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Prayer For Animals Death

Animal lovers are typically found to be fervent environmentalists and animal activists. As such, animal rights is something that is always on their minds and if you rely on religion for guidance, this has also been addressed in prayers of every major religion before. This article discusses prayer for loss of dog.

O God, as we have taken care of (pet’s name) in life, we ask that You watch over (him/her) in death. You entrusted (pet’s name) to our care; now, we give (him/her) back to You. May (pet’s name) find a happy new home in Your loving embrace. As we remember (pet’s name), may we love each other more dearly.

We have made some changes on the site to give you more information regarding Prayer For Animals Death. Check the best Prayer Services website for Prayer For Animals Death. Read more on prayer for loss of pet cat in this article.

Prayer For Animals Death

Dear God,

We come to you today to pray for the animals who have passed away. We know that these creatures were not human, but they were living beings who had their own thoughts and feelings. We pray that their souls are at peace and that they are happy where they are. We also pray that their deaths will be avenged by those who love them, so that their sacrifice will not be in vain. May the memory of these animals live on in our hearts forever, and may we never forget the good they did for us while they were here on Earth.

Dear Lord,

We pray for the soul of [animal name], who died on this day. We know that you have a plan for all of us, and that your will is always perfect. We ask that you take care of [animal name] in heaven and give them rest from their suffering. Give us strength to do our best to help the animals in our care, so that they may live out their lives with love, compassion, and comfort. Amen

Dear God,

We come to you in prayer for our furry friends. They are so full of life, and their deaths are so sudden and so brutal. If you can hear us, please help us find peace in the knowledge that their lives have been lived fully and with love. Give us wisdom on how best to care for them in their last moments, as well as strength to bear the sorrow of their passing. We know that your love is boundless, and we ask only to be able to share some part of it with our animals. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen

Dear God, we come before you today to ask for your blessing and guidance as we mourn the loss of our beloved pet.

We know that you have a plan for all living things, and that our animal friend had a role in this world that was meaningful and important. We know that she is with you now, and that she is at peace.

We ask that you give us strength during this time of grief and sadness. Please help us to remember all the good times we shared with our pet as we mourn her loss.

Please give us the strength to move forward without bitterness or resentment. Give us the wisdom to forgive those who may have wronged us or our beloved animal friend in any way, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Help us to accept her death as part of your grand plan for all living things, and let us be comforted by knowing that she is safe with you now. Amen

Dear God, I come before you today to ask for your blessing on [animal’s name] and the rest of his/her family. Please give them the peace that only comes from you. And please wrap them in your love and comfort as they mourn their loss. May they find strength in knowing that they are not alone, and may they be comforted by all who love them. Amen.

Dear God, please help me to accept the death of my beloved pet.

I am heartbroken, and I feel like I have lost a part of myself. But I know that you have a plan for all things, and that this was not part of your plan for me.

Please guide me through this difficult time, so that I may find peace and be able to move forward with my life now that [pet’s name] is gone.

I know that you are always with me, even when I feel alone. Please give me strength during this time so that I may lean on you when I need it most. Thank you for being with me in this moment, and always.

Dear God,

We come before you today to ask for your mercy. We know that our beloved pet [pet’s name] is in your hands, and we are grateful for the time we had together. We ask that you comfort us at this difficult time, and grant us courage as we move forward without our beloved friend. Please give us peace in knowing that we have done all we can to care for our pet, and that they are now safe with you. We pray this prayer in the name of Christ Jesus, who taught us to love each other by loving him first. Amen

Prayer For Loss Of Dog

Comforting Prayers for the Loss of a Beloved Dog or Cat
Believing in heaven or an afterlife doesn’t erase the grief of a dog or cat’s death, but it can help. These prayers for the loss of a pet will comfort and help you cope with the death of your dog or cat. As you pray for comfort, peace and healing after your pet’s death, remember the most important prayer you could ever say: Thank you. Thank you for the love, companionship, and loyalty of my dog, my cat, my God.

