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Bible Quiz Questions And Answers From The Book Of Job

Need help with some bible quiz questions and answers for the book of Job, job trivia questions and answers, and bible quiz questions and answers with bible verses? Come here for the best place to ask questions, share answers, and learn about biblical topics that are difficult to understand. Questions and answers from the book of Job. Learn the answers to all of your questions before they arise, so you can have peace of mind on your journey to find God.

The book of Job is a fantastic book of the Bible, filled with stories of hope, comfort, and encouragement. Some theorize that this book was written by Moses during his life. Others think it’s a collection of various older writings. Whatever your theory is, the point is that it is an incredible book, and you should read it. If you follow these Bible quiz questions and answers from Job Chapter 1 questions and answers then you’ll have an idea of what happens in the episodes included in this amazing book.

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Job Quiz Questions

1 Why does Satan attack Job and his family?
Answer: God brags about Job’s character.

God tells Satan, Job is “a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil” (KJV, Job 1:8). Satan argues that Job is only good because God has blessed him, challenging God to find out how Job would act if he experienced the misfortunes most people know.

2 “In the land of Uz there lived a man whose name was Job. This man was blameless and upright; he feared God and shunned evil.” Job 1:1 Where is the land of Uz located?

The exact location of the land of Uz is unknown. Many Bible scholars believe because of other names and locations mentioned in the book that it is located northeast of Israel between Damascus and the Euphrates River. Some also believe it was located in Edom.
BBB Bible Series: Job Quiz Author’s question, wordwalker.
3 In Job 1:21, Job shows his humility. How does he do this?
Answer: He says all he has belongs to the Lord.

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Bible Study Questions And Answers On The Book Of Job

From Quiz: Remember Job . Question by author ilona_ritter.
4 When Job’s friends heard of his adversity, how many of them planned to go and comfort him? Job 2: 11
Answer: 3

Job 2:11 states that his three friends made an appointment together to come and mourn with him and comfort him.
From Quiz: Job and friends . Question by author Jesusyes.
5 What does Satan first do to change Job’s attitude toward God?
Answer: Directs events so that natural disasters, war and banditry strip Job of his wealth and his children.

After securing God’s consent, Satan turns Job’s life inside out very quickly. In short order, Job receives four messengers, each bearing news of disasters which totally wipe out his livestock, servants, property and children. (KJV, Job 1:14-1:19).
From Quiz: Getting the Biblical Job! . Question by author bubbuh.
6 Job had a reputation of being an upright and an extremely wealthy man. In fact it says in Job 1:3 “…He was the greatest man among all the people of the East.” Job also had a reputation in heaven. Who is God having a discussion with concerning Job?
Answer: Satan

“Then the Lord said to Satan, “Have you considered my servant Job? There is no one on earth like him; he is blameless and upright, a man who fears God and shuns evil.” Job 1:8

Satan (which can also be translated accuser) says Job was only faithful because God had blessed him so much but Job would surely curse God if he was allowed to destroy all God had given him. Thus begins the great test of Job’s faith in the face of great adversity.
From Quiz: BBB Bible Series: Job . Question by author wordwalker.
7 Before the first test in the Book of Job, how many children did Job have?
Answer: 10

He had seven sons and three daughters, who were all killed in Job’s first test. This can be found in Job 1:2. After Job’s tests God blessed Job with seven more sons and three more daughters.
From Quiz: Never Gonna Give You Up . Question by author j-zilch.

8 Choose the correct names of two of Job’s friends who payed him a visit.Job 2: 11

Your options: [ Eliphaz & Travez ] [ Elihu & Bildad ] [ Zophar & Nahum ] [ Zophar & Bildad ]
Answer: Zophar & Bildad

Job 2: 11 States that Job’s friends were called: Bildad, Zophar and Eliphaz.
From Quiz: Job and friends . Question by author Jesusyes.
9 How do Job’s friends react to the destruction of Job’s family and fortunes?
Answer: His friends tell Job he brought his misfortunes on himself and, quite possibly, deserves worse.

The reaction of Job’s friends to his misfortune is the heart of the story. After going through the forms of consolation while Job spends seven days mourning the death of his children and servants. Job’s friends very pointedly argue that Job, or, perhaps, his children did something truly dreadful, precipitating all his misery (KJV, Job 4 – Job 27).
From Quiz: Getting the Biblical Job! . Question by author bubbuh.
10 In the first set of testings God gave everything Job had into Satan’s hands except except Job himself. After Satan had destroyed all his possesions and his children Job said: “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart. The Lord _ and the Lord has __ away; may the name of the Lord be praised.” What are the missing words according to the New International Version?
Answer: gave; taken

Job could have lamented that all he had worked hard for and everything he cared about was suddenly snatched away but instead he acknowledges he had nothing that had not been given to him by God.
From Quiz: BBB Bible Series: Job . Question by author wordwalker.

