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Spiritual Meaning Of Hot Ears

If you are the one who is searching for the spiritual meaning of hot ears then I have good news for you. In this article we will find out what is the meaning of hot ears and how they affect to our health. Though ear is a humble part of your body but it is also related to your body parts like eyes, nose and mouth. The modern scientific research has shown that ear is directly connected to all these parts and hence it is essential that the person should take care if such symptoms arises in the ear area  such as pain in ear, pain in jaw and mouth, pain in eyes etc .

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The ears are said to be the most powerful organ in our body. This is because it is the only one in our body that has the ability to hear, see, smell and feel. Our ears are like a receiver device for this innocent sensitive organ and what we listen to has a direct impact on our lives. There are several interpretations of hot ear sign . Today, we will discuss this topic in detail and how to interpret this mysterious signs.

Hot ears is the name given to a condition where the ears of a person becomes hot. It is a symbol of a person being angry. One must always be careful about giving hot ears or getting someone else hot ears, as it could lead to insults and even physical assault. Understanding why hot ears occur is essential to reducing this condition from occurring in your life and in others.

The spiritual meaning of hot ears is that you need to pay attention to what you are hearing.

It’s especially important to listen when someone speaks to you in a non-verbal way, such as through a text message or email. If you don’t respond with the same level of care and attention that the person who reached out did, then it might be time for a conversation about how you both communicate (and whether or not it’s working for either of you).

Hot ears are a sign that you are being listened to.

It is a sign that the person you are talking to is listening and interested in what you have to say.

If your ears get hot when someone is talking to you, it means that person is interested in what you have to say. If a person’s ears turn red when they talk about something they’re passionate about or excited about, it means they’re really engaged in what they’re saying and are excited about sharing their ideas with someone else.

spiritual meaning of hot ears

You’ve probably heard the saying that when your ears are burning, it means someone is talking about you.

Of course, sometimes there are some reasonable physical explanations for why ears burn. But when it seems the symptom just cannot be explained, there are spiritual meanings behind burning ears that you can turn to.

Some physical causes of burning ears include:

1. An overactive brain.

If you’re an over-thinker, you may notice that your ears tend to burn. There’s a reason for this! It’s actually been scientifically proven that high levels of brain activity increase blood flow to the carotid artery, which is located on the side of the neck and causes your ear to burn.

Here’s a fun hint: whichever ear is burning will give away which side of your brain you’re using more!

2. Sunburn.

If it’s your outer ear that’s burning, take a look in the mirror to see if it’s red. The skin that covers your ears can burn just like the skin anywhere else on your body.

If the sunburn is accompanied by a fever, weakness or faintness, or low blood pressure, see a doctor immediately.

3. An ear infection.

Ear infections can cause ringing or burning ears. Caused by a virus or bacteria in the middle ear, symptoms of ear infections can vary but often include ear pain, a feeling of fullness in the ear, and drainage from the ear canal along with a burning sensation in your ear.

4. Emotions.

Sometimes, strong emotions like embarrassment and anger can cause your ears to burn. Called cutaneous flushing, this reaction is caused by increased blood flow to the blood vessels.

If this is the case, your burning ears will probably be accompanied by flushed cheeks and a rise in your body temperature.

5. Temperature.

Just as a rise in body temperature can cause your blood vessels to enlarge, exposure to cold temperatures can cause blood vessels to constrict

Your ears are full of nerve endings, so “very cold air can be super irritating to them,” Jason Abramowitz, MD, at New York and New Jersey’s ENT and Allergy Associates, explains to Well+Good. This includes your eardrums, which can lead to burning both inside and outside of the ears.

6. Red ear syndrome.

An extremely rare disorder, red ear syndrome (RES) causes a burning sensation and redness of the outer ear that lasts anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours.

If you have recurring and unexplained burning in your ears, be sure to contact your doctor.

There are also spiritual meanings behind burning ears.

1. Someone is talking about you.

This superstition has been passed down for ages. According to the prevailing belief, if your right ear is burning it means someone is talking good about you. On the other hand, if there’s a burning sensation in your left ear, it means someone is speaking ill of or gossiping about you.

Some people also believe that if your right ear is burning it means a woman is speaking highly of you while if it’s your left ear burning it’s a man that’s speaking highly of you.

2. Good luck is on the way.

One superstitious belief about burning ears is that if your left ear burns at night, it brings good fortune in the coming days.

3. Your spirit guides are sending you a message.

Spirit guides send spiritual messages in various ways, such as through vivid dreams and heightened senses. If your ears are burning, it may be your spirit guides trying to make you aware that a message is on its way.

