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America 25 Best Praise And Worship Songs

If you’re looking for the best praise and worship songs, look no further.

When it comes to music, there’s nothing more powerful than a song that makes you feel like you can do anything. When you hear a song that expresses exactly how you feel, it can be life-changing.

Praise and worship songs have always been a part of the Christian faith, but in recent years they’ve become so much more than just something we sing at church on Sundays. They’ve become an integral part of our lives and of how we express ourselves as Christians.

We live in such an exciting time where we can connect with other people who are also looking for songs that inspire them and help them grow as people.

You may find it hard to access the right information on the internet, so we are here to help you in the following article, providing the best and updated information on America 25 Best Praise And Worship Songs. Read on to learn more. We at churchgists have all the information that you need about America 25 Best Praise And Worship Songs. Read on to learn more.

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America 25 Best Praise And Worship Songs


This year has been a roller coaster ride for me and my family! I won’t complain about it too much, because I know there are people out there who have had worse years. The good news is that we’ve made it through this tough year. Now, it’s time to celebrate! We all deserve some celebration at the end of the year. The holidays are a great time to spend time with your family and friends and get away from work for a little bit. Do you know what gets me in the mood for holiday celebrations? Music. I love listening to music while I’m working or just relaxing at home. There’s nothing better than blasting some Christmas songs while you’re decorating the tree or watching your favorite holiday movie with your loved ones.”

Mighty To Save

The song is a great worship song, and it’s also an amazing song to sing in corporate worship. The lyrics are about God’s power to save. I love this song because it’s very relevant in today’s society, where people are unsure of whether or not they can be saved by Jesus Christ. This song reassures us all that our salvation is secure and unshakeable!

This is an excellent choice for personal worship as well. It helps me remember God’s goodness, mercy, grace and love towards me! A great reminder when you’re feeling down on yourself or discouraged about where you are in life right now…

Trading My Sorrows

“Trading My Sorrows” is a song that emphasizes the fact that we must all be willing to surrender our sorrows and grief in order to receive the joy of Christ. This does not necessarily mean that it’s bad to have sorrow, but rather you should be willing to let go of the things that weigh you down if they are hindering your spirit.

This song was written by Martin Smith (lead singer of Delirious?) and first appeared on his solo album “Grace That Is Greater”. It has since been covered by several artists including Keith Green, Michael W Smith and Casting Crowns among others.

The lyrics could easily apply both personally/spiritually or corporately/theologically when looking at them through either lens:

  • Personally – If we are going through difficult times (like losing someone close) then we need grace which allows us to move forward without being weighed down by our sorrow.
  • Theologically – As Christians who know Jesus died for our sins then we have been made clean before God through His sacrifice.

Be Thou My Vision/Open The Eyes Of My Heart

The song’s lyrics can be confusing, but the meaning is clear: As long as you have your eyes on God and are following Him, your soul will be safe. The upbeat tempo and piano accompaniment make it easier to sing along with than some other praise songs, which might make it more inviting for non-believers or skeptics who aren’t familiar with this genre of music. While it may not make sense at first glance, after listening a few times you’ll realize how applicable this song is to your life—your relationship with God and others should always be front and center!

Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty

Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty

Written by Chris Tomlin, performed by Integrity Hosanna Music.

Written by Chris Tomlin, performed by Integrity Hosanna Music.

Better Is One Day

  • The lyrics, written by Tim Hughes and Matt Redman, are beautiful. They describe the joy of knowing God’s love and being forgiven by him.
  • The song was originally released in 2010 on the album Glorious Ruins.
  • It has a tempo of 80 beats per minute and is set in common time with a key signature of F minor.

In Christ Alone/The Solid Rock

In Christ Alone is a well-known hymn in the United Kingdom, and it’s also one of the most beloved worship songs by American Christians, too. The song was written by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend for their 2004 album, Christ Is All. The lyrics contain some of the most powerful lines found within any praise and worship song: “This All Shall Pass Away/But Jesus Will Remain,” “He Gave His Life A Sacrifice For Me,” and “There Is An Anchor That Holds Me” are just some examples of this.

In addition to its popularity as a worship song, In Christ Alone has had successful runs on several charts around the world (including reaching number 1 on both Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs chart and iTunes Christian Songs Chart).

I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever (Studio Series Performance Track)

This song is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. It was written by Stuart Townend and it was released in 1998 as part of the Hosanna! Music series. The song is about God’s love for us, but also about Jesus’ and the Holy Spirit’s love for us as well. This worship song has been played all over the world at different churches, conferences and ministries since its release.

The lyrics are very simple yet powerful: “I could sing of your love forever / Your grace abounds when my strength gives way / And you give me more than i can imagine / You are faithful, always there in prayer / Through it all you’re still with me / I could sing of your love forever…”

Every Move I Make

  • Every Move I Make
  • by Integrity Music
  • Song lyrics: “Every move I make, You’re there. You’re everywhere around me, Lord.”
  • Song artist: Integrity Music
  • Album: Start A Fire (2015)
  • “Every move I make,” is a song written by David Ruis and released as a single. It was included as part of the album Start A Fire by the Christian band Integrity Music in 2015.

Draw Me Close/Thy Word

Draw Me Close/Thy Word

Draw Me Close/Thy Word is one of the best praise and worship songs in the history of Christian music. This song is a favorite for many churches and individuals, who sing along with it. The song was originally written by Darlene Zschech and John Colcom, but was later recorded by Vineyard Music Australia’s worship team. It has also been covered by several other artists including Manna Church Band and Hillsong Worship.

The lyrics of this beautiful song are based on Psalm 37:4-6 which says: “Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart.” In this way, it encourages us to put our trust in God as our source for everything we need!

Breathe Your Name

Breathe Your Name

By Chris Tomlin

Breathe Your name, breathe Your love, into my heart and soul.

And I will sing of You forever and ever with all the breath in me.

(If you’re looking for more worship songs by Chris Tomlin, check out “Your Grace Is Enough” or “Indescribable.)

Shout To The Lord (Album Version)

This song is best known for its lyrical message of praise and adoration. It’s simple, catchy, and uplifting. The lyrics are easy to remember, so it’s not uncommon to hear them repeated in churches around the world. The music is very peaceful and calming, which also makes it great for an intro or outro during a service.

“Shout To The Lord” was recorded by Israel Houghton in 1996 on his album “I Will Trust In You.” After that, it became more popular as other artists started covering it (and sometimes even remixing it). If you’re looking for some strong praise-and-worship music that’s perfect for church services or Sunday school outings, “Shout To The Lord” should definitely be considered.

Lord Reign In Me (Album Version)

“Lord Reign In Me” is a song written by Darlene Zschech. It has been performed live on multiple albums by Hillsong Church, including their “Hillsong United: Live In New York City” album, which was released in 2004.

The version that you can find here is the album version, not the live version. The lyrics of this song say:

  • Lord Reign in me
  • And work through me
  • Show Your power for all to see
  • Reign over all my fears and doubts…etc


If you’re looking for the best praise and worship songs, we have the list for you. Here’s what makes them so great:

  • They are easy to sing along with.
  • They have a catchy tune that sticks in your head and gets stuck on repeat!
  • The lyrics are deep and meaningful, but easy to understand (even if English isn’t your first language).
  • The words are powerful and encouraging.
  • They’re perfect for both corporate worship or personal devotions.


I hope my list will help you to worship God, because worship is the main reason why we are in this life. If you have other songs that have really inspired you and touched your heart please comment below and I’ll add them here for everyone else to enjoy. God bless!