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Bible Quiz Questions and Answers from the Book of Job PDF

Bible quiz questions and answers from the Book of Job pdf are available for Kindle readers who want to know something about the Bible but do not have time to read through the whole book. Now you can download it in just a few minutes from your computer or other devices using this app. Get the answers to the most difficult questions asked in the book of Job. This is a good guide for bible study questions and answers on the book of Job because it contains over 100 bible quiz questions that are related to the book of Job. Also included is a great study guide with all the Bible verses about Job and their explanations.

In the Book of Job, readers are taken on a journey through the story of a righteous man who faces immense trials and tribulations. The book explores the age-old question of why bad things happen to good people and delves into complex themes of suffering, faith, and divine justice. Job’s unwavering faith in God despite his suffering serves as a powerful example of resilience and trust in the face of adversity.

One of the key religious significance of the Book of Job is its portrayal of the nature of God and the concept of divine sovereignty. Through Job’s experiences, readers are challenged to contemplate the mysteries of God’s ways and the limits of human understanding. The book prompts reflection on the complexities of faith and the importance of maintaining trust in God even when faced with trials and uncertainties.

Overall, the Book of Job offers a profound and thought-provoking exploration of faith, suffering, and the nature of God. Its enduring message continues to resonate with readers of all backgrounds and beliefs, inspiring contemplation and introspection on the mysteries of life and faith.

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Job Quiz Questions And Answers

Despite the suffering he was experiencing, Job was a righteous man who refrained from cursing God. How well-versed are you in Job’s narrative? You may find out how much you know about the book of Job by taking the youth bible quiz below. Even though it was created for kids, adults are welcome to join in as well.

After the questions, look over the responses. Please share your results in the section below and don’t forget to tell your friends about it as well!

1 Why does Satan attack Job and his family?
Answer: God brags about Job’s character.

God tells Satan, Job is “a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil” (KJV, Job 1:8). Satan argues that Job is only good because God has blessed him, challenging God to find out how Job would act if he experienced the misfortunes most people know.

From Quiz: Getting the Biblical Job! . Question by author bubbuh.

2 “In the land of Uz there lived a man whose name was Job. This man was blameless and upright; he feared God and shunned evil.” Job 1:1 Where is the land of Uz located?
Answer: Unknown location

The exact location of the land of Uz is unknown. Many Bible scholars believe because of other names and locations mentioned in the book it is located northeast of Israel between Damascus and the Euphrates River. Some also believe it was located in Edom.
From Quiz: BBB Bible Series: Job . Question by author wordwalker.
3 In Job 1:21 Job shows his humbleness. How does he do this?
Answer: He says all he has belongs to the Lord.

From Quiz: Remember Job . Question by author ilona_ritter.
4 When Job’s friends heard of his adversity, how many of them planned to go and comfort him? Job 2: 11
Answer: 3

Job 2:11 states that his three friends made an appointment together to come and mourn with him and comfort him.
From Quiz: Job and friends . Question by author Jesusyes.
5 What does Satan first do to change Job’s attitude toward God?
Answer: Directs events so that natural disasters, war and banditry strip Job of his wealth and his children.

After securing God’s consent, Satan turns Job’s life inside out very quickly. In short order, Job receives four messengers, each bearing news of disasters which totally wipe out his livestock, servants, property and children. (KJV, Job 1:14-1:19).

From Quiz: Getting the Biblical Job! . Question by author bubbuh.
6 Job had a reputation of being an upright and an extremely wealthy man. In fact it says in Job 1:3 “…He was the greatest man among all the people of the East.” Job also had a reputation in heaven. Who is God having a discussion with concerning Job?
Answer: Satan

“Then the Lord said to Satan, “Have you considered my servant Job? There is no one on earth like him; he is blameless and upright, a man who fears God and shuns evil.” Job 1:8

Satan (which can also be translated accuser) says Job was only faithful because God had blessed him so much but Job would surely curse God if he was allowed to destroy all God had given him. Thus begins the great test of Job’s faith in the face of great adversity.
From Quiz: BBB Bible Series: Job . Question by author wordwalker.
7 Before the first test in the Book of Job, how many children did Job have?
Answer: 10

He had seven sons and three daughters, who were all killed in Job’s first test. This can be found in Job 1:2. After Job’s tests God blessed Job with seven more sons and three more daughters.
From Quiz: Never Gonna Give You Up . Question by author j-zilch.

