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Prayer Guides for the Bible

A Prayer For College Students

The dangers of the digital age are many, but I sometimes worry that we’ve failed to adequately prepare our children to face them. As they transition from childhood to adulthood (a time which is already difficult enough), they’re forced to make decisions that may have a lasting or irreversible impact on their future. We live… Read More »A Prayer For College Students

A Prayer For Cleansing

In Exodus 7:14, Moses and Aaron come before Pharaoh as he refuses to release the Hebrews. It is then that God hardened Pharaoh’s heart. This same Moses had just parted the Red Sea. But in this instance, it was not the Egyptians who were condemned. God knew what would happen and why it needed to… Read More »A Prayer For Cleansing

A Prayer For Boldness

Prayer is the heartbeat of my life. I pray night and day and have done so since I was young. Learn a prayer that will help you to boldly face your fears and pursue your biggest goals with confidence. Dear God, I come before you today to ask for boldness. Not just any kind of… Read More »A Prayer For Boldness

A Prayer For Blessings

Lord, Bless us as we go about our day To bless others and ask for blessing on ourselves. Please help us to recognize the blessings around us, which so often go unnoticed or unappreciated. Allow our vision and understanding of your blessings to grow in number and depth, that we may always see you working… Read More »A Prayer For Blessings

A Prayer For Baptism

A prayer for baptism is an essential step in your journey as a Christian. This is the first time you make your intent to become saved and baptised. You begin the ‘first steps’ of your relationship with God, through Jesus Christ. This prayer for baptism is the first step in becoming a fully devoted follower… Read More »A Prayer For Baptism

A Powerful Prayer For A Miracle

I know you’re tired. I know this is hard. But I also know that miracles happen every day—we just don’t always see them. Sometimes, the miracle is in the fact that you keep going. Sometimes, it’s in another person’s success story or an email from your boss saying they’ve decided to give you an extra… Read More »A Powerful Prayer For A Miracle