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Activities For Church Women’s Group

Ladies’ nights are a great way to get ladies together in a fun and interactive setting. Whether you’re looking for church women’s group games or just want to delve into the topic of women’s issues, we’ve got you covered! Once you’ve scheduled your event, we’ll work with you to create a memorable experience that will encourage women’s ministries throughout your community. Continue reading for Activities for church women’s groups, good topics for christian womens group discussions and women’s group devotional activities.

Group games are a great way to get women together in a group setting. There are games for every age range, interests and ability level. You can select from several categories, including board games, card games, word games, party play games or even make your own game! Games for ladies in church groups can be a fun opportunity to interact with each other in a friendly way. It can also serve as a great icebreaker and bonding starting point for any type of leadership role, whether it is a Sunday morning or monthly get-together.

Churchgists has provided well-detailed information on the aforementioned and so much more. You will find these details very useful in whatever course you intend to use them for.

Activities⁢ For Church Women’s Group

Activities For Church ‌Women’s Group: ⁣Women’s Ministry Ideas for Small Churches

Are​ you‌ a part of a small church women’s group ​and‌ looking for some exciting activities to engage your members? Look no ‍further! Here are some creative women’s ministry ideas specially designed⁤ for small churches.

  • Prayer Walk: Take your group on a spiritual journey by‌ organizing a prayer walk around the community. Use‌ this opportunity to pray for the needs of the ‍neighborhood and spread positivity.
  • Potluck Picnic: Arrange a⁣ potluck picnic where each member brings ‌a homemade dish. It’s not just about enjoying good food, ​but also about fostering a sense ⁢of community and⁤ togetherness.
  • Bible⁣ Study: Conduct regular Bible study ⁢sessions where ⁤members can dive deep into the Word of God. It’s a great way to strengthen their faith and ​build ⁤a solid ‌foundation.

Activities For Church Women’s Group: Fun Activities for Ladies Church Groups

Looking to add some ​fun and ⁤excitement to⁣ your ladies church group? Here are a few activities that will‍ bring joy and laughter to your gatherings.

  • Game ⁤Night: Organize a game night⁤ with classic board games or interactive group games. It’s an opportunity for the ⁢ladies to relax, bond, and enjoy some friendly ‍competition.
  • Craft Workshop: Arrange a craft workshop where members can explore ​their creative side and make something meaningful. ⁢It could be a painting ⁣session, flower arrangement, or even DIY home decor.
  • Movie Marathon: Host ⁢a movie marathon night ⁤with a selection of inspiring Christian films. It’s a great⁤ way to combine entertainment ‌with spiritual growth.

Activities⁣ For​ Church Women’s Group: Fun Games for Ladies Church Groups

Games can be a ‍fantastic way to bring ⁣women together and create a ‍lively⁤ and joyful atmosphere. Here are some fun game ideas for your ladies church group.

  • Bible Trivia: ​ Test the biblical knowledge of your members by organizing a Bible‌ trivia game. It’s not just fun but also helps in deepening their understanding of the Scriptures.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Plan ‍a scavenger hunt‍ either indoors or⁣ outdoors and include clues related to biblical stories or ⁣verses. This activity encourages teamwork and problem-solving.
  • Name That Hymn: Play a ⁤game where snippets of hymns are played, and participants have to guess the name of the hymn. It’s an enjoyable way to connect⁣ with the ⁤hymns we ⁣love and cherish.

Remember, these activities are not just about having fun ⁤but also about fostering spiritual growth, building strong relationships, and upliftment. Choose the activities that resonate with ⁢your group, ​and let the love and grace‍ of God shine through your gatherings.

Activities For Church Women’s Group

Our church ladies group is always looking for new and exciting ways to engage their members. Our retreats are designed to meet the needs of our women and are always filled with fun activities, delicious food, information sharing and lots of laughs! How about playing some fun games for women? We have a variety of different games, from dominoes to jacks. If you need a short getaway or retreat from your busy life, we can customize a day full of Bible study and fun activities with games, crafts and more.

There are so many ways that you can use these games to enhance your women’s group experience! Below are some of our most popular ideas for ladies meetings and one-day retreats. Our members have come together to help each other grow in our spiritual walk. We are proud to offer the following activities to meet that need!

Good Topics for Christian Womens Group Discussions

Looking for some fresh ideas for ladies night out? Check these out!

Intentional activities build relationships and offer women opportunities to connect with one another.

These 105 Christian Ladies Night Out ideas are perfect for your Women’s Ministry, ladies Sunday School class, small group, and MOPS group.

Divided into seven categories, there is something for every interest:

  1. Crafty
  2. Entertainment & the Arts
  3. Exercise/Outdoor
  4. Food
  5. Fun & Games
  6. Missions
  7. Sporting Events

Expand your reach by selecting activities from different categories to fill your calendar.

When you can, keep it simple and affordable – most of these ideas require little planning and little expense.

