Why did benny hinn apologized to christians for false teaching

Why did benny hinn apologized to christians for false teaching? A well known Israeli Christian Televangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn in a video an hour ago on Facebook has apologized to his members over his false teachings on prosperity, sowing of seed and monetizing the gospel. Check for benny hinn latest news and benny hinn teachings.

According to the pastor while pleading with the entire Christian body to forgive him, he doesn’t want to be rejected in Heaven on the last day. He also went further to say that he wanted to say this long ago but be couldn’t.

benny hinn latest news

Benny Hinn is a televangelist and faith healer who is known for his televised sermons and faith-healing crusades. He has been criticized by Christians, non-Christians, and the media for his teachings on health, finances, and other topics.

In March of 2014, Benny Hinn made a public apology to Christians for false teaching. His apology came in the form of a statement published on his website. In it he stated: “I want to publicly apologize for any embarrassment or hurt that my words may have caused.” He also said that he was “truly sorry” and would seek out further training from reputable pastors to help him become more educated about theology.

Why did benny hinn apologized to christians for false teaching

According to Pastor Benny Hinn from the video: “The flesh must be out of the way for men to make it to Heaven on the last day. Teaching on prosperity is a feel good message. I am sorry to say this that prosperity has gone a little beat crazier this time around and today, I want to correct my own theology about prosperity gospels, sowing of seeds and monetization of the gospel. When I read the Bible now, I don’t see it with the same eye I saw it 20 years ago.

“The Magazine will normally publish was from my father-in-law. I inherited it because I married his daughter. It was a channel for monetizing the Gospel. It is an offense to the Holy Spirit when we receive money on those materials. The gospel is totally free. I am done with anything prosperity gospel and monetization of the gospels.

“This is the first time in my life that I am saying this and I don’t care what people think about me anymore. I know many will not invite me anymore and I don’t care. I don’t want to be rejected on the last day. If you are not giving because you love Jesus, don’t bother giving. Giving is making me sick to my stomach and I am free from it now, I don’t want to hear anything about sowing of seed anymore.

“I am truly sorry for all these years of false teachings. Please forgive me and do away with my messages on prosperity and sowing of seed”.

benny hinn teachings

Benny Hinn, a well-known televangelist, recently apologized to Christians for his false teaching.

He said he had “overstated” and “inaccurately taught” about the power of faith.

Hinn told the Christian Broadcasting Network that he has been “wrong on several things,” and that he had failed to see what was right about his teachings.

The prophet Isaiah said that God would give man “a spirit of wisdom.” (Isaiah 11:2) It is wise for us to learn from our mistakes, and we should never be afraid to admit them or ask for forgiveness when we have made mistakes in our lives.

Benny Hinn has apologized to Christians for false teachings that were spread by his ministry.

Hinn’s ministry has been criticized for teaching that God would heal them of any sickness, and that they could walk on water. The New York Times reported that in 2016, Hinn’s ministry was being investigated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) because it had failed to declare $37 million in income from 2008-2014. The investigation was closed after the organization agreed to pay $6 million in penalties.

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