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Spiritual Meaning of Hypnic Jerk

Have you been looking for the Spiritual meaning of hypnic jerk? Follow this post for our guide. A hypnic jerk is a “muscle spasm or contraction, due to nerve discharges in the diencephalon (a part of the brain stem), that wakes a person momentarily at the end of a rapid eye movement sleep cycle, typically during REM sleep (stage 2). Such jerks can occur at other times during sleep and are not necessarily associated with dreaming. These micro-awakenings happen when the body prepares itself for an emergency state; in this case, they prepare you for an emergency state by waking you up suddenly.

Hypnic jerk, or myoclonus nociceptivus, is defined as the involuntary twitching of the extremities upon falling asleep. Although it is commonly known as a hypnic jerk, medical professionals refer to this condition as hypnagogic myoclonus, or sleep starts. The word “myoclonus” means muscle shock and the word “nociceptivus” means pain sensitivity. In most cases, these involuntary jerks occur when a person is about to enter stage 1 of NREM sleep, an important stage of the sleep cycle that varies from 5.5% to 25% of total sleep time in normally healthy adults. Some people report experiencing daytime naps and a number of adverse effects have been reported by those who suffer from it.

Spiritual Meaning of Hypnic Jerk

The hypnic jerk is a common experience in which a person suddenly jerks awake during sleep. This happens to many people and is not considered to be a medical condition. It is believed to be caused by a sudden drop in the heart rate and blood pressure, which can lead to a muscle spasm.

Other symptoms may also accompany the hypnic jerk, such as:

    • Being unable to move for several seconds after waking up
    • Waking up with a feeling of being startled or scared
    • Experiencing visual hallucinations such as seeing people or objects that are not there
    • Experiencing auditory hallucinations such as hearing voices or sounds that are not real

The hypnic jerk is a sudden, involuntary muscle twitch that occurs during the transition from wakefulness to sleep. It can occur when you’re lying down or sitting up, but it’s most common in people who are sleeping on their backs.

This phenomenon is called a myoclonic jerk, and is often associated with dream sensations. The muscle spasms that characterize the hypnic jerk can be accompanied by sudden bursts of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and loud snorts or gasps. They are usually intermittent and harmless, though they may be associated with other sleep disorders.

It’s not clear why these events occur, but researchers have speculated that they might be related to dreaming activity or brain waves during sleep. Hypnic jerks are also known to occur in conjunction with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), narcolepsy, and periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD).

Spiritual Meaning of Body Twitches

Why do I have to jerk out of my state of sleep because of a weird dream? Why can’t I just sleep in peace? Well, there is something more to this jerk. There is a spiritual meaning of having a hypnic jerk and I am going to be talking about this in my article.

Read on to discover what you have never known about the spiritual meanings of a hypnic jerk.

Have you ever been startled from your state of sleep?

Suddenly there is this fear over you that leaves after you return to consciousness. There is this awareness of an imaginary environment, which causes you to jerk out of your sleep. This is what is called hypnic jerk. It is something that happens when you are just about to fall asleep.

In case you still find it hard to understand, let me use a simple illustration for you. Have you ever woken up with fear after dreaming of falling from a high building? What happened when you had that dream? – you saw yourself waking up with a subtle fear because you thought that the dream was real. That is what hypnic jerk means.

A hypnic jerk is what you feel whenever you are startled by something in your semi-conscious state. A lot of research has proven that most hypnic jerks happen just before you fall asleep.

Isn’t that something to ponder about?

What is a hypnic jerk in the spiritual world?

In the spiritual world, a hypnic jerk is like a portal through which spirits can touch your body.

If you have ever felt the touch of angels, you will realize that there is this electric feeling that startles you.

Therefore, whenever you feel a hypnic jerk, in the spiritual world, it is the touch of the spirits. They are not just touching you for nothing. They are simply trying to get your attention for a particular purpose.

Therefore, whenever you have a hypnic jerk, it is a call for you to pay attention. It is like a tap from the spirits to bring you back to consciousness.

There are several specific meanings of having a hypnic jerk and we are going to see them soon.

Why does this happen to me?

Hypnic jerk happens to you because you have been losing focus on spiritual realities.

The moment your soul wanders far away from your spirit, the universe will use a hypnic jerk to call your attention and awaken your consciousness to the spirit.

Most times, hypnic jerk is used to awaken your consciousness. It is used to bring your soul back in tune with your spirit.

