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Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing An Owl

Seeing an owl means that it is time to take risks and take control of your life. The owl reminds us to see our true selves and how we can achieve exceptional things with just the right amount of effort. Owls are also known for their wise and powerful ways, which offer great insight on how we can best approach problems in our lives.

In many cultures, owls are seen as bad luck or omens of death and are feared, avoided or killed because of it. There are a few different interpretations to what it means when you see an owl at night. One interpretation is that it means death is near. Another interpretation is that it’s a sign of good luck. And lastly, some people believe that seeing an owl at night means that magic and mystery are abound.

When you see an elusive owl at night, they might be a sign to trust your instincts, expect positive transformations, and develop your spirituality.

What Does It Mean When You See an Owl Outside Your House?

Seeing an owl can have a variety of spiritual meanings, depending on the culture and beliefs of the individual. Here are four spiritual interpretations of encountering an owl:

1. Wisdom and Insight

One of the most common spiritual meanings associated with owls is wisdom and insight. In many cultures, owls are seen as symbols of knowledge and enlightenment. The owl’s ability to see in the dark and its keen sense of hearing are often seen as metaphors for the ability to see beyond the surface and perceive hidden truths. The Bible also references owls as wise creatures, as seen in the book of Job 39:26-27, which states, “Does the hawk take flight by your wisdom and spread its wings toward the south? Does the eagle soar at your command and build its nest on high?” This can remind us to tap into our own inner wisdom and trust our intuition when making decisions in our lives.

2. Transformation and Change

Another spiritual interpretation of seeing an owl is that it symbolizes transformation and change. Owls are known for their ability to adapt to different environments and navigate the darkness with ease. This can serve as a reminder that we have the power to transform our lives and embrace change, even when things may seem uncertain. In the Bible, the story of Saul’s transformation into the apostle Paul on the road to Damascus illustrates the power of change and redemption.

3. Protection and Guidance

Owls are often seen as protectors in many cultures, serving as guardians of the night and guiding lost souls to safety. When we see an owl, it may be a sign that we are being watched over and protected on our spiritual journey. In the Bible, Psalm 91:4 states, “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.” This can remind us to trust in a higher power and seek guidance during times of uncertainty.

4. Intuition and Clarity

Lastly, the presence of an owl may symbolize the importance of intuition and clarity in our lives. Owls are known for their keen senses and ability to perceive things that may be hidden from plain sight. When we see an owl, it can serve as a reminder to trust our instincts and listen to our inner voice. This can help us navigate challenges and make decisions with confidence and clarity.

Biblical Reference Spiritual Meaning
Job 38:36 “Who gives the ibis wisdom or gives the rooster understanding?”
Psalm 104:24 “How many are your works, LORD! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.”

Spiritual meaning of seeing an owl flying

Owls have spiritual implications.

  1. Change or death.
    “People may see an owl before someone passes away, and they can be symbolic of death,” says animal communicator, psychic, medium, and clairvoyant Nancy Mello. Don’t let this scare you, though, as death can also have metaphorical meanings. She asserts, “Death doesn’t have to be physical,” using the breakdown of a relationship as an example.
  2. Letters from the deceased, either human or animal.
    An owl may be interpreted by some as a sign that everything is OK if they have just lost a pet or loved one. “Sometimes it’s a message from the other realm,” Mello explains. “The message is always to communicate, ‘Hey I’m OK.'”
  3. Knowledge gained thru adversity.
    Kirsten says, “Owls are true messengers of the spiritual realm.” “They can show up as a guidance or symbol when things are difficult. They communicate truth, comprehension, tolerance, and wisdom to us when we most need it, more than any other animal metaphor. This is particularly valid during or following periods of unrest and hardship.”
  4. Choices that must be made.
    Observing an owl could indicate that it’s time to decide what to do or make a big move. “The message can be you need to move forward,” Mello explains.