Job 2: 11 States that Job’s friends were called: Bildad, Zophar and Eliphaz.
From Quiz: Job and friends . Question by author Jesusyes.
9 How do Job’s friends react to the destruction of Job’s family and fortunes?
Answer: His friends tell Job he brought his misfortunes on himself and, quite possibly, deserves worse.

The reaction of Job’s friends to his misfortune is the heart of the story. After going through the forms of consolation, Job spends seven days mourning the deaths of his children and servants. Job’s friends very pointedly argue that Job, or, perhaps, his children, did something truly dreadful, precipitating all his misery (KJV, Job 4–27).
From Quiz: Getting the Biblical Job! . Question by author bubbuh.
10 In the first set of tests, God gave everything Job had into Satan’s hands except for Job himself. After Satan had destroyed all his possessions and his children Job said: “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart.” “The Lord is coming and the Lord is going; may the Lord’s name be exalted.” What are the missing words according to the New International Version?
Answer: gave; taken

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Job Small Group Questions

Job could have lamented that all he had worked hard for and everything he cared about was suddenly snatched away but instead he acknowledges he had nothing that had not been given to him by God.

1.Job was from the land of ——–
AnswerUz (1:1)
2.What did Job do when he heard about the death of his children?
AnswerJob arose, tore his rob, shaved his head and fell to the ground. (1:20)
3.“Skin for skin”. Who said to whom?
AnswerSatan to the Lord.  (2:4)
4.All that a man has he will give for his ——.
AnswerLife  (2:4)
5.How many days Job’s friends sat with him without talking to him?
Answer7 days and 7 nights  (2:13)
6.Job said “for my ——— comes before I eat, and my ——— pour out like water”.
AnswerSighing, groaning  (3:24)
7.“For ——— kills a foolish man, and ——– slays a simple one”.
Answerwrath, envy  (5:2)
8.“For affliction does not come from the ——–, nor does trouble spring from the ——–“.
AnswerDust, ground  (5:6)
9.“Behold, happy is the man whom ——– ——–, therefore do not despise the ——– of the Almighty”.
AnswerGod corrects, chastening  (5:17)
10.“Can the ——– grow up without a marsh?  Can the ——– flourish without water”?
AnswerPapyrus, reeds (8:11)
11.“And the hope of the ——– shall perish”.
AnswerHypocrite  (8:13)
12.“God is wise in ——-  and mighty in ———“.
AnswerHeart, strength  (9:4)
13.“The earth is given into the hands of the ——–“.
AnswerWicked  (9:24)
14.“You have granted me  ———— , And your care has preserved my ——-“.
AnswerLife and favour, spirit (10:12)
15.“They are higher than heaven, deeper than Sheol, longer than the earth, broader than the sea”. What?
AnswerThe deep things of God and limits of the Almighty.  (11:7-9)
16.“Wisdom is with ————, And with length of days ———“.
AnswerAged men, understanding  (12:12)
17.“Man decays like a ———–, Like a garment that is —————“.
AnswerRotten thing, moth-eaten.  (13:28)
18.“Man who is born of woman is of ————— and ————–“.
AnswerFew days, full of trouble.(14:1)
19.“For the company of hypocrites will be ———, and fire will consume the tents of ———“.
AnswerBarren, bribery  (15:34)
20.“And he who has ————- will be stronger and stronger”.
AnswerClean hands (17:9)
21.How many times Job’s friends reproached Job?
Answer10 times (19:3)
22.“If you return to the Almighty, you will be ———-“.
AnswerBuilt up  (22:23)
