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The Kolbrin Bible pdf

The Kolbrin Bible is a collection of ancient writings that purport to be the teachings of Jesus Christ. The book has been translated from its original language, Hebrew, and published by several different publishers since it was discovered in a monastery in England in 1920.

The Kolbrin Bible is divided into two parts: The first contains information about the human body and how it works, while the second contains spiritual lessons that were allegedly dictated by Jesus Christ himself.


The Kolbrin is a collection of ancient manuscripts said to have been salvaged from the Glastonbury Abbey arson in 1184. It is considered part of the Apocrypha by some, while others place it into the category of Modern pseudepigrapha. Unfortunately, the Kolbrin Bible has no authority beyond that claimed by its original publishers. On the Web there is no reference to “The Kolbrin” or “The Bronzebook” other than by the publishers; the official Glastonbury Website makes no mention of this “book” – and does not even mention the possibility of arson in the 12th century fire which supposedly was intended to destroy it. It is therefore probable that “The Kolbrin” is a literary hoax, albeit brilliantly conceived and very well written.

This book has 466 pages in the PDF version.

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The Kolbrin Bible

The Kolbrin Bible

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