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Andrew Wommack Prayer For Healing

Andrew Wommack’s prayer for healing is a​ powerful tool that believers can use⁢ to seek ⁤physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. This ‌prayer is ​rooted in the understanding that faith plays a crucial role in the ⁤healing process, and ‍by aligning our thoughts and words with God’s‌ promises,⁢ we can experience His healing touch in our lives. By incorporating this prayer into our‌ daily routine, we can⁣ cultivate a deeper connection with God and invite ‌His healing‌ presence to work in and ​through us.

The original version ​of Andrew Wommack’s prayer for healing⁤ goes as follows:
“Father,‍ I ⁤thank You for the healing ⁤power of Your ‍Word. I believe ‌that Your⁤ Word⁣ is alive and active, ‍and as I speak it⁣ over my life, it produces breakthroughs and miracles. I stand⁢ on Your promises and declare that by⁣ Jesus’‍ stripes I am⁣ healed. I reject sickness and ⁢disease, and ‍I receive ‍healing and wholeness in⁣ Jesus’ name. Amen.”

By ⁢praying this prayer with sincerity and conviction, we can tap into the supernatural healing that God ‌offers us through His ‌Word. It is⁢ a declaration ⁣of⁣ our ​faith in God’s ability to restore⁤ and‌ renew ⁤every aspect ⁣of our being, ‌and a reminder ‌that⁤ we are not alone in our struggles. Incorporating this prayer into‍ our daily routine can bring about a transformation in how we view healing and ‍empower us to live a life of‍ wholeness and vitality.

Key Elements of Andrew​ Wommack’s Prayer for‌ Healing


Dear⁤ Heavenly Father, I ‌thank you that you are‍ the God ⁣who heals all our diseases, according ‌to Psalm 103:3. I declare healing over⁤ every part of my body ⁤right now, in the mighty name of ⁣Jesus. I⁢ believe that by your stripes,⁣ I ⁢am ‍healed (Isaiah ‌53:5), and I receive your healing ​power flowing through me.


Lord, I confess⁢ any sins or ​unforgiveness in my heart ⁢that ⁤may⁤ be hindering my⁢ healing. I ask for your forgiveness ⁣and I choose to forgive those ⁢who have wronged me. I release ‍any bitterness⁤ or resentment, and I receive your ‌love⁣ and grace to wash⁢ over​ me and bring restoration to my body.


I ⁣speak‌ to every cell, ‍tissue, and organ in my body, ‍commanding them to align with ⁣the ‌Word of God which ⁣says that by ⁢Jesus’ wounds, ‍I ⁢am healed. I rebuke⁣ any sickness or ​disease trying ‌to manifest in ‍my body, and I declare⁤ that by the​ power of ‍the Holy ​Spirit, I ⁣am made ‍whole.


Thank you,‌ Lord, for the⁤ promise of healing found in ‍James 5:15, which says that the ⁢prayer of faith will save the sick, and the‌ Lord will raise them up. I‍ stand ⁣in faith on this promise, ⁤believing that ⁢as I pray and trust⁢ in ⁤you, my healing is manifesting⁢ even now.


Father, I ‍surrender my fears and anxieties about my⁢ health into your hands. I choose ⁣to⁤ trust ⁢in your⁢ perfect love ⁤that​ casts out⁢ all​ fear ⁢(1 ‍John 4:18). ⁣I believe that ‌you⁣ are with ‍me, guiding me towards wholeness and restoration, and I⁣ thank you‌ for your faithfulness ‍in every season⁢ of my life.

Understanding the Power of Faith in‍ Healing

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Prayer: ⁣Heavenly‌ Father, I come ⁣to you in ​faith,⁣ believing in the ​power​ of your healing. Your ‍word in Jeremiah 17:14⁢ says,⁤ “Heal me, O Lord, and‌ I‍ shall be healed; save ⁣me, and I shall be saved, for you are my ‍praise.” I believe‍ that​ you are ⁢my healer, and I trust in your promises of restoration. Strengthen my ‌faith as​ I seek your healing touch​ in my life.


Prayer: Lord⁣ Jesus, I surrender my doubts and fears to⁢ you, and I⁣ choose to have faith in‍ your healing power. Your word​ in Matthew 9:22 says, “Take heart, daughter; your ‍faith ⁢has ⁢made you well.” Help me‌ to have unwavering‌ faith as I seek healing for my⁤ mind, body, and soul. I trust in​ your divine intervention and miraculous⁣ healing.


Prayer: Holy ‌Spirit,⁣ guide‍ me in . Your word in Mark 11:24 says, “Therefore I tell you, whatever​ you ask​ in prayer, believe⁤ that you have ⁢received ⁣it, and it​ will⁣ be⁣ yours.” ⁣Help me to ​have a deep trust in your ​healing power and to believe ‌in the manifestation ⁤of⁣ healing in my life. Strengthen my ⁣faith as I walk on this journey towards wholeness.


Prayer: Sovereign ⁤God, I acknowledge that ‍you​ are⁣ the ultimate healer, and I place my‌ trust in your ‍divine‍ healing. Your‍ word ⁣in Psalms ‍103:2-3 says, “Bless the Lord, O ⁣my ⁤soul, and⁢ forget not all his benefits, who forgives all ‌your iniquity, who heals‌ all‍ your diseases.” I claim your promises of healing over my life and ‌declare​ that⁣ I‌ am ‍made whole by your grace. Let ⁢my faith ‍in you be‌ unwavering and steadfast.


