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Bedtime Prayer in Hindi

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Bedtime Prayer in Hindi

Dear Lord, as I lay down to sleep, I thank you for the day that has passed and for the day that is yet to come. Please let me wake up tomorrow with a clear mind and a confident heart. May my dreams be filled with only wonderful things, and may I wake up refreshed and ready to start another day. Thank you again, dear Lord, for my life and all the blessings in it. Amen!

श्री विवाहाय जी,

सुखार्थ प्राप्त के नाम से,

हार्दिक माता-पाली,

श्री भुवा या गा- या,

अत: ु फ़ फ़ फ़ फ़ फ़ फ़ फ़ फ़ ,

আর সিদ্ধ কর- লে,

আমু- আমু- আমু- আমু- আমু- আমু- আ

Bhagwan, aur kuchch toh utna kuchch toh bhi ho.

Kabhi aaram se, kabhi gham se.

Kabhi adho-dhaam se, kabhi pichhal se.

Kabhi bhalaa kartaa hai, kabhi kaam pooree hai.

Dukh mein bhi, shanti mein bhi.

Aapko jaan lena hai ki main khud ko rokega aur main aapko badalne ki koshish karunga.

Om namah shivay

I bow to you with love, O Lord Shiva.

From the depths of my heart I praise you, O Lord Shiva.

May I be filled with your wisdom and devotion.

May I be blessed with your grace and compassion.

May I be guided by your light in all that I do.

श्री राम,


भगवान राम, प्राणा कृपा के साथ प्राणा को फ़ुलाई फ़ुफ़ाफ़ की फ़ूफ़ फ़ूफ़ फ़ूை फ़ूை.

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