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31 Habitos de Jesus pdf

El libro del relámpago es uno de los escritos más importantes y exquisitos del místico platonista cristiano Juan de la Cruz. En el libro se refleja el pensamiento de Juan de la Cruz sobre la vida interior del hombre, el amor a Dios y las virtudes cristianas. Esta obra revela la mística platonista que existía en el tiempo de Juan de la Cruz. El autor demuestra que hay una concepción superior en todos los fenómenos naturales. (Cita extraída tomada del libro ¨El libro del Relámpago¨)

31⁢ Habitos de Jesus pdf

31 Hábitos de Jesus

1. Orava constantemente

2. Demonstrava bondade e compaixão

3. Ensinava com autoridade

4. Perseverava em oração

5. Era humilde e servo de todos

6. Tinha um relacionamento íntimo com o Pai

7. Ensinava com paciência

8. Praticava a empatia

9. Perdoava sempre

10. Amava incondicionalmente

11. Tinha compaixão pelos necessitados

12. Era obediente à vontade de Deus

13. Cuidava dos enfermos e dos marginalizados

14. Ensina a verdade com amor

15. Confiava plenamente em Deus

16. Era grato em todas as circunstâncias

17. Mantinha suas palavras em oração

18. Ensinava sobre o Reino de Deus

19. Conduzia pelo exemplo

20. Priorizava o tempo com os discípulos

21. Praticava a humildade

22. Ensinava a importância da fé

23. Era compassivo e misericordioso

24. Investia em relacionamentos significativos

25. Ensinava a importância do perdão

26. Valorizava a comunhão com os discípulos

27. Era manso e paciente

28. Tinha compaixão pelos pecadores

29. Ensina sobre a importância da gratidão

30. Praticava a generosidade

31. Delegava responsabilidades aos discípulos

31 Habitos de Jesus pdf

31 habitos de jesus pdf

Jesus’ 31 habits are a list of traits that the apostle Paul attributes to Jesus in his epistle to the Philippians. The list is found in Philippians 4:8-9: “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

It has been suggested that this passage was written as a summary of all that Jesus taught. In this sense, it can be considered a summary of Christian ethics. The list has been used throughout history by Christians who have wanted to emulate the virtues attributed to Jesus Christ. According to some scholars, this passage was not written by Paul but by an unknown author who lived after him.

The 31 Habits of Jesus

Jesus is known as the Son of God and Saviour of the world. He was a perfect example of how to live a life filled with love, compassion and forgiveness. He taught his followers how to treat others with respect, love and kindness.

The 31 habits of Jesus are based on The Beatitudes which are found in Matthew 5:1-12. The Beatitudes are promises from God to those who are faithful to Him. They are also known as The Sermon on the Mount, or “The Kingdom Ethics” which is where Jesus tells us what it means to be His disciple or follower.

A disciple is someone who follows Christ and learns from Him through prayer, study of scripture, service and fellowship with other believers in Christ so that he can become like Christ himself.

In this post we will share with you some of the most important habits that Jesus had while alive on earth so that you might learn more about your Savior who died for your sins so that you could have eternal life through faith alone in Him alone!

The 31 habits of Jesus are a set of guidelines for living a life based on the teachings of Jesus. They were compiled by Thomas à Kempis, a 14th-century Dutch monk and author, who also wrote The Imitation of Christ. These habits can be used by anyone who wishes to emulate the life of Jesus Christ in their own daily lives.

The 31 habits are as follows:

  • Trust in God alone and not in yourself or anything else (Matthew 6:25-34)
  • Do not worry about tomorrow (Matthew 6:25-34)
  • Do not judge others (Matthew 7:1-5)
  • Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you (Matthew 5:43-48)

The 31 Habits of Jesus Christ

Jesus was a man of great faith, and He modeled for us the importance of living a life of prayer. He prayed often and fervently, and His prayers were always answered. As we grow closer to God, we tend to pray more often and more fervently, too.

Below are 31 habits of Jesus Christ that can help you strengthen your prayer life.

  1. Be obedient to your parents—even when it’s hard (Luke 2:51).
  2. Listen to your conscience; don’t just follow what others say (Matthew 7:21–23).
  3. Spend time alone with God every day (Mark 1:35).
  4. Study the Bible for yourself so that you can learn how to apply it in your life (Joshua 1:8).
  5. Make sure other people know that you’re following Jesus by the way you live your life (Matthew 5:16).

Los Habitos de Jesus Resumen

A. The habit of isolating (1) Mark 1.35

1. Isolation is withdrawing to a quiet place.

  •  To pray.
  •  To recharge spiritually and emotionally.
  •  To eat.
  •  To get the right perspective.
  •  To learn to fight the spiritual battle.
  •  To listen to God.

B. The habit of praying (2) Luke 11.1

1. Praying involves establishing an atmosphere either in an hour or spontaneously praises, thanks, confesses, intercedes and presents personal requests.

  •  Jesus prayed with people and not just for them.
  •  Jesus prayed: Looking up, kneeling, prostrating, before making big decisions, after a big victory, to overcome temptation, to glorify God, with a right motive, to be intimate with God, not to leave something without comply, asking for protection around his disciples, based on the Scriptures, during a crisis, fervent and passionate, as he died.

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C. The habit of worship (3) Matthew 18.20

1. It is an expression, an encounter and an experience with God (praising him, confessing sins, surrendering to him, offering him full life, obeying him, asking him to work in our lives, experiencing a new love).

  •  Jesus showed us how to worship.
  •  Jesus was consistent in worship.
  •  Jesus had a passion for the house of God.
  •  Jesus showed that bringing children into God’s house should be a priority.
  •  Jesus understood that people are hungry to hear the Word of God.
  •  Jesus included giving as an essential part of worship.
  •  Jesus made a promise about worship.

D. The habit of building relationships (4) Matthew 9.9, 10

1. It is taking the initiative to get to know other people beyond the superficial.

  •  Jesus took the initiative to build relationships.
  •  Jesus did not allow prejudice to affect the construction of a relationship.
  •  Jesus showed that eating together is one of the best times to build relationships.
  •  Jesus gave us up in his quest to build a relationship with someone.
  •  Jesus confirmed that relationships are more important than structures.

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F. The habit of comforting (6) Acts 9.4, 5

1. It is confronting someone with an issue or some kind of problem.

  •  Jesus confronted Satan.
  •  He confronted those who lived in sin.
  •  He confronted his family.
  •  He confronted the Pharisees who justified themselves.
  •  He confronted God the Father when he was on the cross.

G. The habit of challenging the status quo (7) Mark 7.8

1. It is making the decision to confront, in a spirit of love, those habits based on traditions and that are devoid of purpose.

  •  Jesus spoke with the Samaritan woman, the one who was against tradition.
  •  Jesus healed on a Sabbath.
  •  Jesus was a friend of sinners.

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H. The habit of listening (8) John 4.7-9

1. It leads us to make the decision to pay attention with our ears, mind, eyes and body to what another person says, so that they feel valued by those who listen to them.

  •  Jesus listened to the rich young ruler.
  •  Jesus listened to an intellectual.
  •  Jesus listened to the woman at the well.
  •  Jesus heard the man at the pool of Bethesda.
  •  Jesus listened to the children.

I. The habit of loving (9) John 15.9

1. It is setting aside our needs for the welfare of others.

  •  Jesus loved the lovable.
  •  Jesus loved what was not easy to love.
  •  Jesus loved his enemies.
  •  He showed us that love is a choice.

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