Prayer: ⁤O Lord, ⁢I humbly come before you, seeking your⁢ healing touch. ‍Your⁢ word ⁣in James 5:15 says, “And ⁤the prayer⁢ of ‍faith will save the one who is sick, and ⁤the Lord will raise ‍him‌ up.” I ⁤believe in the power of prayer and ⁣the ​miracles ‌that come from trusting ⁢in ⁢you. Strengthen my faith, Lord, and let your healing flow‍ through every ‍part of⁣ my being. I surrender all to you, knowing that​ you are the source of all healing and restoration in​ my life.

How to Apply Andrew Wommack’s​ Healing Prayer in ⁤Daily Life

1.⁢ Prayer for Physical Healing

In the powerful‍ name of ‌Jesus, I ⁤declare ⁢healing over my body. According to James 5:14-15, I believe that the prayer of​ faith will save​ the sick,‌ and the Lord will raise​ them up. ⁢I rebuke every sickness ⁢and disease from my body, ‍and⁣ I receive ⁣complete restoration and health in Jesus’ name.

2. Prayer for⁢ Emotional Healing

Heavenly Father, ‌I ⁢come to you with⁤ a heavy heart, burdened‌ by emotional wounds and‍ pain. In accordance​ with ‌Jeremiah 17:14, I ask for your healing touch⁢ to restore my joy and peace. I release forgiveness to ​those who have hurt me, and ⁣I receive ‍your‌ comfort and⁢ healing ⁤in ⁤every area​ of my ⁣emotions.

3. Prayer for Spiritual Healing

Lord, ‌I repent of any ⁢sins or⁤ spiritual​ strongholds ⁤that have ‍hindered my relationship‍ with you. ⁢As it says ⁢in ⁢Proverbs‌ 4:20-22, I incline my ​ear to your words and⁣ let⁣ them⁢ not​ depart from ​my eyes. I receive your ‌healing and ⁤restoration in my spirit, soul, ⁤and body, knowing‍ that you ⁣are the Great ⁤Physician.

4. ‌Prayer for Relational Healing

God, I bring before you every broken relationship⁣ in my life. Just as ‌it says in ⁣Ephesians ⁣4:32, I choose to be kind⁢ and tender-hearted,‍ forgiving​ others as​ you forgave⁤ me. I pray for reconciliation and healing in my‍ relationships, trusting ⁢in your ability to restore what has been ⁣broken.

5. Prayer for Financial‍ Healing

Father, I lift up my ⁤financial⁣ struggles to you, knowing that you are my provider and sustainer.⁤ According to⁤ Philippians ⁣4:19,⁣ I believe that ⁣you will supply‍ all my⁢ needs according ⁣to your riches‌ in glory.‌ I receive your provision and healing in ‌my finances, trusting in your faithfulness to ⁤lead me towards abundance and prosperity.

Benefits ‍of Incorporating Andrew Wommack’s Prayer for Healing

1. ⁣Andrew Wommack Prayer For Healing

“Father, I know that ⁤Your Word is true and that⁢ Your promises ​are⁣ yes and Amen. ⁢I believe that‍ by ⁤the stripes of Jesus, I ‍am healed. ​I⁤ receive that truth by faith right⁢ now. I‌ rebuke⁢ sickness, disease, and⁤ pain from my body,‍ and I command it‌ to⁢ leave in the name of Jesus.​ Thank ⁣you, Lord, for‌ your healing⁢ power that is at work in me.”

2. Trusting‌ in God’s Healing ⁢Power

“Dear Lord, I trust⁤ in your power⁣ to heal me completely. I surrender ⁤my ⁣fears and doubts to you and place my faith in your⁤ ability to ​restore me to full health. Your⁣ word​ says in Jeremiah 30:17, ‘But⁣ I ⁤will restore you to health and heal your wounds.’ I claim this promise over⁢ my life ‌and ⁤believe that I am receiving my healing right now.”

3.⁣ Walking in Divine Health

“Heavenly ‍Father, I thank ‍you for the gift of divine health‍ that you ‍have provided through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. ‍I choose to walk⁢ in health⁤ and wholeness every day of my life. I ‌renounce any sickness or disease ​that tries to come against‌ me and​ declare⁤ that I‌ am healed by the⁣ power of⁢ your Word. Thank you ‍for your faithfulness to heal me.”

4. ⁣Embracing God’s Promises for Healing

“Lord⁢ Jesus, I stand on your promise‍ in Psalm 103:3 that you ‘forgive all ⁢my ‍sins ‍and heal all ‌my diseases.’⁣ I⁢ receive your forgiveness⁣ and healing in ⁤my life right now. I reject any ‌lie from the enemy that tries‌ to rob me of my health and well-being. ‍I declare ‌that‍ I am​ a‍ child⁢ of God, and I walk⁣ in the fullness of your​ healing power.”

5. Declaring Victory Over Sickness

“Holy Spirit, I thank you‌ for empowering me to speak life and health ​over my​ body. I‌ refuse to give in to fear or despair but choose to​ speak faith-filled words of healing. ​Your word says in Proverbs 18:21, ‘The‍ tongue has the power of life‌ and​ death.’ I choose to speak life and declare victory over sickness‌ and disease. I‍ am healed‌ in Jesus’‍ name.”

In conclusion, the ⁣Andrew Wommack Prayer for Healing offers ⁣hope and ⁤comfort to those seeking ‍divine intervention in times of⁢ physical and⁤ emotional distress. Through the power of prayer and​ faith, many have experienced miraculous healing and restoration. Whether you ​are ‍facing illness, pain, or⁤ uncertainty, remember ​that⁣ with⁢ God,⁣ all things are ‍possible. Keep the faith, believe ​in‍ the power of prayer, and trust ​in the goodness of the Lord. ⁤May you find peace, ⁤healing, and strength in the ‌midst of your challenges. Remember,‍ you are ⁢never alone on ‌this journey‍ of faith.