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When You Dream About Spiders What Does That Mean

Do you know what your dream about spiders means? Several past life therapists believe that the spider is a symbol of our fears. It can often represent the fears and temptations we must overcome in our present state.

Dreaming about spiders often brings to mind the idea of being threatened or attacked. The sheer size of the spider can bring on feelings of dread, especially if it means showing up in a place where you feel safe and comfortable. In this case, even seeing a spider in your own home can produce anxiety. Generally speaking, spiders represent problems with which you feel trapped or unable to escape from. They may also represent someone who is trying to control or manipulate you. 

Finding a spider in your dream may symbolize something saucy and sexual, or it could indicate venemous characteristics. To see a spider, particularly a large one, indicates that you are in a very troubled situation or you are living in fear. You may be fearful of something. Some view the spider as a creature of deceit, the female seeing it as a representation of her husband. However, seeing it in your dream is not an open invitation to conjugal relations with your spouse! To dream about any other kind of spider is to represent something worse-than-ever conquerable obstacle you will have to overcome.

Because spiders are abundant and varied, it is no surprise that many people dream about them. More than just a common household pest, spiders in dreams are often symbols or metaphors for the parts of our subconscious that we may be reluctant to face.

When You Dream About Spiders What Does That Mean

Your dreams are a reflection of your subconscious, so it’s important to pay attention to what they mean. Spiders can symbolize many things: fear, death, or even guilt. If you dream about spiders, it could be a sign that something is bothering you or that you’re holding back from doing something scary but necessary.

The number of spiders in your dream could also have specific meaning. For example, if you see one spider in your dream, this might indicate that there is just one problem that needs to be addressed in your life right now. If there are many spiders, then it could mean that there are several problems in your life that need to be dealt with simultaneously.

Spiders also often represent fears or phobias that we have unconsciously suppressed over time because we don’t want to face them directly (for example: fear of heights). So if someone has a history of being afraid of spiders as a child but no longer feels afraid at all as an adult (so much so that they may not even realize it), then seeing spiders in their dreams could be a sign that their old fears are resurfacing again for some reason and need resolution before they become an issue later on down the road.

What Does Spiders Mean In A Dream Biblically

Dreaming about spiders is a common nightmare, and it can often be interpreted as a sign of an infestation, or that something creepy is going on in your life. If there are actual spiders in your dream, this could be a sign that you’re being hunted down by someone who wants to hurt you. If there are no actual spiders present in the dream but instead just their webs or egg sacs, this could also be a sign that someone is trying to trap you into doing something that feels wrong or unsafe.

You might also dream about being chased by spiders if someone has been making threats against you and you feel like they’re going to come after you soon. You might even have dreams about being chased by spiders before something bad actually happens if you have a lot of anxiety about the future and what might happen next for yourself or for others around you.

What exactly does that signify?

Medical specialists, scientists, and academics all agree that the significance of dreams remains a profound enigma. However, as Dr. Drerup emphasizes, it is up to the dreamer to determine the significance of his or her own dreams. What she really means is that “the meaning that you ascribe to the dream is going to be much more meaningful than anything I ascribe to the dream,” she tells them every time. Why? As in, “Because it’s probably something from your life that’s represented in that dream.”

Dr. Drerup uses the scenario where you share a dream with another person but insist that your interpretation is more accurate. “For instance, a dream about losing your shoes could have very different meaning to someone who has recently gone through a divorce than it would have to someone who has recently lost their job,” the author adds.

The experience of having a dream in which you become pregnant or otherwise involved with a new life is also uniquely personal. This can occur during pregnancy, after a miscarriage, or while trying to conceive. On the other hand… The dream’s significance to you goes well beyond that. Perhaps the phrase “I’m starting a new career” plays a significant role in your recurring pregnancy dream. A blank sheet of paper. The dream could have any number of meanings. 

The fact that your dream experiences may have some truth to them does not make them always reliable. For Dr. Drerup, “a person might be distorted, or in a situation or place where they wouldn’t normally be.” What does that involve, exactly? Honestly, we have no idea.

Even the most implausible dreams have rational explanations under certain circumstances. If you regularly experience dreams in which you lose a tooth, you may be suffering from bruxism (nighttime teeth grinding). “This dream is more of a sign of psychological stress,” Dr. Drerup says.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Spiders Attacking You

1. You’re tapping into your inner strategist (or seductress)

When you think of a spider in terms of an animal totem while considering its behavior in nature, you can gain a better understanding of its symbolism in your dreams, says certified hypnotherapist and dream expert Kelly Sullivan Walden. “Some animals pounce, some intimidate, some are elusive—but the spider lures in its prey…Because everyone and everything in your dream is you, dreams of a spider [may] symbolize that you are connecting with the part of yourself that is strategic, methodical, enticing and seductive.” Sounds intriguing, right? If one of these dream weavers makes an appearance while you’re snoozing, consider that your subconscious might be trying to tell you that a methodical approach is in order when it comes to accomplishing your more complicated designs.

2. A message to let things come your way

Indeed, per Walden, “dreams of a spider are the ultimate message that you are weaving your dreams into reality.” Still this dream expert is quick to add that the takeaway could very well be that your best bet is to channel the spider’s patience: “Because spiders weave a web that draws their sustenance to them, this dream may be a message to stop running around, slow down, make your space appealing and await the energy and attention that comes to you.” (Plus, no one is going anywhere these days anyway, so we’d say that’s a pretty sound strategy to practice in waking life.)

3. Prosperity is on your mind

What do spiders have to do with prosperity? Well, not nothing, apparently. Walden points out that the anatomy of a spider is also key to understanding its symbolism in dreams, positing that its eight legs carry the same significance as the number in general—namely “abundance, prosperity and infinity.” Bottom line: Walden’s view is that no matter how you feel about these creatures in real life, a night time visit from a spider may in fact be a good omen. Or, at the very least, a message that you should follow your dreams (rather than, say, swat at them with a broom). These eight-legged friends are the original dream-weavers after all.

4. You’re feeling entangled or trapped

As mentioned above, the web-spinning nature of a spider makes it a potential symbol of empowerment. That said, Walden acknowledges that all dream occurrences are an expression of the Self. As such, you might consider what aspect of the spider the Self is identifying with when you’re lost in dreamland. Want to skip the psychoanalysis? (We get it.) Just ask yourself whether you think you are sitting pretty in a web waiting for success or feeling paralyzed with ambivalence and stuck in a rut (read: spider’s web).

5. Fear of the unknown

According to Danielle Massi, LMFT, spiders tend to represent the unknown, so “it could be that something you fear is creeping up on you and the unconscious mind is giving you a warning.” That said, Massi emphasizes that the key to understanding a spider in your dream is to ask yourself how you felt about seeing it—since dreams are subjective, the emotions tied to any symbols will help give you a clue. 

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