People may identify owls with wisdom because, ironically, they recognize themselves in the birds. According to David Weidenfeld, PhD, an ornithologist and senior conservation scientist at the American Bird Conservancy, “people identified with owls a little bit more and thought they were more intelligent because they have their eyes facing forward which is sort of human-like so in some ways they look a bit more like humans than other birds do.” The idea is deeply ingrained in our culture. Dr. Weidenfeld claims that owls aren’t all that smarter than other birds. However, he adds, “they do have that reputation.”

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The significance and cultural iconography of owls
distinct civilizations have distinct connotations associated with owls. The popular belief that owls are wise has perhaps its origins in Athena, the ancient Greek goddess of war, reason, and wisdom, after whom Athens, the city that gave rise to Western civilization, was called. The owl, which was considered to represent Athena’s characteristics, was depicted on Greek coinage as a tiny owl (Dr. Weidenfeld notes that certain owl species’ scientific names also bear the goddess’ name). The ancient Roman goddess of wisdom, Minerva, was also connected to owls.

However, owls weren’t seen favorably in other societies. There is a connection between owls and the other side due to the same characteristics that make them such adept predators as well as the fact that many of them are nocturnal. Certain cultures consider owls to be messengers from the spirit realm or as foreboders of death, much like they do ravens and black cats. The majority of the messages are positive and have to do with wisdom, understanding, and intuition, but some of their meaning can be interpreted as frightening since they are thought to be a creature that can travel between the worlds of the living and the dead, according to Honigman.

For instance, owls were seen as prophets of death and disaster in Renaissance England; William Shakespeare frequently utilized owls in his plays to allude to imminent death. The tragic playwright Macbeth uses an owl as “the fatal bellman” in his Macbeth, signaling to Lady Macbeth that her husband has killed the king with his screech. The Bridget Jones series author Helen Fielding even employed the literary device of a barn owl flying onto Bridget’s garden fence in her 2013 novel Mad about the Boy, which she interprets as her deceased husband, to continue the practice of associating owls with death in prose. Honigman says, “We have seen throughout literature that an owl, either in flight or at a distance, represents someone you’ve lost or who is just checking in on you.”

Owls have complex symbolic meanings that inspire both terror and reverence, especially in Indigenous North American civilizations. Certain cultures, including the Lakota Sioux, consider owls to be intelligent and strong. They were thought to be shapeshifters with the ability to harm others by other tribes, like the Cherokee.

According to Honigman, the fact that owls are nocturnal creatures and skilled hunters probably contributes to their darker implications in some cultures. Because owls are nocturnal, they are active during the hours when people are asleep, much like bats. This linkage, in addition to the owl’s peculiar appearance, most certainly contributed to the formation of the owl’s link to the afterlife. She explains, “They don’t really look like other animals, and because of their very otherworldly look, they are seen as messengers of spirits.”

What an owl’s sighting indicates
As previously mentioned, the owl needs sharp insights to hunt with precision and method. It follows that seeing an owl should inspire you to use these abilities for yourself. According to Honigman, “the spiritual lesson of an owl is to use your own intuition and knowledge.” “The owl is wise; it is telling you to look within because you already know the answer.” She says this is part of the full clarity an owl wants you to tap into. Given the duality of the owl’s symbolism, you might not like what you find or perhaps feel uncomfortable or scared with the answer.

This message will probably be especially clear if you happen to spot an owl flying overhead or make eye contact with one perched in a tree. But according to Honigman, simply hearing an owl calls for you to reflect on your life and determine which areas need your concentrated analysis. If you spot an owl in flight, pay close attention because, according to her, it “represents the world beyond the living.” Furthermore, according to Honigman, even a fleeting glimpse of a soaring owl could represent a loved one who has been “sent to check up on you.”

Additionally, observe the color of the owl that you spot. An owl with a darker shade indicates that there are still things hidden and that you will need to do some research, possibly through some secrets and falsehoods, according to Honigman. In contrast, white or snowy owls convey the idea that all the signals are there if you just open your eyes.

