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Brooklyn Tabernacle Church Service Times

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Church (BTT) is a distinctively Pentecostal –Charismatic Church centered in the Kingdom Grace and Power of God. The church is committed to fulfilling the Great Commission & disciple believers through preaching and teaching on the Word of God, worshiping through song and prayer, healing the sick through laying of hands by faith, casting out demons and raising people from the dead in Jesus Name with more power than ever known before.

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Brooklyn Tabernacle Church Service Times

Brooklyn Tabernacle is an evangelical non-denominational megachurch located at 17 Smith Street at the Fulton Mall in downtown Brooklyn, New York City. The senior pastor is Jim Cymbala. The Brooklyn Tabernacle was originally established in 1847 as the Central Presbyterian Church, using the facilities of the First Presbyterian Church, at the corner of Willoughby Street and Pearl. In 1966, the church was renamed “Brooklyn Gospel Tabernacle” by the pastor Clair D. Hutchins. By the time Pastor Jim and Carol Cymbala took over the church leadership in the autumn of 1971, the congregation had dwindled to only 40 people who met in a rundown building on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.

In the 1980s, the Brooklyn Tabernacle purchased the former Carlton Theatre at 292 Flatbush Avenue at 7th Avenue, converting the 1383-seat theatre into a church. After many years of decline, the church was revitalized as a non-denominational congregation, and became well-known as the home of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. In 1984, the church took its current name “The Brooklyn Tabernacle”. The church remained in this location until 2002 when they moved into the former Loew’s Metropolitan Theatre at 17 Smith Street. The sanctuary seats 3,300 people. The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir has received six Grammy Awards. It is directed by Carol Cymbala, the wife of the main Pastor, Jim Cymbala.

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir sang “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” at the 2013 second inauguration of Barack Obama. The church has held three two-hour services weekly. In 2017, the church had 10,000 members.



Conference Line Number 425 436-6364 

Access code  487784#

SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Conference Line Number 646 558-8656 

Meeting ID  89587273455#

Password    333507#


Copy link to down load ZOOM 

Meeting ID  89587273455#

Password    333507#


Conference Line Number 641 426-1600 

Access code    7380403#



17 Smith Street | Brooklyn,

New York 11201

Sundays | 9am & 12pm ET

Join us in person or via livestream


17 Smith Street | Brooklyn,

New York 11201

Tuesdays | 12pm-1pm ET

Join us in person only


17 Smith Street | Brooklyn,

New York 11201

Tuesdays | 6:30pm ET

Join us in person or via livestream


Am I required to wear a mask?

If you are not vaccinated, we ask that you kindly wear a mask during our in-person services for your own safety and for the safety of others.

Are your services livestreamed?

Yes, we livestream our Sunday services, at 9am and 12pm ET, as well as our Tuesday Night Prayer Meeting, beginning at 6:00 pm ET.

Do you have a children’s program?

Our children’s program is open for ages 6 weeks to 6 years old.

How do I give my tithes and offerings?

To give your tithes and offerings, please visit one of the offering stations throughout our church campus; or use our secure, online giving platform at at your convenience.

Is there parking in the area?

Discount parking is available at Edison ParkFast at 160 Livingston Street and at Cielo Garage at 189 Schermerhorn Street. Please make sure to have your parking ticket validated at our Smith Street security desk.

How do I get to The Brooklyn Tabernacle by public transportation?

Take mass transit to Downtown Brooklyn – Fulton Mall.

Is the sanctuary wheelchair accessible?

Yes, we make accommodations for wheelchairs. Anyone utilizing Access-a-Ride is asked to enter through our 163 Livingston Street entrance, where church workers will be available to provide information and direction into the sanctuary for our Sunday services and our Tuesday Night Prayer Meeting.

Are there special arrangements for visiting groups?

We will accommodate your group to the best of our ability, but all seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.  For more information, please contact [email protected].

Service Details

  • Formal and informal attire most common
  • Blend of traditional and contemporary worship style
  • Communion
  • Altar call or invitation
  • Location: Kings County
  • Parking: Street
  • Wheelchair accessible: Yes
  • Saturday evening service: No
  • Multi-site church: No
  • Primary language used: English

Ministries and Programs

  • Nursery
  • Children’s ministry
  • Youth or teen ministry
  • Christian bookstore
  • Missions
  • Counseling services
  • Young adult ministry
  • Men/women’s ministry
  • Choir
  • Special needs
  • Community service
  • Singles ministry
  • Senior adult ministry
  • Recovery group
  • Prison ministry
  • Weddings/receptions
  • Funerals

Additional Info About Our Church

The Brooklyn Tabernacle is located in the heart of downtown Brooklyn and is a multi-ethnic, non-denominational church with about 10,000 people who attend services each week. The church continues to emphasize the importance of prayer as the engine that drives the church, as thousands join together each week to pray for needs around the world. Over the years God has given the church a worldwide platform to proclaim the gospel through the music ministry of The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. Thousands of visitors come through the doors of the church each year to witness how God is able to unite people of all races and backgrounds in his love.