23.Job said “But he knows the way that I take, When he has tested me, I shall come forth as ——–“.
AnswerGold  (23:10)
24.“But He (God) is ——–, and who can make him change?”
Answerunique  (23:13)
25.The eye of the adulterer waits for the —————
Answertwilight  (24:15)
26.“———– is naked before Him, and ———– has no covering”.
AnswerSheol, destruction (26:6)
27.“He stretches out the north over ———–,  He hangs the earth on ———“.
AnswerEmpty space, nothing  (26:7)
28.“By His Spirit He adorned the ———, His hand pierced the ———-“.
AnswerHeavens, fleeing serpent. (26:13)
29.“——— is taken from the earth, and ——- is smelted from ore”.
AnswerIron, copper  (28:2)
30.“From its comes bread”. From where?
AnswerFrom earth  (28:5)
31.“Its (earth) stones are the source of ———, and it contains ——–“.
AnswerSapphires, gold dust  (28:6)
32.“The price of wisdom is above ——“.
AnswerRubies  (28:18)
33.“We have heard a report about it with our ears”.  Who say it and about what?
AnswerDestruction and death say about wisdom and understanding.  (28:22, 20)
34.And to man He said, ‘Behold , the fear of the Lord, that is———-, and to depart from evil is ———“.
AnswerWisdom, understanding. (28:28)
35.Job said “and the rock poured out rivers of ———– for me”.
AnswerOil  (29:6)
36.Job said “the blessings of a ————- came upon me”.
AnswerPerishing man  (29:13)
37.Which old testment man is mentioned in the book of Job?
AnswerAdam  (31:33)
38.“Age should speak, and multitude of years should teach wisdom”.  Who said it?
AnswerElihu, the son of Barachel the Buzite.  (32:6)
39.“But there is a spirit in man, And the  ———– of the Almighty gives him ————–“.
AnswerBreath, understanding  (32:8)
40.“For the ———- tests words as the ———- tastes food”.
AnswerEar, palate  (34:3)
41.From the chamber of the south comes the ————–, and ——— from the scattering winds of the
AnswerWhirlwind, cold  (37:9)
42.Out of what did God speak to Job?
AnswerOut of the whirlwind  (38:1)
43.“From the wicked their ——- is withheld, and the ————– arm is broken”.
AnswerLight, upraised  (38:15)
44.What God is reserved for the time of trouble and for the day of battle and war?
AnswerTreasury of snow and treasury of hail  (38:22,23)
45.“The ———- harden like stone and the surface of the ——– is frozen”.
AnswerWaters, deep  (38:30)
46.Who dwells at wilderness and barren land?
AnswerWild donkey and onager  (39:5,6)
47.“The wings of the ————– waves proudly”.
AnswerOstrich  (39:13)
48.Who treats her young harshly?
AnswerOstrich (39:13,16)
49.Who smells the battle from afar?
AnswerHorse.  (39:19,25)
50.His strength is in his hips and his power is in his stomach muscles. Whose?
AnswerBehemoth’s  (40:15,16)
51.He is the first of the ways of God. Who?
AnswerBehemoth  (40:15, 19)
52.His breath kindles coals, and a flame goes out of his mouth. Whose?
AnswerLeviathan (41:1,21)
53.His heart is as hard as stone, even as hard as the lower millstone. Whose?
AnswerLeviathan (41:1,24)
54.What are the names of Job’s daughters?
AnswerJemimah, Keziah, Keren-Happuch  (42:14)
55.At what age Job died?
AnswerWhen he was old and full of days. (42:16)

Get ready for this “Book Of Job Quiz. ” What do you know about the book of the Job? Job was a righteous man who never wronged anyone and tried to live by the rules set down by God. When God shows Satan how good Job is, Satan says that he is like that because God blesses him and asks him to take away everything Job has. What happens when he does? Take this quiz and see how well you remember Job’s story.

