flight, being more open about how you feel.

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