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The Presidents’ Book of Secrets

The Presidents’ Book of Secrets contains the stories of America’s most influential presidents, including Presidents Lincoln, Washington, and Kennedy. It explains how America’s presidents inspired others to greatness and with courage inspired them to achieve great things. This amazing collection of presidential stories for kids is a fascinating read about the inspiring lives of our greatest American heroes.

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The Presidents’ Book of Secrets

The president has a book of secrets, many secrets that elude the public. From his social life to his non-public activities and more, the president has a lot that he wants to keep secret. There are a lot of people around him who want to assist him in this endeavor, including FBI directors and other colleagues. But, in the end, there is bound to be a leak.

This book contains secrets collected by U.S President Donald J. Trump throughout his life.

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The Book of Secrets President

Every president has had a unique and complicated relationship with the intelligence community. While some have been coolly distant, even adversarial, others have found their intelligence agencies to be among the most valuable instruments of policy and power.

Since John F. Kennedy’s presidency, this relationship has been distilled into a personalized daily report: a short summary of what the intelligence apparatus considers the most crucial information for the president to know that day about global threats and opportunities. This top-secret document is known as the President’s Daily Brief, or, within national security circles, simply “the Book.” Presidents have spent anywhere from a few moments (Richard Nixon) to a healthy part of their day (George W. Bush) consumed by its contents; some (Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush) consider it far and away the most important document they saw on a regular basis while commander in chief.

The details of most PDBs are highly classified, and will remain so for many years. But the process by which the intelligence community develops and presents the Book is a fascinating look into the operation of power at the highest levels. David Priess, a former intelligence officer and daily briefer, has interviewed every living president and vice president as well as more than one hundred others intimately involved with the production and delivery of the president’s book of secrets. He offers an unprecedented window into the decision making of every president from Kennedy to Obama, with many character-rich stories revealed here for the first time.

As one of the most powerful leaders in the world, the president of the United States commands a nuclear arsenal, the world’s largest military, and potentially controversial classified intelligence. But what’s inside the Presidential Book of Secrets? Does it even exist?

President Obama confirmed the existence of “deep secrets” while he was in office, but the nature of those secrets is a source of constant debate. Conspiracy theorists argue there’s an actual book handed from president to president containing the truth about JFK’s assassination, alien life, and the moon landing, among other secrets. But most scholars and skeptics dismiss the book as an invention fueled by pop culture with movies like National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

Did spymaster and alleged secret society member George Washington start the tradition of handing down secrets so explosive only the president could read them? Do all modern presidents spend part of their first 100 days learning about secret CIA plots and hidden stores of gold? How much do we know about the president’s book of secrets?

The ‘Book of Secrets’ Might Just Be A Metaphor For The President’s Regular Security Briefings
The ‘Book of Secrets’ Might Just Be A Metaphor For The President’s Regular Security Briefings
Photo: PublicAffairs

In 2017 former CIA intelligence briefer David Priess wrote a book called The President’s Book of Secrets. Priess brought years of firsthand intelligence experience to his book after serving presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. In fact, Priess was responsible for writing both presidents’ daily briefs, the rundown of top-secret intelligence for the president.

In the book, Priess argues these daily briefings, which date back to 1961, comprise the “book of secrets” for presidents. While the briefings contain classified intelligence and analysis, they almost certainly don’t include the conspiracy theory fodder.

Is The Presidents Book of Secrets Real

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The Presidents Book of Secrets TV Show

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