According to Honigman, an unusual encounter with an owl—one that you wouldn’t have expected to see or hear—means that the world is particularly attempting to get your attention and awaken your intuition. The same applies if you see owls on a regular basis, such as when one moves into a tree in your yard or you notice it perched outside. “A single occurrence may or may not convey a message, but repeated occurrences or noticeable patterns indicate that a message is being conveyed,” the speaker asserts. Something needs your attention if it seems out of place.

Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing An Owl

Meaning of 56 unique ways to see owl in dream islam

Owls are nocturnal creatures that are known for their amazing eyesight and hearing. They can see in the dark, which makes them perfect hunters at night. Owls are also very wise and intelligent animals, making them popular symbols of knowledge, intuition and wisdom. Many cultures have used owls as signs of knowledge or divination over the years because of their ability to perceive things beyond our human senses.

What is an owl?

Owls are a group of birds that belong to the Strigidae family. There are over 200 species, and they are found on every continent except Antarctica. Since owls can survive in most environments, they have become one of the most widespread types of birds on Earth. Owls are characterized by their large eyes and wide faces, giving them exceptional night vision capabilities. Their ears are positioned at different heights on their heads, so they can precisely pinpoint where sounds come from while flying or resting on a tree branch. An owl’s feathers create soft downy fluff that helps insulate its body against cold weather conditions such as those found at high altitudes, where many species live year-round.

How many species exist?

There may be more than 1 million known types of owls, but only about 25% have been described so far by scientists.

In Islam, an owl is a symbol of death. It is not a good thing at all. Seeing an owl at night means that you will die soon.

In Christianity, there are many different interpretations about this bird and what it means to see one during the day or night. Some people believe that if you encounter an owl, it is a bad omen and signifies that someone close to you will die soon (maybe even yourself). Others think that they may bring wealth or wisdom to your life and help guide them down the right path in their journey through life by showing them the way out of trouble or darkness into light.

Seeing An Owl At Night Spiritual Meaning

Seeing an owl at night is a sign of bad luck or bad things coming.

Due to the widespread belief that seeing an owl at night portends impending death, Shakespeare even made reference to it in Macbeth:

“Something wicked this way comes.” This line refers to the three witches who performed black magic on Macbeth and prophesied his death at their hands—but also foreshadowed other deaths (including one of their own). With its ominous sound and mysterious context, it’s not hard to see why these lines struck fear into people’s hearts and kept them up at night wondering what might happen next!

The owl is a nocturnal bird, and its ability to see in the dark makes it an ominous symbol. In many cultures, owls are associated with death. They’re considered bad omens by Native American and African cultures; they’re symbols of witchcraft and darkness in Western culture; and they’re linked to death in the Bible (Ezekiel 13:17).

In addition to being associated with night, owls are said to represent wisdom because they have large eyes that allow them to see at night. In some cases, this perception of owls as wise creatures led people to believe that seeing one was good luck if you saw one during the day—but only if it was on its own! If an owl flew from tree branch to tree branch or was accompanied by other birds or animals, then it would bring bad luck onto whoever saw it flying away from them.

OWLS CAN BE A SIGN OF DEATH: It’s believed that owls are the messengers of death. If you see an owl, it could mean that someone close to you will die soon. The owl is thought to be a symbol of death because it roosts during the day and hunts at night, like vampires do.

OWLS CAN BE A SIGN OF BAD LUCK: Owl feathers were often used in rituals by witches and shamans to cast evil spells on people they didn’t like or who had offended them in some way (such as breaking their window with a baseball). You can also use owl feathers to protect yourself against evil spirits or bad luck by wearing one around your neck or placing it somewhere important in your home (like under the couch cushions). You can also burn an owl feather while saying “bad luck” three times out loud so that all negativity goes away forever!

Owls are known as creatures of the night, but they aren’t evil beings. Instead, you’ll find that owls really hold a few different meanings in many cultures.

