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 What Is Salvation? | Joyce Meyer

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What Is Salvation?

The word “salvation” means to be rescued from danger or suffering. To be saved is to be freed from the penalty of sin and its power.

When you’re in a boat and you’re surrounded by water, do you know what to do? You jump overboard and swim for your life! That’s what salvation is all about. It’s getting out of the boat of sin and jumping into the water of salvation so that we can live forever with God.

About  What Is Salvation? | Joyce Meyer

What Is Salvation Not?

Salvation doesn’t mean that everything will always go perfectly for you, but it does mean that God will give you the power to handle whatever comes your way. He wants us to live in joy no matter what happens around us.

Salvation is a gift from God that you do not deserve. But he gives it to you anyway. It’s the gift of eternal life with Him, which has been purchased with the blood of Jesus Christ. Salvation is based on God’s grace and mercy, not on your good works or religious practices.

When you accept Jesus as your Savior, this means you are trusting Him to forgive your sins, give you new life, and help you live for Him every day. You receive salvation when you invite Christ into your heart and life by asking Him to forgive your sins and come into your heart.

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