Christian Ladies Nights Out work well as outreach events as they aren’t perceived as preachy or overtly spiritual (not that you can’t and shouldn’t have a short devotional and prayer).

Let me also humbly suggest that you refrain from activities that encourage or include alcohol, gambling, swearing, or content of any kind that would reflect poorly upon your ministry or church. Romans 14 and 15 remind us that we have a responsibility to protect our women from any situation that might cause them to stumble.

What’s new at Women’s Ministry Toolbox

Without further ado, here are 105 ideas for you:

Sewing - 1 of 150 Ladies Night Out Ideas


  1. Beading/Jewelry Making
  2. Canvas Painting Class
  3. Flower Arranging
  4. Holiday Crafts
  5. Knitting/Crochet
  6. Mosaic Tiles
  7. Ornament Making
  8. Paint Your Own Pot
  9. Pinterest Party
  10. Scrapbooking
  11. Sewing
  12. UFO Night – Unfinished Object Night
  13. Wreath Making

Entertainment & the Arts

  1. Ballet
  2. Broadway Show
  3. Christian Book Club
  4. Christian Concert
  5. Christian Movie Night
  6. (Clean) Comedy Show/Club
  7. Comedy DVD
  8. Dinner Theater
  9. Historical Tour
  10. Museum Tour
  11. Musical
  12. Orchestra Performance
  13. Play
  14. Special Holiday Show/Event
Golf - 1 of 105 Ladies Night Out Ideas


28. Cave Tour
29. Christian exercise class
30. Go-karts
31. Golf
32. Hiking
33. Horseback Riding
34. Ice Skating
35. Nature Walk
36. Pilates
37. Pool Party
38. Prayer Walk
39. Putt-Putt
40. Roller Skating
41. Self-Defense Class
42. Snow Skiing
43. Snow Tubing
44. Walking
45. Water Park
46. Water Skiing
47. Water Tubing
48. Zumba


  1. Appetizers
  2. “Blue” Foods (or other food theme i.e. Italian, Mexican, etc.)
  3. Chocolate Tasting
  4. Coffee Shop
  5. Cookie Decorating
  6. Cookie Swap
  7. Cooking Class
  8. Cooking Competition (i.e. Food Network)
  9. Cupcake Decorating
  10. Dessert
  11. Freezer Cooking
  12. Ice Cream Tasting Party
  13. Make Your Own Pizza
  14. Potluck
  15. Progressive Dinner
  16. Soup Swap/Tasting
  17. Taco Bar
  18. Tea
Bowling - 1 of 150 Ladies Night Out Ideas

Fun & Games

  1. Accessory Swap
  2. Antique Shopping
  3. Bingo
  4. Board Games
  5. Book Swap
  6. Bowling
  7. Bunko
  8. Card Games
  9. Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt
  10. Clothing Swap
  11. Consignment Shopping
  12. Holiday Party (Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.)
  13. Historic District Shopping
  14. Mall Scavenger Hunt
  15. Minute to Win-It
  16. Outlet Shopping
  17. Scavenger Hunt
  18. Spa Night
No-sew Fleece Blankets - 1 of 150 Ladies Night Out Ideas


  1. Bingo at a Senior Center
  2. Cards for College Students
  3. Cards for Homebound
  4. Cards for those serving in the Military
  5. Cards for Missionaries
  6. Care Packages for College Students
  7. Care Packages for the Military
  8. Care Packages for Missionaries
  9. Fleece Blankets for homebound, abuse shelter, children in hospital, etc.
  10. Food Pantry (re-stock, organize, etc.)
  11. Nursing Home Visits
  12. Pregnancy Hotline/Center
  13. Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK)
  14. Rescue Mission: Serve a meal
  15. Soup Kitchen

Sporting Events

Baseball Game
Basketball Game
Football Game
Hockey Game

Womens Group Devotional Activities

In order to get the most out of your church women’s group, you need to have more than just a great location and a few friends who are willing to show up. You need to plan activities that will engage your members and get them excited about coming back again.

Here are some ideas for activities:

· Cooking class: Take turns cooking meals for each other, or learn how to make something new together. This is especially fun if you’re working with food that’s unusual in your area!

· Craft night: Get together and make holiday cards or decorations for each other’s houses. This is also a great way to use up scraps!

· Movie night: If you don’t live near one another, watch a movie online and talk about it afterward. It’s fun to see how different people react to the same thing!

· Book club: Read books that are important to you and then discuss them as a group; it’ll give everyone an opportunity to share their passions with each other.

Fun Activities for Ladies Church Groups

  • Worship Led Trivia. …
  • Bible Book Hunt. …
  • Bible Verse Scavenger Hunt. …
  • Alphabet Purse. …
  • Bible Jeopardy. …
  • Team Balloon Race. …
  • Life-Sized Picture Puzzle. …
  • Word Games.

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