Denominational hairsplitting aside, the Tabernacle has clearly tapped a powerful vein of spirituality in the city. While the mainline groups, such as the Episcopalians (whose New York City diocese has shrunk to half its 1960 size), consult with shamans of the “church growth industry,” to find out what went wrong, Pastor Cymbala can recall single Sunday services in which 50 people committed their lives to Jesus. More than likely, the Tabernacle’s unwillingness to categorize itself has contributed to its success: since it is its own thing, ostensibly not affiliated with any old thing (except Scripture), it’s perfect for people who are starting their own lives over, perhaps in a new country or culture.

The Tabernacle promotes (arguably better than any secular institution) the idea that every person is a potential brother or sister, that everyone has an equal shot; in this case the brother and sisterhood is in Christ, and the shot is at nothing less than talking directly to God, 24/7 (you can sign up for a 3 am shift with the Prayer Band, or send them an email with your prayer request at—a truly liberating theology. In the most powerful Protestant tradition, the Cymbalas and the Tabernacle also embody that up-from-nothing American dream, in which a poor, uninitiated, untrained, unaffiliated person can put out a shingle one day and years later emerge as an economic force to be reckoned with. To hear the Tabernacle tell it, it’s all a matter of hard work, God’s grace and knowing when it’s harvest time.

Brooklyn Tabernacle Reviews

Steve S

It seems almost wrong to ‘review’ a church. However, this is a place where Jesus is lifted up and the Word of God is faithfully taught. Teaching, fellowship, worship, and prayer. If you’re looking for a fantastic church then this is one!

throw b

This website reminds me of John 2:13–16

The Sanctuary of God is not a tour site. It is a place where mankind can give reference and have fellowship with God and where one can worship and intercede for their neighbor. If companies like this continue to treat the things of God in this manner they many suffer a consequence, now with that being said.. Everyone is welcome to come and give Jesus the respect He is worthy of. I say this with love and my Fathers House will be a house a prayer and worship. God bless you all


Beautiful church. Long Service.

We attended for a baby dedication and the church is beautiful with a vintage gold design. The church is huge with lots of seating on the lower level and there was even a balcony.

The choir was amazing! There had to be at least 100 beautiful voices singing the most familiar gospel songs making it easy to join in and praise with them. Large screens on the left and right of the main stage displayed the words of the music in the event you didn’t know the words. The Choir sang about 3-4 songs while we all stood. Then they sang another 2 songs while we sat.

The church was pretty cold for a March day. I never took my off and my daughter kept her coat zipped with her hood on the whole time.

There was a guest pastor from Harlem who not resides in Kentucky and his story was very engaging but also a great testimony to Gods love.

I took my children to the bathroom during service and I was impressed with the sitting room before you enter the bathrooms. The bathrooms were very clean.

Parking was horrible. And if you live in Brooklyn I’m sure you’re aware of this. Coming from Long Island we drove around for 20 min looking for parking and then found a spot 5 blocks down! It wasn’t a far walk but just so unfamiliar to attend church with no onsite parking.


A Highlight!

We’d been looking forward to visiting the Brooklyn Tabernacle on our NYC trip and were not disappointed. To hear the Grammy-award winning choir sing live and to hear Pastor Cymbala preach in person were a highlight. It was not performance, it was worship. The focus was on Jesus, not self-glorification. Pastor Cymbala is as humble as I expected him to be. I only wish we could have heard a couple more testimonies from the choir members, not just one.

The church itself is a beautiful facility and the greeters and ushers made us feel welcome. We were sitting with our bus tour group so didn’t really have much opportunity to interact with the congregation in general. The church has a small bookstore in an upper level room. They were definitely not pushing for money in the offering plate or in the selling of product. We bought two choir CDs that we had planned on getting, and we look forward to listening to them.

May God continue to bless the ministries of the BTC.


Arkansas8 contributions2


Voices from heaven, simple and direct sermon, every seat filled, high energy, lines to get in but worth it.

madeline v

Pure Christian experience

This is a place of worship of Jesus Christ. IT is a beautiful building with old world restoration of architecture and holds 5000 seats.

Diane R

Prepare to Hear a Political Sermon, Possibly Offensive

We attended to hear the celebrated choir. The Tabernacle has giant Jumbotrons so you can sing along. The music was OK but not spectacular. The preacher gave an anti-gay sermon. My group (family) walked out.