“Laurie, I lost my husband a year ago and our dog has never been the same,” writes Elisa on Do Dogs Grieve? How to Help Your Dog Adjust After Loss. “Rufus, our Golden Retriever, had a change in appetite and demeanor after my husband died. I fully believe our dog was grieving my husband’s death – and he is still grieving. Rufus and I hold each other and cry. It may sound odd, to hold your dog while weeping, but it brings me great comfort. I miss my husband very much and am so grateful our dog is seeing me through grief. My only regret is that my pain is probably prolonging the grieving process for my dog. I hope others who are bereaved, especially pet owners whose dogs are grieving loss, are comforted knowing that we will all be together in the end. xoxo Elisa P.S. If you write a blog post that shares comforting prayers after the loss of a pet, I would be grateful.”

I’ve never been a fan of rote or recited prayers. As a writer, I would much rather write my own prayers of grief and lamentations to God in my journal. But words don’t come naturally to every person, and grief makes words and prayers even more difficult. After losing your dog or cat, you may not even how to pray, who to pray to, or what to say. I have a few comforting prayers to share with you, to help you cope after the loss of your beloved animal companion.

Dear Friend,

May you find peace, hope and healing in the Father’s warm embrace. May you feel the light of the Holy Spirit and the faith of Jesus Christ. May you accept the loss of your dog or cat as part of the natural cycle of life and death. May you hold on to the beautiful memories with clarity and joy, and let the grief, guilt and pain pass through you without leaving dark shadows. And here may you find comforting prayers, encouragements, and suggestions for saying goodbye after the loss of a pet. Amen.

With love,


Comforting Ideas and Heartfelt Prayers for the Loss of a Pet
God may not erase our grief or pain, but our faith and God’s presence can help us walk through it.

Father in Heaven,

Bring comfort and healing to those who are mourning the deaths of their beloved pets. You know their pain, for you lost your own beloved son. You know the depth of sadness and grief your children feel when they lose a dog or cat who was so dear, near, and special to them. You know the emptiness of a home that no longer has that furry little (or big!) creature; you know the emptiness of a heart that longs for the comforting touch of a beloved cat or dog.

I thank you for the gift of our pets, for the love these creatures give us, for the life that they offer, and for the chance to love them like we love nothing and nobody else on earth.

I pray for comfort, peace, and healing as we let go of the cats and dogs that we loved so dearly.


Prayers for healing from the surprising depth of pain from pet loss
Comforting Prayers for the Loss of a Pet
Comforting Prayers for the Loss of a Pet
Why is the death of a cat or dog so devastating? Because our pets bring us a depth of companionship and love that nothing else on earth offers.

“Our relationships with dogs can be even more satisfying than our human relationships, if for no other reason than dogs provide us with such unconditional, uncritical positive feedback,” writes Frank McAndrew in Getting Over Rover: Why Our Grief Over a Dog Is So Intense on Psychology Today. “Interacting with dogs makes us feel good, and just looking at them can make us smile. Dog owners score higher on measures of well-being and, on average, they are happier than people who own cats and those who own no pets at all.”

The loss of a cat or dog is painful because we are not losing just one pet; we actually experience multiple losses at the same time. We may be losing our primary companion, a source of unconditional love, a “life witness” who provides security and comfort to us, a best friend, a link to ourselves, and even a part of who we were and are and hope to be.

The loss of a pet cat or dog dramatically changes your daily life at home and in the neighborhood. Pet loss is even more profound than the loss of most friends and relatives, because of the extreme and sometimes sudden changes in lifestyle and routine.

Prayers for forgiveness and healing
“If I only I would’ve known my dog was that sick, I would have taken him to the veterinarian sooner,” say many readers on How to Deal With Guilty Feelings After Your Dog’s Death.

Loving pet owners often feel guilt and regret after their dogs or cats die. They tell themselves they could have held on longer, given more mediation, tried one more tactic to avoid death…but the truth is that a dog or cat’s life is finite. There is no value in replaying the “if only” scenarios when you’re coping the loss of a family pet. Instead of looking back at the “if onlys”, focus on saying good-bye to your dog or cat — perhaps with a pet memorial service or a celebration of life. Say prayers that honor your dog or cat’s life and memory, and ask for peace, healing, and self-forgiveness.

Surrender to the natural cycle of life and death, which is what God’s world seems to be founded on.

Prayer For Loss Of Pet Cat

A Cat’s Last Wishes
Please take (cat’s name) onto your lap and embrace his sweet nature, Lord. I hope he knows how much I loved him as he passed and that his passing was easy. Please know how grateful I am for the time I was able to spend with (cat’s name).

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