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Bible Quiz Book Of Job

  • 1. What is the theme of the book Job addresses?
    • A. How to deal with unfaithful friends
    • B. Why do the Righteous Suffer?
    • C. The land of U
    • D. How he lost his wife
    • E. None of the Above
  • 2. Who did Job invite to his son’s Birthday?
    • A. No one
    • B. His Servants
    • C. Brother and Sisters
    • D. None of the Above
  • 3. What was Satan originally?
    • A. A distraction
    • B. A fallen angel
    • C. A Friend of God
    • D. An angel of God
    • E. None of Above
  • 4. Who replied, “Skin for Skin,  A man will give anything to save his life?
    • A. Job
    • B. The Servants
    • C. Satan
    • D. Elihu
    • E. None of the above
  • 5. What did Job’s friends do when they heard about his tragedy?
    • A. Nothing
    • B. Got in touch with each other
    • C. Immediately started praying
    • D. Cried in Sackcloth
    • E. None of the above
  • 6. When Job talks about what happens to sinners, he is describing what?
    • A. His friends
    • B. Those who reject God
    • C. His current situation
    • D. Trials and Suffering of the Righteous
    • E. None of the above
  • 7. How many times did Job say his friends have declared/reproached him a sinner?
    • A. 5
    • B. 10
    • C. 15
    • D. 20
    • E. None of the above
  • 8. What does Job say about his Redeemer?
    • A. He loves me
    • B. He made me
    • C. Nothing
    • D. He lives
  • 9. What did Job declare after his body had decayed?
    • A. It will perish
    • B. Nothing good will come of it.
    • C. The skin worms will eat it.
    • D. Punishment is inevitable
    • E. It shall see God
  • 10. Which one of Job’s friends chided: Do you know this of old, Since man was placed on earth, that the triumphing of the wicked is short, and the joy of the hypocrite is for a moment?
    • A. Bildad
    • B. Zophar
    • C. Shuhite
    • D. Ehihu
  • 11. Which one of Job’s friends said, “Quit quarreling with God” agrees with him, and you will have peace?
    • A. Shuhite
    • B. Bildad
    • C. Eliphaz
    • D. Zophar
    • E. None of the above
  • 12. Who said Man is a worm in God’s sight?
    • A. Shuhite
    • B. Bildad
    • C. Job
    • D. Eliphaz
    • E. Elihu
  • 13. What did Job believe about wisdom?
    • A. It is more valuable than silver.
    • B. It is not found among the living.
    • C. Man can’t live without it.
    • D. It comes from fearing the Lord.
    • E. B & D
  • 14. Whose heart did Job say cause him to sing?
    • A. Orphan
    • B. Poor
    • C. Widow
    • D. Brokenhearted
  • 15. What was the symbol of the exploited poor?
    • A. The Ostrich
    • B. The wild donkey
    • C. The Wild Ox
    • D. The eagle
  • 16. What did Job do for the orphans?
    • A. Teach them
    • B. Feed them
    • C. Found a home for them
    • D. Treat them as our own children.
    • E. None of the above
  • 17. What does Job say about the Majesty of God?
    • A. None like it
    • B. It keeps me
    • C. Redeemable
    • D. Depends on wisdom
    • E. None of the above
  • 18. What line did Elihu did not want to hear?
    • A. Time is of the Essence
    • B. Stay in his presence.
    • C. Only God can convince the sinner of sin.
    • D. Everybody sins
    • E. None of the above
  • 19. What did God ask Job about the rain?
    • A. Can it be seen in his circumstance?
    • B. Did heaven produce it?
    • C. Does it have a Mother?
    • D. Did it produce the Whirlwind?
    • E. None of the above
  • 20. What did God call Job?
    • A. His Son
    • B. Anointed In the City
    • C. God Critic
    • D. Full of Wisdom
    • E. Rebellious Servant

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