4. News is on the way.

One superstition goes that a burning right ear is a sign that good news is coming. However, if it’s your left ear hot, prepare yourself to receive bad news.

5. A right ear burning is a sign of love.

Some people believe that when your right ear starts burning, it means someone you love is close by.

my left ears are burning meaning

According to the prevailing belief, if your right ear is burning it means someone is talking good about you. On the other hand, if there’s a burning sensation in your left ear, it means someone is speaking ill of or gossiping about you.

holy spirit burning ears

Monday mornings have a bad reputation. Many priests find it that way, too. On a typical Monday morning, we preachers go to our studies and look up in the lectionary book which epistle reading and gospel reading are assigned for the liturgy on the next Sunday. Then we preachers take our Bibles and look up those passages. All very easy so far! Now comes the hardest part of preaching: figuring out what to say in the sermon about one of those passages for next Sunday! Some Monday mornings, that is easy. Some Monday mornings, it is tough.

I had a tough Monday morning one week back in May. I knew that I wanted to preach on the gospel reading from John 17 for that Sunday. I’ll have to admit, however, that when I read it over again that Monday, my reaction was a bit of “ho-hum.” It comes up each year on the Sunday between Ascension Day and Pentecost. And it gets read in Holy Week, too – it’s part of that longest of all gospel readings, the first one on Holy Thursday evening. And so I’ve preached on it quite a few times before. So “hohum” was my reaction – what to say about this passage when I preach on it one more time? And then something in the passage jumped out at me, something I knew was in John 17 all along, but it hit me differently somehow that Monday morning, so let me tell you about it.

John 17 is part of Jesus’ long talk with the apostles, and long prayer to the Father, on Holy Thursday evening, the night before He was crucified. In this part of John there is quite a bit about the Holy Trinity.

The fact of the Holy Trinity is the great mystery, the essential mystery of all of life. Our belief in the Holy Trinity is what makes Christianity unique. Sometimes people say, “All religions are very similar.” Well, actually they’re not – no other faith believes in the Holy Trinity. This great mystery, this belief unique to Christianity, is that there is one God and that that one God consists of three divine Persons. These three Persons have always existed, they are co-equal, and co-worthy of our worship. All three are God. God is one, but God is three, too. God is three, but God is one, too.

We’ve heard this so much, we’re so used to hearing the three divine Persons mentioned in our prayers and hymns while we bless ourselves with the sign of the cross to express our reverence for the Trinity – it’s familiar to us and so perhaps we forget what a big deal it is. But how strange and revolutionary it was to the world when Christ revealed the truth of it when He came to earth! The Trinity is only hinted at in the Old Testament, so when Christ came and revealed it, it was quite a shocker! That shock has a lot to do with why Christ was crucified.

The most important fact there is, is this – that there is one God who consists of three united divine Persons: the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. We can’t even begin to understand this amazing truth – it’s way, way over our heads. St. Augustine, one of the most intelligent men ever, was walking down the beach of the ocean near his home in North Africa about 1,600 years ago. As he walked, he was contemplating the Holy Trinity and trying to figure it out. He wished to wrap his mind around this great mystery and was trying to understand “how it worked.” As he walked, he came upon a little girl playing in the sand on the beach. She had dug a hole in the sand not far from the water. And she was walking back and forth between her hole and the water, carrying a little pail with which she scooped up some ocean water and poured it into the hole. Over and over again, more and more water was poured into the hole. Augustine was surprised by her persistence and finally said to her gently, “Little girl, what are you doing?” She replied, “I’m putting the ocean into my hole.” Augustine walked away chuckling at her silly project and then he thought to himself, “I’ve been just as silly. Here she is trying to put the whole ocean into a little hole. And here I am trying to figure out the Trinity, trying to put God into my little brain” (Father Anthony Coniaris, Introducing The Orthodox Church, Light & Life Press, p. 29).

So we won’t ever succeed in understanding the Holy Trinity. There is one thing, though, that we know about it from the Bible. The three Persons of God interact with each other and communicate with each other. In the Bible, at Christ’s baptism, the Father sends down the Holy Spirit to the Son. At the Ascension, the Son goes up to the Father and then soon after (at Pentecost) the Holy Spirit is sent down. The Three work together in a united way.