Get ready for this “Book Of Job Quiz. ” What do you know about the book of the Job? Job was a righteous man who never wronged anyone and tried to live by the rules set down by God. When God shows Satan how good Job is, Satan says that he is like that because God blesses him and asks him to take away everything Job has. What happens when he does? Take this quiz and see how well you remember Jobs’s story.

Job Trivia Questions And Answers

  • 1. What is the theme of the book Job addresses?
    • A. How to deal with unfaithful friends
    • B. Why do the Righteous Suffer?
    • C. The land of U
    • D. How he lost his wife
    • E. None of the Above
  • 2. Who did Job invite to his son’s Birthday?
    • A. No one
    • B. His Servants
    • C. Brother and Sisters
    • D. None of the Above
  • 3. What was Satan originally?
    • A. A distraction
    • B. A fallen angel
    • C. A Friend of God
    • D. An angel of God
    • E. None of Above
  • 4. Who replied, “Skin for Skin,  A man will give anything to save his life?
    • A. Job
    • B. The Servants
    • C. Satan
    • D. Elihu
    • E. None of the above
  • 5. What did Job’s friends do when they heard about his tragedy?
    • A. Nothing
    • B. Got in touch with each other
    • C. Immediately started praying
    • D. Cried in Sackcloth
    • E. None of the above
  • 6. When Job talks about what happens to sinners, he is describing what?
    • A. His friends
    • B. Those who reject God
    • C. His current situation
    • D. Trials and Suffering of the Righteous
    • E. None of the above
  • 7. How many times did Job say his friends have declared/reproached him a sinner?
    • A. 5
    • B. 10
    • C. 15
    • D. 20
    • E. None of the above
  • 8. What does Job say about his Redeemer?
    • A. He loves me
    • B. He made me
    • C. Nothing
    • D. He lives
  • 9. What did Job declare after his body had decayed?
    • A. It will perish
    • B. Nothing good will come of it.
    • C. The skin worms will eat it.
    • D. Punishment is inevitable
    • E. It shall see God
  • 10. Which one of Job’s friends chided: Do you know this of old, Since man was placed on earth, that the triumphing of the wicked is short, and the joy of the hypocrite is for a moment?
    • A. Bildad
    • B. Zophar
    • C. Shuhite
    • D. Ehihu
  • 11. Which one of Job’s friends said, “Quit quarreling with God” agrees with him, and you will have peace?
    • A. Shuhite
    • B. Bildad
    • C. Eliphaz
    • D. Zophar
    • E. None of the above
  • 12. Who said Man is a worm in God’s sight?
    • A. Shuhite
    • B. Bildad
    • C. Job
    • D. Eliphaz
    • E. Elihu
  • 13. What did Job believe about wisdom?
    • A. It is more valuable than silver.
    • B. It is not found among the living.
    • C. Man can’t live without it.
    • D. It comes from fearing the Lord.
    • E. B & D
  • 14. Whose heart did Job say cause him to sing?
    • A. Orphan
    • B. Poor
    • C. Widow
    • D. Brokenhearted
  • 15. What was the symbol of the exploited poor?
    • A. The Ostrich
    • B. The wild donkey
    • C. The Wild Ox
    • D. The eagle
  • 16. What did Job do for the orphans?
    • A. Teach them
    • B. Feed them
    • C. Found a home for them
    • D. Treat them as our own children.
    • E. None of the above
  • 17. What does Job say about the Majesty of God?
    • A. None like it
    • B. It keeps me
    • C. Redeemable
    • D. Depends on wisdom
    • E. None of the above
  • 18. What line did Elihu did not want to hear?
    • A. Time is of the Essence
    • B. Stay in his presence.
    • C. Only God can convince the sinner of sin.
    • D. Everybody sins
    • E. None of the above
  • 19. What did God ask Job about the rain?
    • A. Can it be seen in his circumstance?
    • B. Did heaven produce it?
    • C. Does it have a Mother?
    • D. Did it produce the Whirlwind?
    • E. None of the above
  • 20. What did God call Job?
    • A. His Son
    • B. Anointed In the City
    • C. God Critic
    • D. Full of Wisdom
    • E. Rebellious Servant

Job Trivia Questions And Answers About The Bible

  1. One reason why Satan targets Job and his family is
    Answer: God extols Job’s virtues.

Job is “a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil,” God tells Satan (KJV, Job 1:8). Satan accuses Job of being kind simply because God has blessed him and challenges God to find out how Job would behave if he went through the hardships that most people suffer. Getting the Biblical Job from the quiz!

