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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Taking Drugs

Drugs and dreams are closely related. While the exact meaning of taking drugs in a dream can vary, there are a few common themes that seem to be consistent. Let’s look at some of these meanings and at what it might mean when you dream about taking drugs.

Findings suggest that readiness for change is reflected in dream content and that our “dream-life” can provide us with opportunities to rehearse change when it comes to using in our dreams. In fact, drug-using dreams can serve an important purpose by informing us of where we’re at in our recovery at any given time.  Probably what’s most telling – and most important – is your reaction upon waking from the dream, whether you actually used in the dream or refused.  Here are 5 possible meanings of your drug dreams.

#1. Indicate your state of mind and level of recovery

Depending on the type of dream, whether you used or not and how you reacted, drug dreams can be an indication that you’re more engaged in the treatment and recovery process.

A well-known study showed that alcoholics who dreamt about drinking during the course of their rehabilitation treatment tended to achieve longer periods of sobriety. So, in other words, they were serious enough about learning to abstain and recover – so much so that they were dreaming about it at night. A similar study of crack cocaine users had very similar findings. Therefore, the using dream, in-and-of-itself, may be a positive sign.

#2. Some of these dreams are memories being consolidated

Dreaming – any kind of dreaming – is a way for the brain to categorize and consolidate memories and experiences. And for the recovering addict and alcoholic, there are many experiences and memories involving drug use because, well, most of our time involved being under the influence. So, it isn’t strange to be dreaming about drug-related actions, such as getting and using drugs.

#3. It’s just your brain’s ability to dream regenerating

Being unconscious (as we often were in our active addiction) is not the same thing as actually sleeping (what we’re able to do now that we’re not using).That is, the heavy use of drugs and alcohol didn’t allow normal dreaming to take place. Previously suppressed dreams may be unfinished business, especially traumas that had not been processed while we were using or drinking. Many drugs suppress dreaming and the common understanding among the medical community is that the brain simply needs to make up for those lost dreams.

#4. For purely physiological reasons

In early and not-so-early recovery (remember, PAWS can last for several years after your last use), the brain is still adjusting to a new chemical makeup and balance without the presence of drugs. Therefore, it’s quite common for people like us to experience dreams about drugs and using drugs.

#5. A sign that you’re craving

If you’re experiencing drug dreams in which you use and feel good about it, it might be an indication that the addictive part of your brain is craving drugs. This doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to relapse.

It just means that you’re experiencing a particularly trying time in your recovery where your body and/or mind is craving substances. It’s what you do about it that counts: you can choose to give in to the cravings or you can choose to step up your recovery game in order to walk through it without using.

To dream about drugs
If you see drugs in your dream, it means that you are sad. There is a chance that you give up as soon as you have a problem and believe that everything is negative. You don’t listen to pieces of advice that you use to encourage other people with and prefer staying in bed or sleeping through everything until the situation gets better on its own. Even though you don’t like those traits of yours, you have learned to recognize them with time and overcome them more easily.

To dream of taking meds
Dreaming of taking meds suggests that you should stay away from alcohol. You might go out with friends and not pay attention to how many glasses you had. Since you will not be capable of driving, you will have to find another way to get home safely.

To dream of giving drugs to other people
When you are dreaming of giving drugs to someone else, that symbolizes prosperity. You are someone who finds happiness in helping people that can’t take care of themselves. You probably volunteer often, go shopping for people from your surroundings, or run errands for them. Even though that makes you everyone’s favorite, you feel the best when you know that you are doing something useful that you are also proud of.

To dream of refusing to take your medicine
Refusing to take your medicine in a dream suggests that you doubt your loved one. There is a chance that your partner has been acting strange lately, so you are wondering whether they are telling the truth or trying to hide something from you. On the other hand, you might be afraid that your friend, colleague, or associate has betrayed you. Anyhow, that might be paranoia talking only, so don’t accuse anyone of anything if you don’t have concrete evidence for it.

To dream of taking your meds with food
If you are dreaming of taking drugs with food, it means that your worries will disappear soon. If you are tired or worried about yours or a loved one’s health condition at the moment, you have to know that the situation will get better soon, and you will be able to relax. The same applies to business or financial problems. The following period will be favorable, so you will not have to worry about money or your existence.

To dream about not being able to swallow the drug
This dream means that the support or help you count on will not come. You are in an unfavorable position at the moment. There is a chance that you desperately need money or a job and that someone promised to help you with it. However, things will get complicated, and you will have to get out of trouble alone.

