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88 ideas for church social media posts

Church social media is a great way to create a personal connection with your followers. To get started, it helps if you have some creative questions that garner conversation and engagement. You might be wondering what the best church social media captions are or what types of questions work well on this platform. Hopefully this post can help address that question.

I’ve mentioned before that church social media is a huge part of my ministry, and I’ve shared how I use various social media platforms to get the word out about what God’s Word says. What I haven’t shared yet (and will in this article) is some ideas/tips for captions that I use as well as questions to ask in your own blog posts using church social media platforms. This way we can better understand what God’s Word has to say, share it with others, and learn from them so we can push ourselves forward!

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Church social media ideas!

88 ideas for church social media posts

Looking for some ideas for church social media posts? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this list we collected great and engaging questions for church social media that are sure to get you engaged. In today’s day-to-day life, we are bombarded with news, tweets and other forms of social media that can easily make anyone lose interest. But what about your church? Shouldn’t you have bright ideas to engage your followers on the new platform?

Social media can help churches connect with people and other churches, but there’s a lot more to it than just uploading photos of the pastor shaking hands with a disciple. Here are 22 ways your church can use social media for outreach that will inspire others to join and get involved There are so many ways to use social media for the church. The possibilities are endless.

Creative social media ideas & tips for churches

It’s a challenge to create engaging church social media week after week. Many churches using social media worry how to keep their posts fresh and interesting. If this sounds like you, don’t worry—you’re not alone! 

For a little inspiration, check out these new ideas for engaging church posts. Adding just a few of these examples to your church’s social media strategy can go a long way in building an audience and increasing long-term engagement with your content.

Before you post anything

Prior to trying out any of the new ideas below, it’s crucial that you understand your church’s social media audience. One way to get started is by creating a spreadsheet with these discovery questions to track and learn more about your audience: 

  • Who is following you? Are they only church members, or are there people from a particular location or demographic that are engaging with your content?
  • Which types of posts get the most likes and shares? 
  • How many new followers, post engagements, and interactions do you get every week?
  • Are you posting frequently enough?
  • What other ministry pages do people in your audience tend to follow, and what kind of content are those pages posting?

Just like every church is unique, every individual church community has different expectations and preferences for interacting with their church on social media. Be open to asking questions, trying something new, and testing the results to see what works best for you. 

Take advantage of the power of images

Share church videos

Equally (if not more) powerful as images, videos are amazing at quickly communicating your message by compelling people to stop scrolling and pay attention. Church videos can be shorter clips of a recent sermon, exciting announcements, event invitations, testimonials, Bible studies, devotionals, and more. Be sure that your videos always have quality audio and video, and also relatively short in length (ideally under one minute). 

Take your church’s social media live!

Go live!

Consider having casual conversations during the week with your live audience, just like you would over a cup of coffee with your friends. These can be Bible studies, personal reflections, daily words of encouragement—anything, really!

Partner with creatives

Many pastors dream of having a church social media ministry to reach more people online and lighten the load on their busy staff. Yet churches often have untapped potential of people with a talent for social media in their pews. A good practice is to regularly ask church members to volunteer to help with your social media, just like you would ask for people to help with other ministries. 

Social media is an art with a visual design and language that some people are well-versed in. By recruiting creative people who are talented graphic designers and writers, you’ll effortlessly add fresh and interesting new content to your posts! 

Share church events on social media

Promote church events

Sharing church events on your social media channels is a great way to raise awareness and create excitement. Create posts that invite people to participate in upcoming events, highlighting why they should attend and providing complete event details. You can also point people to your church website and mobile app to get more information about your ongoing events. 

Showcase church staff & volunteers

Odds are that your church has some pretty amazing employees and volunteers, so why not celebrate them on your social media pages? Showcasing your staff members, sharing their hearts for ministry, and telling their backstories are great opportunities to put a face on your church. 

You can also express gratitude to your volunteers, telling stories about how they make a difference. (This goes a long way toward recruiting new volunteers too!) Providing a glimpse into the team behind your ministry can help your community better understand your church’s culture and connect with your mission.

Announce your guest speakers at your church on social media!

Announce visiting guest speakers

Do you have someone visiting your church as a guest speaker or worship leader? Sharing this with your social media followers is a great way to excite your community and re-engage visitors or former members. 

Share posts from other ministries

Don’t forget that you can always share posts from other ministries, leaders, and groups too. For example, if your denomination or affiliated church group posts an inspiring or important message, share that with your church’s social media followers. As long as it’s relevant to what they care about and aligned with your mission, your audience will appreciate engaging with this content too!

Promote community causes on your church’s Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms!

Champion community causes

Pastors and church leaders often are aware of many local community benevolence activities happening in their local communities. Sharing community events that are happening in your neighborhood is a great way to raise awareness, encourage people to pitch in and participate, and network with other organizations. 

Ask questions and start conversations

Asking questions is a great way to allow people to start conversations. Start with questions that help you get to know your audience better, like, “What’s your favorite worship playlist to listen to this week?”, “What’s something you need prayer for?”, or “What was something that surprised you this week?” People love sharing life stories with others on social media, and it’s also a great way to keep a pulse on what your audience really cares about.

Go back to the drawing board

Always test and retest what is working best. Which posts get the most likes and shares? Is there an area where your posts are getting more attention? What kind of impact are we having on the lives of our followers? Are our posts driving people towards or away from our church? 

Using what you learn from your social media data will help you make better decisions for future church social media posts. 

Remember an easy way to raise awareness about your social media is to talk about it! When speaking to your church from the pulpit and online, ask people to like and follow your pages, as well as share posts with their followers. You can also promote your church’s social media on your church’s website and emails by adding simple links on your header or footer to your website and emails.

Subsplash is committed to equipping every church, including yours! To find out how your church can better connect with your community, let’s chat!

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