2 A guy by the name of Job lived in the country of Uz. This man was upright and without fault; he revered God and avoided doing wrong. Job 1:1 Where exactly is the land of Uz?
Response: Unknown place

Unknown is the precise location of the land of Uz. Many Bible scholars think it is northeast of Israel, between Damascus and the Euphrates River, based on other names and localities listed in the book. Some people also think Edom was where it was. from BBB Bible Series quiz: Job 3 In Job 1:21, Job demonstrates his humilty. How is he able to achieve this?
He claims that whatever he has belonged to the Lord. From the quiz: Recall Job 4 How many of Job’s friends intended to visit him in his distress after learning of his hardship? Job 2: 11
Response: 3

According to Job 2:11, his three friends scheduled a time to visit him and offer solace. Job and pals from quiz
5 What did Satan do first to alter Job’s perspective of God?
Answer: directs events so that banditry, war, and natural disasters deprive Job of his possessions and his children.

Satan immediately twists Job’s life inside out after obtaining God’s approval. Job soon receives four messengers, each bringing news of catastrophes that completely destroy his children, servants, animals, and property. (Job 1:14–19, KJV) Getting the Biblical Job from the quiz!
6 Job was known as an honorable and immensely wealthy individual. He was the greatest man among all the inhabitants of the East, according to Job 1:3. Job was well-known in heaven as well. With whom is God having a conversation about Job?
Solution: Satan

The Lord then asked Satan, “Have you thought about my servant Job? There is no one like him on earth; he is a man who fears God and avoids evil, and he is spotless and upright. Job 1:8

Satan, who is also known as the accuser, claims that Job was only faithful because God had blessed him so greatly, and that if Job were permitted to lose everything that God had given him, he would surely condemn God. The major trial of Job’s faith in the face of overwhelming affliction starts here. Job from the BBB Bible Series quiz.

7 How many kids had Job before the first test in the Book of Job?
Response: 10

He had three daughters and seven sons, all of whom perished in Job’s first test. Job 1:2 contains a reference to this. God gave Job three additional daughters and seven more sons as a result of his trials. Never Gonna Give You Up, from quiz.

8 Pick the proper names of the two friends who visited Job. Job 2: 11
Response: Zophar and Bildad

Job’s companions were known by the names Bildad, Zophar, and Eliphaz, according to Job 2:11.
Your choices are: [Travez & Eliphaz] [Bildad & Elihu] [Nahum & Zophar] [Bildad & Zophar] Job and pals from quiz
9 How do Job’s friends respond to Job’s family and wealth being destroyed?
Answer: Job’s friends claim that he brought his problems on himself and may even be deserving of worse.

The story’s core is how Job’s friends respond to his tragedy. Job mourns the deaths of his children and servants for seven days after going through various types of comfort. Job’s associates argue sharply that Job or possibly his children done something very heinous to cause all of his suffering (KJV, Job 4 – Job 27). Getting the Biblical Job from the quiz!

11 How were Job’s kids murdered?
They perished when a strong wind passed over the house they were in.

The camels were taken by the Chaldean raiding party (Job 1:17). God’s fire consumed the servants and the animals (Job 1:16). The oxen and donkeys were assaulted and taken hostage by the Sabeans (Job 1:15). Never Gonna Give You Up, from quiz.

12 Job confesses to doing something wrong in Chapter 9, but what is it?
Response: Justification

Job 9:20 “If I defend myself, my own voice will expose me; if I claim to be faultless, it will also expose me as perverted.

When someone justifies anything, they make it appear to be acceptable even when it is not. From the quiz: Recall Job 13 What did Job’s companions do when they first saw him from a distance but were unable to identify him?
They cried out and raised their voices in response.

Job 2:12 “They raised their voices and sobbed when they turned to look at him from a distance and failed to recognize him. Job and pals from quiz
14 What does Job’s wife advise him to do in response to the sudden and total misery of his life?
Answer: Admit your mistakes and end your life.

“Blame God and perish.” (Job 2:1, KJV) The unnamed wife of Job sees their position clearly. Getting the Biblical Job from the quiz!
15 God addresses Satan once more and praises Job for remaining faithful despite all the damage that had been done to him. Satan suggests a new examination. ‘Skin for skin’ Satan answered. “Man will sacrifice all for his own life. But if you reach out and strike his skin and bones, he will undoubtedly condemn you in front of you.” Job 2:4-5 What did God tell Satan he couldn’t do when he delivered Job over to the devil?
Answer: Execute him

Satan gave Job horrible boils all over his body. Even Job’s wife made an attempt to get him to curse God and commit suicide, but Job rebuked her, saying: “You are talking like a dumb woman. Should we accept God’s good rather than His trouble?” Job did not commit a sin in any of these.” Job 2:10 from BBB Bible Series quiz: Job\s16 When Job faced his first test, where were his sons and daughters feasting and sipping wine?
the home of the elder brother

At the home of the eldest brother, where they were feasting and enjoying wine, the house was destroyed by a powerful wind. Job 1:18–19 mentions this. Never Gonna Give You Up, from quiz.