Owls are known as creatures of the night, but they aren’t evil beings. Instead, you’ll find that owls really hold a few different meanings in many cultures.

Owls have been viewed as messengers to other realms and symbols of otherworldly travel, which can be comforting when it seems like your life has taken an unexpected turn. You might even choose to wear owl jewelry or decorate your home with items featuring this wise creature. When you start to feel overwhelmed by sudden changes around you, remember that it’s nothing more than a transition into something new and exciting!

An owl can also mean that you are ready to tap into the spiritual world and learn more about yourself.

Having a dream about an owl means that you are ready to tap into the spiritual world and learn more about yourself. An owl can also mean that you are ready to tap into the spiritual world and learn more about yourself.

An owl is associated with the moon and goddesses. The owl represents feminine energy, or yin, which is associated with darkness, night, courage, wisdom and the unknown. If you see an owl in your dream this may symbolize that you are ready to embrace your shadow side or darker emotions such as anger at yourself or others (this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad). The goddess of wisdom Athena was often depicted as an owl because she was known for being wise-minded while Artemis was thought of as a protector of animals so this could indicate some sort of need for protection from something negative happening in your life right now (like feeling overwhelmed by all these new responsibilities).

It’s because the owl is a symbol for intuition and higher wisdom. If you want to embrace all of the knowledge that surrounds you, it’s time to listen to an owl’s message when one follows you around.

  • The owl is a symbol for intuition and higher wisdom.
  • The owl represents the spiritual world.
  • The owl represents the night, or darkness, or loneliness.
  • The owl represents the moon (this one is obvious).
  • For those who practice Wicca or Paganism, the goddesses are often associated with owls (such as Athena). In fact, in some cases it’s considered bad luck to kill an owl because it could be a form of murder if it was someone’s familiar spirit animal!
An owl can be your spirit animal if you are truly in tune with your intuition and feelings.

Owls are a very powerful symbol, and if you are seeing one in your dreams or waking life, it is wise to pay attention. In most cultures, the owl is associated with wisdom. Owls also represent intuition and feelings. In addition to these qualities, they can be seen as symbols of transition and change; their nocturnal nature represents night time (which we often associate with endings), while their ability to fly represents the evolution of our spirituality into higher realms.

Below are some of the many possible meanings that may apply to your dream or vision:

  • You are about to experience a major transition in your life
  • An owl indicates that you may need some extra patience as you go through something new
  • Seeing an owl can mean someone else is going through personal growth

Owls are also symbolic for intelligence, wisdom, and patience. If you see an owl in your life, it may be telling you to slow down, do some research, be patient or become more focused on what’s going on around you.

Owls are also symbolic for intelligence, wisdom, and patience. If you see an owl in your life, it may be telling you to slow down, do some research, be patient or become more focused on what’s going on around you.

Owls have great vision and can see at night which helps them hunt prey at night. Owls are master hunters which means if you’re on the same path as a hungry owl? Your dinner is served! A good way to remember this is by remembering that they have large eyes (or “whiskers”) because they’re watching everything around them so closely.

Another meaning of an owl has to do with transition and change. Owls have been viewed as messengers to other realms, making them a symbol of otherworldly travel.

Another meaning of an owl has to do with transition and change. Owls have been viewed as messengers to other realms, making them a symbol of otherworldly travel. Some cultures believed that owls were the spirits of their ancestors and would sit on your shoulder during times of transition to guide you through it.

Other cultures associated owls with the moon, night, darkness and even the underworld. This is because they are nocturnal animals who hunt at night and are known for their screeches (which may sound like cries).

The next time you spot an owl while driving along a country road or out at home, stop and listen to what it has to say.

The next time you spot an owl while driving along a country road or out at home, stop and listen to what it has to say. It may be giving you a message about change that you weren’t expecting or have been holding back.

Owls are symbols of intelligence and wisdom, so if you’re feeling stuck in your current situation, it might be because you’ve been ignoring this bird’s wisdom. Pay attention next time an owl appears near you!