Hypnic jerk happens to you because you have become laissez-faire, and danger is lurking around you. Hypnic jerk happens to you when the spirits want to talk to you, but your soul is not picking up any signals.

There are other medical reasons why hypnic jerks happen to you, but the spiritual meaning has a lot more weight than the medical meaning.

Whenever you have a hypnic jerk, you should know that the spirits are trying to call your soul back to align with your spirit for transformation.

 What does it mean when you jerk in your sleep?

Whenever you jerk in your sleep, it is a sign that the spirits are trying to communicate with you dramatically.

A lot of people believe that whenever you have hypnic jerks, it is a sign that bad spirits or ghosts are trying to scare you.

However, whenever there is the presence of a ghost or evil spirit, you will feel the negative energy and you will feel the fear for a long time.

However, hypnic jerk simply startles you out of your sleep and does not make you scared for long. The fear you will feel is going to be between your sleeping and waking state. This is the reason why having a hypnic jerk cannot be a sign that a spirit is trying to scare you.

When you have hypnic jerks whenever you sleep, it means that the spirits are trying to communicate with you.

It is a sign that you have to wake up and hear the voice of the universe. You need to hear what the universe is saying at that moment. Jerking in your sleep is very symbolic.

Hypnic Jerk Spiritual Meaning: 4 Messages

This is where I will share the specific meaning of having hypnic jerks in your sleep. The most important thing is for you to be alert and open-minded whenever you have hypnic jerks in your sleep.

The spiritual meanings will not have any positive effect on your life if you are not open-minded to hear, understand, and act on the message from the universe to you.

Let us see the different spiritual meanings of a hypnic jerk.

1) Be at alert

Whenever you are beginning to let your guard down, the universe can call your attention to your carelessness.

The universe will often give you a hypnic jerk to tell you that there is danger lurking around you and you have to be alert.

Whenever we fall victim to danger, it is because we were not careful enough to read the signs on the wall.

Therefore, whenever you have a hypnic jerk in your sleep, you must come to realize that something dangerous is lurking around to bring you down and you must be conscious and spiritually aware of everything that is happening around you.

2) God is telling you to pray

The biblical meaning of having a hypnic jerk is that God wants you to pray at that particular time.

    • This might be because there is someone close to you in danger;
    • Because there is an enemy that is planning to attack you;
    • Because you are about to enter a new phase of your life and without prayer, you will miss out on those opportunities;
    • In addition to this, it might be because God wants you to experience spiritual transformation.

Whatever the reason is, you have to ensure that obedience adorns your mind enough to pray. You will fall victim to whatever is coming at you if you decide to ignore the call to prayer.

3) Protection

Whenever evil spirits want to kill you or hurt you in the dream world, the universe can wake you up by hypnic jerks.

You need to be on alert. Whenever you have the hypnic jerk, it is better to stay awake for some minutes before you fall back to sleep.

By doing this, evil spirits will not be able to locate you in the dream world and miss the pathway you are likely to tread on.

Therefore, whenever you have a hypnic jerk, it is a sign that the spirits are trying to protect you from becoming a victim in the dream.

4) Be careful of mistakes

Having hypnic jerks comes with a dream of falling.

This can either be from the top of the mountain or the top of a high-rise building. Whenever you have this experience, the universe is telling you to be careful of making too many mistakes that might be dangerous.

When you have more than 4 hypnic jerks in a single night, then you need to be careful of the actions you take.

You have to take extra caution when it comes to making decisions or taking some actions. The universe has come to tell you that you have been making too many mistakes, which is dangerous for your growth and progress.

These are the different spiritual meanings of having a hypnic jerk in your sleep. Some of these meanings might make you feel good, while other meanings will give you a sense of alertness and caution.

Hypnic Jerk During Daytime


Whenever you have a hypnic jerk during the day, it means that something unusual is about to happen in your life.

Having a hypnic jerk during the day is unusual and it startles more than what you feel in the night.

Therefore, whenever you have a hypnic jerk during the day, it is telling you that something is about to happen in your life which will startle you just as you felt during the hypnic jerk.

This can be good or bad news. The only way to decipher which side of the coin you are seeing is to check the deepest feeling of your consciousness.

Once you feel pessimistic or scared, then it is bad news. However, once you feel non-challant and somewhat optimistic, then it is good news.

Could it be dangerous?

Danger in spiritual world

Having hypnic jerk can be dangerous if you’re hypertensive. It can lead to shock or death if the feeling becomes too overwhelming.

However, if you are not hypertensive, it is nothing serious. It is simply a call to attention, alertness, and prompt action.

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