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spiritual warfare prayer in tamil

Praying Against Witchcraft and Adversary Attack: A blog about spiritual warfare/prayer against witchcraft.

spiritual warfare prayer in tamil

Lord, we acknowledge that you are the Lord of all creation. We thank you for all your blessings. We pray for our church and the people in it. May they get healed from their diseases, may they be blessed with good health to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. We pray that more and more people will be saved through our church. Lord, we pray that all your blessings will come upon us in this place and keep us safe from any evil influence or power. Protect us from all evil forces, bad spirits and negative energies. We ask you to guide us in this spiritual warfare prayer so that we can defeat satan’s plans against our church and its members. In Jesus name we pray AMEN

We pray for the spiritual warfare against Satan and his demons.

We plead with you, O Lord, to send your angels to protect us from all harm and danger. May they watch over us as we go about our daily tasks, even when we are unaware of their presence. We ask that they would stand by us in every circumstance, especially in times of distress and trial. We plead with you, O Lord, to send your angels to protect us from all harm and danger.

O Lord, I come before you today with a heavy spirit. I feel the weight of my worries and problems pressing down on me, and I am weary from trying to carry them alone. I know that you are a God who hears prayer, and so I ask for your help in this time of trouble.

Please give me strength to face whatever comes my way. Please give me wisdom to know how best to handle things in the future. Please help me trust in your plan for my life and to be patient with the decisions that are made around me.

May your love be with me always, even when things feel dark and uncertain. May your peace fill my heart and mind so that they will not be troubled or afraid by what life brings them wayward path we must follow each day.

In the name of God, who is the source of all power and authority, I command the demonic forces that are trying to hinder or block this church from being built to leave this place. In Jesus name we pray for the glory of God!

O Lord, we thank you for being with us here today. We know that the enemy is watching us, and he wants to destroy our church. But we trust in your protection. We believe that even when Satan tries to attack us, you will be there for us and defend us from his attacks.

We ask that God would give us strength to stand up against Satan’s attacks on our church and its members. We pray for those who are struggling with sin; help them to see their need for salvation through Jesus Christ. Help us all to remember that only God can change our lives, and only He can save us from sin. Please help us to live lives of holiness, so that others may see Christ in us and come into His kingdom as well.

We thank you also for all the blessings you have given our church over the years; we pray that these blessings continue throughout eternity!

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