Seeing an owl at night is seen as a sign of bad things to come. According to Islamic superstitions, seeing an owl means that something bad will happen, like a death or the end of something precious. However, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid owls at all costs—it simply means that if you see one during the day or at night, take heed!

Seeing Owl At Night Is Good Or Bad

Seeing an owl means that something bad will happen, like a death or the end of something precious

Seeing an owl at night is a bad omen. Owls are associated with death and bad luck.

In Muslim culture, seeing an owl at night is thought to be an ill omen that foretells of some impending doom or destruction. This belief comes from the fact that owls are known for their ominous presence when darkness falls and for their wailing cries which seem to be a harbinger of death. They are also frequently seen near cemeteries and graveyards, which is why they have become so closely associated with death throughout history!

Maybe the next time you see an owl, it’s time to listen to what they have to say. They are messengers from the spirit world and can help guide us through our lives with their wisdom. If you want to learn more about yourself or embrace your intuition, then take some time out of your day for self-reflection and meditation.

Owl Symbolism & Meaning

An owl is to the night as an eagle is to the day. Owls are generally a symbol of paranormal wisdom, regal silence, and fierce intelligence. This is because owls are both great thinkers and hunters; they prefer to plan out their strategies instead of using brute force. 

While some cultures believe owls to be magicians or heralds of death, the white owl symbolizes wisdom and endurance. The mixed zymology makes us curious even more. To understand the depth of its meaning, we need to learn a bit more about its background.

Owl Native American Symbolism

The Native American owl means a unique combination of wisdom and death. They believed this intelligent creature to be a guardian of sacred knowledge like the patterns of the weather and the secrets of the afterlife.

Some Native American tribes believed that this nocturnal bird accompanied the dead in their journey to the afterlife. This is why hearing the hooting of an owl was an unlucky omen, bad even. The mothers and elders of these tribes use to use the cry of the owl to scare off their little ones. They would tell them to behave and stay indoors at night, or else an owl will carry them away.

Other tribes associate the bony circles around the eyes of an owl with the fingernails of ghosts and lost souls. They believed the sighting of an owl to be a sign that their ancestors from the other side were sending them messages or warnings about members that had broken tribal taboos.

However, the owl symbol is not always eerie and related to death. The Hopi tribe has Mongwu, the great-horned owl, which plays the ‘straight man’ role against koshari clown antics. Other tribes read the myths of owls as harmless beings banished into the night because of its laziness.

Some Native American cultures used owls as clan animals. These tribes included the Hopi tribe, with their burrowing owl clans called Kokop-Wungwa and Kokongyam, the Mohave and the Tlingit. If you come upon visiting the northwest coast, then you will find owls on the totem pole crest.

Owl Christianity Symbolism

Owl meaning in the Bible and Christianity is of sacred significance. The pictorial, symbolic, iconic, and holy representation of owl in Christianity dates back to the earliest of time when it was rare for an ordinary man to be able to read and write.

The bible refers to the symbolism of the owls in the original King James, which appears approximately five times. However, the newer translations seem to replace the word with “ostriches” in these cases.

Biblical References to Owl Symbolisms

  1. Leviticus 11:13–18, more specifically 11:16–18 or 11:17–18, states that Jews should not eat certain breeds of owl as part of their kosher dietary rule, along with pelicans and carrion vultures.
  2. Deuteronomy 14:15–17 confirms the kosher rule statement.
  3. In Psalm 102:6, the psalmist talks about the difficult times of his life by comparing himself to an owl in the desert. He used the reference to the owl as an example of himself as an inferior creature stuck in a desolated place.
  4. Isaiah 13:21 talks about a prophecy on God’s judgment on Babylon to destroy it. Here the owl is again used as an example to demonstrate the devastation humans of Babylon will face. They will be killed or driven out of their homes, and wild animals will live in the city.
  5. In Isaiah 34:11, much similar to the Babylon prophecy, God’s judgment of Edom refers to owls in the destruction of the city. The owl doesn’t symbolize anything. Instead, the references use the owl as an example of wild animals inhabiting the city along with ravens, pelicans, and porcupines.

