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 steven furtick sermons march 2022

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I never thought I’d be writing this, but here we are: Steven Furtick’s sermons from March 2022 have been released.

If you’re not familiar with Steven Furtick, he’s the pastor at Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. He’s known for his charismatic preaching style and his ability to make scripture come alive for people—and now you can see what all the fuss is about for yourself!

You can listen to all of these sermons on YouTube or download them to your phone, computer, or mp3 player and listen whenever you want. Just don’t share them with anyone else—we don’t want any copyright issues (that would be bad).

 steven furtick sermons march 2022

Steven Furtick is a popular preacher and author who has written several books. He is the senior pastor of Elevation Church, a large church in Charlotte, North Carolina with about 20,000 members.

He first came to prominence in 2007 with his book, “Sun Stand Still”. He cofounded ECHO (Elevation Church Home) with wife Holly in 2009 and also helped to found The Dream Center in Charlotte, which provides services for the homeless and other disadvantaged people in the city’s poorest areas.

Furtick has been criticized for his use of the word “humble” in his sermons and marketing materials to describe himself and his church; critics have noted that he drives a Mercedes-Benz and lives in a million-dollar home near Charlotte.

In March 2022, Furtick delivered a series of sermons that were later published as an ebook titled “The Humble Approach.”


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