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Prayer For Bridal Shower

I don’t know about you, but when I go to bridal showers I always find myself at a loss for what to pray for the bride. Shouldn’t I be praying for her happiness? You bet. But sometimes when we are impatient or scared that something bad is going to happen, we tend to forget our faith. This is a great bridal shower prayer and will lead you in praying prayers of hope and even helps you remember that God’s purpose is good.

Wedding dates are scheduled and guests are booking their flights. It’s more than likely that you won’t be spending the wedding day with your bride to be but you can still provide a very special form of support to her and her fiancé. The couple has asked if you would do her a special favor at the wedding by leading a special prayer during the ceremony. This can be so nerve wracking because it’s new territory for you. You need to make sure that prayer is perfect and the pastor doesn’t mess up what you’re saying on his little tablet thingy.

Prayer For Bridal Shower

Benevolent God, by Your grace and power, we are gathered here today to celebrate and honor (bride). We pray that You always guide (bride) to do the right thing, find strength in her faith, and be kind to others. May You bless (bride) and (partner)’s union with happiness, fortune, and resilience. Amen

You’re a friend of the bride. You got an invitation to a bridal shower and you would like to take part in this joyful event. The best option is to share your congratulations with the family and good wishes for their happiness in the future with gifts. If you are choosing a gift, make sure it’s thoughtful, but don’t worry about spending a lot.

Holy Spirit of the water and mother of Christ, be with me today. I am with those who are about to marry. Fill all their thoughts with devotion for each other and, above all, pour out on them the abundance of your tender love; this bridal shower is dedicated as a sign of that love, for you are yourself Love in every aspect. Grant this day and every day long years of happiness to the bridegroom and bride from this moment on throughout the course of their married life.

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Catholic Prayer For Bride To Be

Dear God, thank you for the gift of the bride.

We pray that she will be a good wife and mother, and that she will always remember to treat her husband with love and respect.

We pray that God will protect her from harm, especially during this time when she has so much to do, and keep her safe in all things.

We pray that he will bless her marriage with a deep love for each other, that they may have many happy years together as husband and wife.

And we ask that you’ll help us support our friend in these next few days—as she prepares to take on the most important role of her life: becoming a wife.

Dear Lord,

As we gather here today to celebrate the union of [bride’s name] and [groom’s name], we ask that you would grant them wisdom, love and peace throughout this journey. We pray for their future together as husband and wife, being able to grow in each other’s love and faithfulness as they look forward to the joys of marriage. We pray also for their families to be strengthened and supported by their love, as well as all who are present at this celebration. Let us all show our appreciation by giving thanks to God for his goodness, mercy, grace and love in our lives. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen

Dear Lord,

We come before you today to ask for your blessing on [bride’s name]’s upcoming marriage. We pray that you would guide her as she prepares for this lifelong commitment, and we ask that you would give her a husband of your choosing who will love her in ways she has always dreamed of being loved. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Praise be to God, who has brought us to this day and made us your children. We thank you for the love that binds us together in this community of faith. We pray for _ and _. May they find joy in the blessings of your love, and may they be strengthened by your grace as they walk together toward their future marriage.

We ask this through Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen

Dear God,

We are gathered here today to celebrate the marriage of [bride’s name] and [groom’s name]. We offer our gratitude for the love between them and for all that you have given them. We pray that you bless this union with a lifetime of happiness and joy. Amen

We come together today to honor our dear friend, [name], as she prepares to take this next step in her journey through life.

We are so grateful for the joy she has brought into our lives, and we pray that she will continue to bring this light wherever she goes.

We ask that you bless her with a lifetime of love and joy, and that you protect her from all harm. May your blessings be upon her and her husband-to-be, who is also a beloved member of our community.

We ask that you guide us on this journey of friendship as well, so that we may continue to support one another through times of celebration and challenge alike. Amen!

Dear God,

We thank you for this day and the opportunity to celebrate [name] and her upcoming nuptials. We pray that your presence is with us today as we gather together and remember what is important in our lives.

We pray that your blessing will be upon [name] as she prepares for her wedding day, that she will be filled with peace and joy, and that she will feel your presence in all of her decisions as she journeys forward into matrimony.

We ask for your guidance and protection over the couple during their marriage, that they might always have each other’s best interests at heart, no matter what life may bring them.

We pray that this day will be a wonderful remembrance of how much love there is in this world, how many people want to see others happy, how much joy can be found in simple things like food or laughter—and most importantly, how much love you have for each one of us. Thank you for bringing us together today!

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