To dream of someone poisoning you with drugs
If you are dreaming of someone trying to poison you with meds, that is not a good sign. It often symbolizes family, business, or financial problems that overlap. All aspects of your life will get intertwined, which is why you will be under a lot of stress. In order to deal with all of it as soon as possible, you have to be pragmatic and solve one problem at a time. It is important to preserve your mental and physical health, so make sure to control the stress.

To dream of poisoning someone with drugs
When you are dreaming of poisoning someone with drugs, it means that you want to achieve big success overnight, but that is not how it works. You would like money, fame, and power without a lot of effort and hard work. You might even get some of those things quickly, but that will last shortly. Because of it, it would be better to dedicate more time to planning, organization, and work instead of fantasizing about getting everything you want all at once.

To dream of buying meds
A dream in which you are buying drugs for yourself or someone else symbolizes a move or a trip. If you are thinking about changing the scenery, now is the right moment for it. Younger people could decide to buy a property or rent an apartment or house. Anyhow, that will bring a big but beautiful change in your life. Another possibility is that you will visit a town that has always fascinated you.

To dream about selling drugs
This dream usually has two meanings. The first one is that you will face slender and gossips that could jeopardize your job or relationships with some people. Another interpretation of the dream in which you are selling meds is that you will start a business that will bring you a big profit in the future. You might turn your hobby into a business and live comfortably from it with time.

To dream of dealing drugs
Dealing drugs or selling them illegally in a dream means that you shouldn’t get involved in risky business moves. You don’t work well in such situations and don’t know how to deal with a guilty consciousness, so it would be better to reject a profitable offer that you will get soon.

To dream of getting accused of dealing drugs
If you are dreaming of someone accusing you of selling drugs illegally, it means that you are too naïve for your age. You let people persuade you in everything and anything without critically thinking about any of it. You have your opinion, but you don’t state it often, so other people believe that they can manipulate you easily. The worst thing is, they are totally right.

To dream of getting arrested for dealing drugs
When you are dreaming of getting arrested for selling drugs illegally, it means that you are avoiding to face the negative consequences of bad past decisions. You are constantly shaving your head in the sand and don’t want to admit either to yourself of other people that you have made a mistake. You don’t give yourself a chance to learn from past decisions because it, which is why you are making new ones all the time.

To dream of stealing meds
Stealing meds in a dream is a sign that you can’t fight off your vices in real life, even though they often get you in trouble. You listen to what your loved ones are telling you and agree with their observations, but you are still not doing anything to stop harming yourself. Make sure to do it before it is too late.

To dream of being addicted to meds
Being addicted to meds in a dream often symbolizes some kind of addiction in real life as well. That can be your partner, family members, or even work. You are so attached to something that you don’t know how to live without it. It is time to figure out your kryptonite and find a way to be without it. Otherwise, a possible loss could destroy you.

To dream about making meds
If you are dreaming of making meds alone, it means that you will fail at being a mediator in an argument between two people that you equally love and respect. Instead of persuading them to bury the hatchet and reconcile, you will add fuel to the fire only. You will regret getting involved in all of it and promise to yourself that you will never act the same again.

To dream of other people making meds
A dream in which you see someone else making meds means that you are afraid that you have jeopardized your relationship with a loved one, thanks to your actions. You have done something wrong, and you are aware of it. However, they don’t seem either angry or mad, so you are not sure what is happening in their head. Don’t insist on talking about that subject but let your loved one think everything through, and they will come to you with an opinion later.

To dream of throwing drugs away
When you are throwing drugs away in a dream, that is a sign that the time to get rid of negativity from your life has come. Start from the things that are destroying the quality of your life and then continue with people that are poisoning you with their way of thinking. That is the only way to make progress and have a beautiful and peaceful future.

To dream about other people throwing drugs away
If you are dreaming of someone else throwing drugs away, it means that a person that you care about will stop hanging out with you. You have probably realized that they have distanced themselves from you, that you don’t communicate as before, and that your hangouts have become sparse. However, you will soon conclude that they don’t want you in their life anymore, which will hurt you a lot.

Meanings of dreams with motifs of drugs can differ depending on the kind of drug you dream of.

If you are dreaming of pills, that is a sign that you are irresponsible with your health. It is time to make an appointment with a doctor and have a checkup that you have been postponing for a long time.

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