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Be Careful What You Ask God For

Most of us have heard the saying “be careful what you wish for,” but why? Why is it that when we get what we want, it’s not always what we expected? I think maybe it’s because we don’t really know what we want.

We think we do, but once we get close enough to taste it, then it becomes clear that maybe this isn’t exactly what was best for us. So when you ask God for something, be careful what you ask for!

Remember that God loves us and wants us to be happy. But sometimes the things that will make us happy are not the things that will make other people happy.

Be Careful What You Ask God For

You have to be careful what you ask God for.

You see, if you ask God for something and it doesn’t work out the way you want it to, it’s not God’s fault. It’s yours.

I know, I know: that sounds harsh. But it’s true, because if you’ve been going around asking God for something and then saying “I don’t get it” or “Why did this happen?” when things don’t go your way, then there’s a good chance that what you asked for wasn’t really what you wanted in the first place.

Asking God isn’t about getting what we want—it’s about getting what we need.

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Be Careful What You Ask For Meaning

God is a lot like a genie. If you’ve ever seen the Disney movie Aladdin, you know that genies are not always benevolent beings. They can be cruel, they can be manipulative, and they can even be downright mean sometimes. So when your wish comes true, it’s not always going to be the way you expected it to be.

You might feel like this all the time—like everything good that happens to you isn’t quite good enough. Maybe you feel like your life isn’t quite where you want it to be, or maybe even worse: maybe it feels like no matter what happens in your life, it just doesn’t seem like enough?

Well let me tell ya something: There’s only one person who has all the power to make your life exactly what you want it to be—and that person is YOU!


We have all heard the saying, “Be careful what you pray for.” It is a warning that a prayer or desire may come true in some form or another. What people may not realize is that this saying comes from scripture. There are several passages in the Old Testament particularly where we see God answering requests in ways the recipient might not have anticipated:

Be careful what you pray for. Because it may come true. In some form or another.

You could be praying for the wrong thing.

Be patient and wait on God’s perfect timing.

Your focus might be on the wrong things.

Your prayers need to be in line with God’s will.”””

Be careful what you pray for.

As you know, God is listening. God is watching. But He’s also waiting for the right time to answer your prayers.

When you ask for something, be careful what it is that you’re asking for because sometimes the answer can be more painful than what’s going on in your life right now.

One of my favorite quotes is by Bernard Lazare: “To love what death can touch.”

Because it may come true.

Because it may come true.

God is listening. He knows what’s best for you and he wants you to be happy and successful in your career, which is why he has a plan for you and will answer your prayers when they align with that plan. God wants you to be healthy and prosperous so that you can live a good life, but also because those are good things on their own merit as well. So keep asking him for what makes sense—because if it’s part of his plan, then there’s no harm in asking!

In some form or another.

God is not a vending machine. In some form or another, God will answer your prayer. But you never know how it’s going to turn out—and that’s what makes it so fun! If you ask for a new car only to find that your dog has been run over by one, well then I’d say God answered your prayer in an unexpected way. And now here we are: praying together on this very day after having just discovered that our prayers have been answered in ways we didn’t expect or understand!

You could be praying for the wrong thing.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of wishing for something, so you pray and wait. You start to believe that prayer is a magic wand that will bring your request straight from heaven into your lap. It’s not.

Prayer can be very powerful, but it isn’t a substitute for action or planning or hard work or common sense. You can pray until you are blue in the face and still not see results if you aren’t doing what needs to be done on this side of things as well.

It’s important to remember that God has given us everything we need in order to succeed—but first we must take action!

Be patient and wait on God’s perfect timing.

Be patient and wait on God’s perfect timing.

You may have prayed for something, but if it isn’t happening in the way you have planned, don’t give up! God is answering your prayer—but perhaps not in the way that you think. His timing is perfect, and He has a plan for your life (Jeremiah 29:11).

God knows what is best for us—and even though we may not see it now, His timing will be good for us (Psalm 90:12). If we trust Him and allow Him to guide us through our lives, we can rest assured that His plans are best!

Your focus might be on the wrong things.

You might be asking for the wrong things. You are probably focusing on yourself and your desires, rather than on God’s will.

Perhaps you should start by asking yourself what matters most to you: your own comfort or God’s glory? The answer is clear: no matter how much you want something that God doesn’t plan for you, it cannot be obtained except through Him. If a certain situation were to come into your life, would it bring glory to God? Would it be good for His kingdom? Or would it only serve to further satisfy your own selfish desires?

Your prayers need to be in line with God’s will.

In your prayers, it’s important to ask God for what He wants you to ask for. Of course, this can be difficult, since we usually don’t know exactly what God wants us to pray about. But there are ways that we can discover His will for us.

The Bible is the inspired word of God. It reveals His character and His plan for humanity (2 Timothy 3:16–17). The Bible also gives instructions on how we should live our lives as Christians (1 Peter 4:11). In order to fully understand everything that this book says and apply it in our lives effectively, we must study it daily and seek guidance from those who are mature in their faith (James 1:5).

The Holy Spirit guides us through the Scriptures so that when we read them they will give us understanding (John 16:13). He teaches us how much Jesus loves us and how much He has suffered so that we could be saved by His grace through faith alone (Romans 5:8). The Holy Spirit also leads us into truth so that when someone tells you something different than what you believe is true—even if that person claims he or she knows God—you can discern whether his message originates from Him or not (1 John 4:6–7; 2 Corinthians 11:3–4; 1 Corinthians 14:37).

The church is another way people get guidance about the things they should pray about because Christ has given all authority over every aspect of life on earth into its hands until He returns again at some point during one’s lifetime here on earth / after he dies from old age but before being tortured daily forever in Hell

You should really think about what you’re asking for before you ask for it.

People often think of prayer as a magic spell. They believe if they say the right words, God will give them what they want. But that’s not how it works. We should never pray for something just because we want it and think it’s impossible to get unless God gives it to us through our prayers.

If you’ve ever thought about praying for something, take a moment before you do so to ask yourself if this is really what I need or want? Will this be good for me? For others involved in my life? Will I regret asking for this later on down the line when things don’t go as planned?

Prayer should always be an act of humility (see Matthew 18:4-5), where we humbly submit ourselves before God and seek His guidance so that He may lead us in His wisdom and mercy towards what is best for everyone involved—including ourselves!

God is listening, so make sure your requests are within His will.

God hears your prayers and He is listening to them. God will answer your prayers in His time and in His way, so make sure that the requests you are making of Him are within His will.

God has a plan for each and every one of us and when we pray, we should be praying according to His will and according to his plan for our lives.


Hopefully, this post has given you some tips on how to have your prayers answered in a good way. While there are many things that can get in the way of having your prayers answered, there aren’t any that we haven’t covered here. So when it comes time to ask God for something, make sure that you’re doing it the right way and with the right attitude. Be careful what you pray for because it could come true!

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