Owl Celtic Symbolism

The Celtic owl symbolisms and tradition depict it as a warrior and guardian of honor. According to the Celtics, it is the wisdom of the owl warrior that gave it the right to the knowledge of the underworld’s path. They also believed it to represent a fierce defender of honor and the truth that means owls have zero tolerance for any form of deception.

Since owls are nocturnal, meaning they can see in the dark, they are the perfect messenger to deliver message all-day and all-night between our world and the higher one. This is perhaps why the Celtics believed that owls knew the way to the underworld.

Owls are also a symbol of the ancient Celtic fertility goddess. This is why the Celtics proudly branded the owl symbol in their clothing, especially in their knotwork, various household items, and bestiaries.

Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing An Owl In A Dream

The mythical, folklore, religious and symbolic representation of owl are all fascinating, but What does it mean when you see an owl?

When birds visit us in our dreams, they are generally telling us to let go of some negativity or the past. However, when we see owls in dreams, it can mean a variety of things. Owl dreams, in general, are a sign that you should be aware of any deceit or deception happening around you.

Oneirologist explains that owl meaning can be your unconscious mind trying to attract your attention towards more conscious actions and thoughts in your waking life. It may be your inner realization of how these thoughts and actions are counterproductive to your spiritual goals. This means that the owl spiritual meaning remains the same, i.e., of awareness and messages of warnings.

The various interpretations and symbolism of owls in your dreams can depend solely on how you see it as well as the breed of the owl you see.

  • Single Owl – Seeing an owl in your dream means you should be aware of what’s happening in your surroundings. Borrow the owl spirit animal’s power to see things on a higher level.
  • Many Owls – You can expect a piece of useful advice from other people and that you should accept it.
  • Flying Owl – Seeing a flying owl is not a good sign. It means problems in your family in the coming period. The problems could be a conflict between family members.
  • Black Owl – Seeing a black owl in your dreams is usually a sign of spiritual awakening and awareness.
  • Dead Owl – To have a dead owl dream is the worst omen of transition among them all. It symbolizes the death of either the dreamer or someone very close to them. It represents the transition from one life to the next.
  • Barn Owl – It symbolizes good financial situation in the near future
  • Common Owl – It is a sign that you should focus more on yourself and your needs for a change.
  • True Owl – A true owl reflects your struggle with insomnia
  • Snowy Owl – Seeing a snowy owl is perhaps the most serene encounter. It represents happiness and peace shortly. 

Owl Encounters and Omens

Owl omen and encounters mean the same thing as when you dream of one. If you encounter a hooting owl, then it can be a sign of receiving terrible news. 

Someone close to you can be in a severe health problem or near the last days of their life, and you might be getting the news beforehand. The bad news can also mean deception happening around you, for which you should prepare yourself by reevaluating everyone around you.

Either way, an owl meaning upon encounter is of checking your surroundings. If not a bad omen, it sure is a warning sign. It is very much possible that in your attentiveness, you come upon a piece of information that can be useful to you in the future.

Owl Mythology and Folklore

Owl mythology is perhaps the richest and dense of all. You can find a reference to it throughout various cultures, folklore, and traditions globally.  

In Greek, Athena symbols are arguably the most widely known symbol in owl mythology. Since owl was her sacred animal, if any of the soldiers spotted an owl on the battlefield or flying over it, then it would mean the goddess of war smiling upon them. Sighting Athena symbols would instantly turn the tiding of the battle in favor of the one seeing it first.

The Egyptian owl god is a fierce guardian of the scared occult knowledge. Owl mythology speaks of them guarding the souls of the deceased as they pass to the next plane of existence.  

The Chinese culture and folklore much respect the wild side of the spirit animal owl. You can find breathtaking pieces of ancient Chinese art that depicts the phoenix’s immortality intertwined with the legendary fierceness of the owl. Chinese culture also speaks about the owl in bird protection, acting as a shield against all negative energies.

