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What Does It Mean If You Dream About Snakes

Dreams are important, but they can be hard to interpret. Hopefully, this article will help you figure out what your dreams with snakes mean. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

A dream where you see a snake could symbolize a primal instinct, sexual desire or a fear of invasion. Snakes have had positive symbolism as well. Yet, depending on what you dream about the snake it could be telling you different things.

Dreaming about snakes could mean you’re in the middle of something deadly, whether it be an unhealthy relationship or a stressful school setting. Spending time with snakes in your dream could symbolize taking chances in life by stepping into the unknown. 

The concept of dreaming about snakes is actually quite fascinating. Snakes are known for being mysterious, intelligent and good communicators. They have been loved and feared since the beginning of time. The reptile can be found in many cultures from around the world with little variation in their symbolic meaning. In general, snakes tend to be associated with female life-giving energy (think Kundalini) as well as symbolizing rebirth and transformation.

What Does It Mean If You Dream About Snakes

Dreaming about snakes can be a sign of many things. Snakes have been seen as symbols of both good and evil in different cultures. In some cases, snakes are symbols of healing, rebirth, and transformation. In others, they symbolize deception, temptation, and danger.

In some cases, dreaming about snakes may be a reflection of your own personal fears or anxieties about being deceived or tricked into doing something you don’t want to do. In other cases, it may be a sign that someone else is trying to trick you into doing something against your will.

If you dream of snakes slithering around on your bed or chasing after you, this could be an indication that someone is trying to harm you in some way. It could also mean that someone has been trying to deceive you into believing something false or misleading them so they will do what they want them to do without realizing it’s actually against their best interest in some way (such as financial gain).

If you dream about snakes, it’s likely to be a bad omen. Snakes are known for their stealth and cunning, so a dream about them can suggest that you’re being taken advantage of or that someone is trying to manipulate you.

However, if you’re the one who’s doing the manipulating—if that snake represents your own efforts to get something from someone else—then a dream about snakes can indicate success in your endeavors.

In either case, there are ways to prevent these kinds of dreams from becoming reality:

  • Be careful who you trust.
  • Don’t let others take advantage of you or manipulate you into doing things that aren’t right for yourself or others around you.

What Does It Mean If You Dream About Snakes

 You had a snake in your bedroom.

Where you see the snake in your dream could correlate to where you feel like there’s a “snake” in your real life, adds Loewenberg. So, if it’s in the bedroom, “it could be connected to someone you’re intimate with,” she says.

You saw a snake at work.

Again, location is important. As you might imagine, if you’re dreaming about a snake or snakes in your office or workplace, you could feel distrusting of who you work with. Or it could mean there’s a situation at work that’s not sitting well with you.

You saw a white snake.

If you have personal connections with specific colors, take those associations into consideration. If not, Loewenberg says a white snake can represent a new beginning. Did you see a white snake and feel frightened or excited? You may be anticipating changes or a fresh start.

You saw a black snake.

A black snake, meanwhile, “can typically represent the unknown,” she notes. Again, note where the snake was in the dream and how it made you feel. While being afraid upon seeing a snake is likely the first reaction for many, if it didn’t scare you, home in on what it did bring up for you.

You saw a red snake.

This one’s pretty clear, according to Loewenberg: A red snake is a red flag. If you’re seeing this in a dream, this could be a sign there’s already been a red flag in your life that you’re ignoring, and now it’s not resting well with your subconscious. “Alarm—stop dealing with this person,” she says.

You saw a green snake.

Green can mean jealousy, Loewenberg says. “Is there a jealous, toxic person around you?” she asks. Alternatively, it is possible that you could be the jealous person or the one exhibiting toxic behavior. To find out, try to remember if anyone else is present in the dream, along with where you are.

You saw a yellow snake.

If the snake in your dream was yellow, “that would be fear,” she notes. In this case, definitely take stock of your reactions and thought processes when you saw the snake, and how you ended up getting away from it or confronting it.

You saw other people around the snake.

If there are other people in your snake dreams, it can be interpreted in one of three ways:

  • You could be the “snake” in the dream and have feelings of malice or conflict toward the other person in it.
  • You could be the other person in the dream.
  • You could be picking up on the fact that the other person in the dream is in a toxic situation and needs your help to get out of it.

You saw the snake bite someone else.

Going back to the idea of snake bites as being healing, it’s possible if the snake bites someone else in your dream, you’re actually dreaming about them being healed. But, Loewenberg notes, “always start with yourself when figuring out a dream, because sometimes our dreams will give us a third-party perspective so we can better understand how something is affecting us or how you’re behaving in that situation.”

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