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Why Do I Dream About

I dream about what it must be like to be in your world. To feel your touch and warmth, to smell that special something you put on, your perfume. I imagine what it would feel like to kiss those deliciously soft lips that taste so good and the smell of the delicious sweetness of them. To hold you close and look into your eyes with passion as we move our bodies together in a dance of love. Your breath warming my face and sending shivers down my spine as I kiss you with an even deeper passion…in an embrace that feels like home!

A dream is a vision of events, thoughts or sensations that occur during sleep. Dreaming is a normal part of the human sleep cycle. Dream analysis has become popular in recent years and many people are interested in their dreams and interpreting them.

I have a dream that one day every person on Earth will know their purpose and every child will have access to clean water. We are doing our part to make this dream come true by donating 10% of profits to, which provides people with clean water, hygiene education and decent toilets.

Life is full of questions, but there’s one question you cannot ask yourself: what do my dreams mean? This book is an invitation to yourself, your dreams and the many secrets they hold.

Why Do I Dream About

What Is My Dream About is the process of identifying what your dreams are trying to tell you. Your dreams will show you things that you need to see and help you understand important issues in your life. You will learn how to interpret dreams, understand their messages and use them as a tool for self-discovery and personal development

The meaning of dreams is very complex and tricky. Dreams are the mysteries of the unconscious mind. In this book, we will help you understand what your dreams mean and how to interpret them.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreaming of problems communicating with others means you are experiencing difficulty in expressing ideas or thoughts in real life. You are being troubled subconsciously about your manner of communication. This will affect your life in some way. If you happen to remember what you have been talking about in your dream, focus on it for it could be something that has bothered you. This can suggest the need to resolve something in life. To hear others talking denotes that you require an area of life that needs improvement on your part. In order to gain success and advancement in life it is important to communicate and express yourself in real life. To hear others talking about you means that time is going to heal.

If in your dream you are struggling to speak or experience a stammer when you talk, this symbolizes angry feelings are being harbored. You may not speak about it but your manner in your dream signifies that you are anxious in real life. This can also indicate a lack of self-confidence. Dreaming of someone else encountering problems talking shows that improvement is required in one’s work-life. It also means that your inner self needs to feel peace. To hear loud talking in one’s dream means that it is important to try to free yourself from difficult feelings in real life.

Talking nonsense in your dream is associated with frustrations, or means that one is not heard in waking life. You are anxious to listen to ideas or feelings. To listen to a speech of a famous person (such as the queen) means that you are not being treated well by a close relative.

The reaction of one talking also provides a better interpretation. If strong reaction arises from your talking, then this symbolizes a strong eagerness to do better in the field of communication.

To hear other people talking to you in a loud voice means that you are being accused of mischief. This may not be true in waking life. Be beware for you might fall into deep trouble or be accused of something in real life.

If the dream about talking to a relative in a dream this is a signal for possible worries in time. These worries may not be particularly concerning you but other relatives as well. These problems may be regarding health of your relatives or worries in your personal affairs.

Dreaming is the most wonderful way to relax, refresh and revitalize your body, mind and spirit. There is something magical about sleeping that allows us to connect with our inner selves. The brain creates images as it goes into deeper levels of sleep, offering a special place for your soul to rest as you dream about things that will come true in your life.

Why Do I Dream About

I am in my dream and I know what it is about but I don’t want to write it down. What is my dream about? It matches with something that recently happened in real life, but it sounds so much bigger from here where I’m looking at myself inside the dream.

Dreams have a great deal to do with your subconscious mind and your emotional state at the time. Dreams can also be caused by alcohol or other substance use, exhaustion, anxiety and lack of sleep.

Dream Interpretation, Dream Analysis & Meaning. Dreams are often the most unquie expressions of our manifest wishes, fears and thoughts. After a dream it is good to ask yourself what was the main message in this dream, because you can find answears you maybe didn’t expect.

Your dream reveals something about your life and the choices you have made. The dreamer may be someone new in your life, such as a close friend or spouse. Or she may simply be someone who has always been there for you.

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