There are also popular references of owl mythology in civilization over time like the Hindu, Roman, and Celtic. While most of them speak about the “angel of death,” almost all of them acknowledge the wisdom and transitional significance of owl.

Owl Spirit Animal

The spirit animal owl reminds us to look deep within ourselves and be true to our own intentions and feelings. The outward turned eyes of an owl and its ability to see in the dark teaches us the lesson of clarity and deception. How we can spot it, avoid it, and how we can be true to ourselves and root it out from within. In short, the owl spiritual meaning tells us that when our inner vision is clear, then spotting deception and trickery in the outside world becomes effective.

The spirit animal owl also allows us to be more observant, calm, majestic and calculated. Just by slowing down, sitting on a high tree limb, and looking around, you will be surprised to know how much is going around you.

Fun fact:

The eyes of an owl can switch, process, and adjust from telescopic to microscopic in a matter of seconds.

With owl spirit animal, you can surround yourself with its energy, and you will be able to look more clarity in your past, present, and future with accuracy and speed that is nothing short of uncanny.

Apart from that, the owl spirit animal also asks us to see through all the negative emotions and fear. Instead of thinking about something that should be avoided or escaped, consider thinking about it as pieces of information. The level headed and logical approach to intense fear can help you address the matter calmly and come out strong.

Owl Totem Animal

People with owl totem are superficially drawn to the cool, quiet, and darkness of the night. These people find themselves more awake and attentive at night and prefer to work these hours as well. This explains how they have no fear of the darkness, occult even magic. As a result of this and with diligence and persistence, you will be able to read the truth behind every person you’d meet.

If you were born under the owl totem, then it is most likely that you have an unsettling and borderline prophetic gift of intuition. They have an affinity for the unknown and the fantastic. If you recognize and acknowledge these traits as your own, then you need to listen to your own inner voice.

Such people should learn to listen to the voiced deep within them. An owl-person thrives best when he listens not to what others are saying, but to what his inner voice whispers. The external world is full of lies, and it takes effort to discern the truth. With diligence and persistence, you will also learn to understand the truth behind each person you meet.

Owl Power Animal

When we have these symbols of wisdom as our power animal, we mirror its ability to see through webs of deception. Owl power animal grants us the knowledge of the hidden realms and the ability to travel the darkness of the night fearlessly. From the silent, cold, and deep night, we find our own support in the hidden voice of the divine. It is only through the keen observation, intelligent awareness, and other otherworldly traits of owl that we can do so.

The cry or hooting of an owl is in itself a call for self-actualization. The owl medicine helps support us in confronting and being honest with ourselves when the time to speak the truth comes. When you are true to yourself, then little can stop this bird of prey after you set your sight on the prize.

Owl energy from the power animal will bring you focus, stillness, and patience, something that you need to see the details of who or what is coming towards you. 

Owl Tattoo Meaning

We quite commonly and frequently see owls inked in on various bodies of both men and women, which means as a design they are quite popular. However, what do owls represents?

People generally consider owl as symbols of wisdom and knowledge, thanks to the endless owl mythology and folklore references. Owl symbolism can also mean transition and time. This is why you can spot many owl tattoo designs accompanied by objects such as an hourglass or clock clutched in its talons.

The beauty and rich historical and symbolical value of the owl makes it the perfect animal that people tattoo with objects like a flower, a key, a locket, a lantern, or whatever holds more value to them. According to numerous tattoo artists, they tattoo owls in various manners and patterns like sitting on a branch, flying, and wings out stitched or hugged tightly, each holds their own symbolic value. It also makes them easy to be designed at any part of the body.


Owls are majestic creatures. They silently watch us from afar with their all-knowing eyes and nudge us to the right direction with their signs and symbols. They give us the answers we are desperately searching for, all we have to do is be aware and listen closely. 

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