And they “talk” to each other. I use the quotation marks because it is very important to remember that when we talk about God, our human words don’t cut it. The Orthodox term for this acknowledgement is apophaticism, which means that God is so far above us that we can never accurately describe Him. If we say that God is loving, that’s not false, but it’s not true in the way that we understand love – His love is so much greater than anything we can comprehend that our words can’t describe it. So when we say that the divine Persons “talk” to each other, we must reverently remind ourselves that their “talking” isn’t like our talking to each other. Who knows what it is like? Only God knows! But we know that they communicate with each other, even if on a level far, far above what we can accurately describe. In the gospels, there are several times when the Father speaks to the Son. And there are many, many times when the Son speaks to the Father – the Son frequently prays to His Father. Lots of communication going on in the Trinity!

And here is what hit me that Monday morning, what jumped out at me from John 17 and knocked the “ho-hum” right out of me: What is it that the divine Persons of the Holy Trinity are “talking” about to each other? They are “talking” about you and me! Perhaps there are other things the Divine Persons “talk” about – how could we ever know? God does have an entire universe to uphold and keep going, but He seems to have that set up pretty well, so I doubt the Persons of the Godhead are “discussing” how to keep the stars burning well, how gravity has been working lately, and so on. As far as I see from the Scriptures, there is really only one thing that we know the Divine Persons “communicate” with each other about: us! Are your ears burning? They should be! Someone is “talking” about you: the Divine Persons of the Godhead!

Here is how we know this. We see it in John 17, which is a long prayer of the Son to His Father. In most of the prayer, Christ prays for the Apostles. Then, in verse 20, Christ starts praying for someone else: “I do not pray for these only, but also for those who believe in me through their word.” That’s us! We Christians are those who believe in Christ through the word of the Holy Apostles. So it’s us that He is praying for in verse 20, and He prays for us for the rest of John 17.

Icon courtesy of Janet JaimeIcon courtesy of Janet JaimeAnd Christ didn’t stop praying for us yet! We know this from what we read in Hebrews 7:25: “He is able for all time to save those who draw near to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them.” “For all time” and “always”: that’s when Jesus prays for us, makes intercession for us, “talks” to the Father about us. So sometimes you think you might be unimportant, of no real account in this huge world? Wrong! The Second Person of the Holy Trinity is “talking” to the First Person of the Holy Trinity right now about you! Are your ears burning? They should be. Somebody’s “talking” about you.

As true believers in the Trinity, we would love to know how the Trinity functions and lives. That’s too far beyond us, however. Will we understand it all in the next life? No, not even in eternity will we be able to figure out the Trinity. And even if we could somehow hear the Divine Persons “communicating” with each other, we still couldn’t figure it out.

Imagine you’re having a nice cook-out in your back yard. You’ll probably have a few guests you didn’t invite – flies. They love cook-outs! You and your family and friends are having a nice conversation while you eat, and there’s a little fly on the table. As far as I know, flies have fine hearing, so he hears everything you say, he hears every word you all utter. But he never understands a single thing. Your conversation is so far above his little brain that it’s all just noise to him. He hears what you say but understands nothing. All he cares about is getting to that spilled drop of barbecue sauce without getting swatted. That’s about the way it is with us and the “communication” among the Divine Persons of the Trinity. Even if we could hear what they “say,” we couldn’t understand it.

There is only one topic that we know the Divine Persons “talk” about. We know because Jesus Himself tells us in John 17 and because St. Paul tells us in Hebrews 7: Christ is always praying for us to the Father.

Yes, the Persons of the Holy Trinity “talk” about us. What about the fact that there are billions of people to be “talked” about? That’s no problem for the infinite God! What amazing love God has for you: to be concerned about you, your problems, your salvation. What amazing love God has for you, that your name keeps coming up in the inner mysterious workings of the Holy Trinity!

So don’t ever think God doesn’t really know you or care about you. In France there are huge military cemeteries, full of the many thousands of French soldiers who died in the horrible trench warfare of World War I. In those cemeteries you can find quite a few graves with no names. The bodies of those boys could never be identified. But there is something carved into their gravestones. Each one reads, “A Soldier of the Great War – Known to God.” Unknown to everyone, except to God (Our Daily Bread, May 30, 2001).

Do you feel all alone sometimes, forgotten even by God? Don’t, because it’s not true. You are known to God. You are known quite well by the three Divine Persons of the Holy Trinity. In fact, they are “talking” about you all the time! Your ears should be burning. Remember what we saw in Hebrews 7:25: Jesus Christ is “always” making intercession for you to the Father, praying to the Father for you.

So give thanks to God each day. Thank Him, worship Him. For what a great God He is. How wonderful it is that the three Persons of the Godhead have you in their thoughts and are “communicating” about you! How great that the Son is always praying to the Father for you!

Thanks be to God!

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