17 How much time did Job’s friends spend with him while remaining silent? Job 2: 13
Seven days and seven nights

According to Job 2:13, they sat with him on the ground for seven days and seven nights without speaking to him since they could see how grieved he was. Job and pals from quiz.

18 Who suggests that Job curse God?
Response: His wife

She says, “Curse God and perish.” Test question: Job 19 How can Satan make Job’s life even worse after the passing of his children and servants?
Answer: Causes Job to develop a terrible and disfiguring chronic illness.

The world’s worst case of galloping eczema has ever been given to Job by Satan. Satan then left the presence of the LORD and attacked Job, covering him with painful boils from the bottom of his foot to the top of his head. (Job 2:7, KJV) Getting the Biblical Job from the quiz!

20 Three of Job’s friends came to comfort him after learning about all the tragedy that had befallen him. When they first saw him, they were completely speechless from shock. How long did it take for them to finally speak with him?
the period of seven days and seven nights

“They could hardly recognize him when they got a closer look at him, so they started sobbing out loud, tore their robes, and covered their heads in dust. Then they sat with him for seven days and seven nights on the ground. No one spoke to him because they could see how much he was suffering.”
Job 2:12-13

Jewish tradition holds that visitors who visit someone in grief should remain silent until the mourner speaks.

Which of the following didn’t count as one of Job’s friends?
Response: Zebulun

The companions of Job who debated with him throughout the book were Zophar the Naamathite, Bildad the Shuhite, and Eliphaz the Temanite. They first visited him in Job 2:11. One of Israel’s twelve sons was Zebulun. Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Joseph, and Benjamin were the other sons of Israel.
Your choices are [Zophar]. [Eliphaz] [Zebulun] [Bildad] Never Gonna Give You Up, from quiz.

Who will fare better in the long run, according to Job?
Who are the just?

Job 17:9 The righteous will continue on their path, and those with clean hands will only get stronger.

To be righteous is to be sinless. From the quiz: Recall Job 23 What did Job do after this protracted time of silence? Job 3: 1
He was angry on the day he was born.

Job3:1 “And after that, Job spoke up, cursing the day of his birth.” Job and pals from quiz
24 Who among Job’s counselors is the youngest?
Response: Elihu

He waits to speak because of his youth until everyone else has finished. Job 25 from quiz How can Job persuade others that his misfortunes are not his fault?
The answer is that despite his best efforts, Job fails.

Nothing Job says or does succeeds in persuading people of his innocence (Job 2 – Job 38). The main focus of “Job” is a debate of Job’s responsibility for his bad luck. Job and his friends argue back and forth, with Job insisting on his innocence and his three friends insisting that he must have done something to offend God. Getting the Biblical Job from the quiz!
26 Finally, a protracted discussion regarding the root of Job’s misery starts between Job and his companions. What essentially did Job’s friends think was the root of all his problems?
What was his sin?

About 28 chapters of the book of Job are devoted to the conversation between Job and his companions. His friends try to “assist” Job understand the necessity for repentance in order to obtain God’s blessing on his life once more. They adhere to the traditional idea that God rewards goodness and punishes sin. Job from the BBB Bible Series quiz.

27 Before his exams, how many animals did Job have? I’m not asking how many various kinds of animals he had; I’m just curious about the total number of animals he owned.
Response: 11500

According to Job 1:3, he owned seven thousand sheep, three thousand camels, five hundred yoke of oxen, and five hundred donkeys.

3000 camels, 7000 sheep, 1000 oxen, and 500 donkeys

God granted Job 23000 additional animals after the tests, giving him a total of double the number of animals he had before. Never Gonna Give You Up, from quiz.

28 Who claims that Job is afraid?
Response: God

Job 23:15 “I am concerned by his presence because, when I think about it, I am terrified of him.”

According to Psalm 111:10, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,” Job was a smart man. From the quiz: Recall Job 29 In the King James version, what adverb does Job use to characterize his comforters?
Answer: ghastly

Because none of them truly soothe him, they are all “miserable comforters.” Job 30 from quiz What category does “The Book of Job” fall under in the Old Testament?
Answer: With every solution “Job” offers, more queries are raised. It belongs to the Wisdom Genre of the OT. Getting the Biblical Job from the quiz!

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