spiritual meaning of fern

Ferns have been used for millennium to spread by bark and soil, creating a new green world throughout the centers of origin. Ferns are prolific but are barely known to most people because they hide beneath the ground or in other areas out of sight.

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About the Fern

The Fern is quite an old plant, dating as far back as 400 million years based on fossils that have been uncovered so far.

Originally a water plant, ferns have evolved over time, until they became the variation that we now see on land, though some have retained their prehistoric appearance.

Before you learn what spiritual symbolism the fern has, let’s look at the factual details. Ferns grow in damp places and survive in shady spots where other plants cannot live. Ferns can be found on all continents except Antarctica. The leaves of a fern are called fronds. They contain scales that are more alike to an insect’s wing than to a leaf. Ferns can live for hundreds of years because they’re rooted to the ground with tuber-shaped rhizomes, which look like underground stems that store starch and sugars.

Fern (family: Polypodiaceae) is a small, delicate plant with soft and waxy leaves. It grows wild in the woods of North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Fern is a symbol of new beginnings, health and frugality. This versatile plant can be used in magical practices to protect one from mischievous spirits or to see into their lives. Fern’s energy is connected with the growth and health of plants. This makes it a powerful tool to consecrate herbal mixtures, magic potions and love charms.

Ferns symbolize the hidden, inner beauty of a person. Ferns are also associated with the underworld, and with the self-sacrifice needed to make yourself vulnerable in order to be loved by others.

The fern is also a symbol of patience, endurance and rebirth—things we all need in order to make it through our lives.

The fern is a symbol of the connection between the divine and earthly realms.

The fern plant has roots, leaves, and an underground stem that connects it to the ground. The plant’s leaves appear to be unique in that they are not simply a single leaf but rather a set of leaflets growing out of one another. This symbolizes how every person on earth has roots that reach into their past as well as a future they will create themselves.

The fern also represents the connection between all things in nature. Although it may seem like each fern is separate from the others, they all rely on each other to thrive.

spiritual meaning of fern

Many myths and mysteries surround the Fern, whose name originated from the Anglo-Saxon term “fearn”, meaning feather, due to the shape and pattern of its leaves.

Remember that symbolism is subjective. The below are examples of possible interpretations only, and may not be the correct interpretations for you and your situation.

symbolism of ferns

Fern Symbolism in Myths and Folklore

With its long history and mystical beginnings, it is not surprising that there are many stories about the Fern in many written works and folklore share by different cultures over the years. 

Because of its unusual structure of not having a seed, many stories floated about in the old times about this mystery.

Theories ranged from a flower that rarely makes an appearance to the plant having magical powers, and of the seed being actually invisible.

1. Invisibility


A popular theme from the 1700s was the belief that the Fern has the power to turn anyone invisible, owing to its missing seed.

Because the early scientists could not find any trace of its seed and have not yet figured out how the plant actually reproduced, there came about a legend that the plant’s seeds were actually invisible.

This legend became so pervasive that it was mentioned in some of the most popular plays and literature of the time,, including:

  • The play “Henry IV” by William Shakespeare
  • The fairy tale “The Traveling Companion” by Hans Christian Andersen
  • The comedy “The Light Heart” by writer Ben Johnson

2. Vision and Eyesight


Folk tales in other cultures tell of how the leaves of the Fern have the ability to restore sight, or how the seed can make one be able to see the future. 

In Scotland, there was a record of a medicinal procedure from the 1700s claiming that the leaves of the fern mixed with egg whites can cure reddened eyes or short-term blindness by applying the mixture on the patient’s face and brows.

Meanwhile, in 19th century England, a fairy tale called “The Shepherd’s Daughter” mentioned how the seeds of the Fern plant were able to cure the eyes of mer-babies.

A Russian fern story tells of a farmer who suddenly received visions of hidden treasures after coincidentally getting the seed inserted on his shoe. 

3. Good Fortune


Since no one has ever seen the seeds of the Fern plant, there also sprouted many stories about the mystical process of harvesting the seeds. 

In Baltic mythology, there used to be tales claiming that the flower of the Fern plant would only bloom once in a year at midnight, either on St. John’s Eve or during the summer solstice.

And whoever manages to seize this rare flower or the seed inside it would instantly gain riches beyond compare.

During the Middle Ages, an old tale in England spoke of the mysterious blue fern flower.

It was said that the flower will only appear at midnight on a stack 12 pewter plates, and inside was the miraculous golden seed of the Fern.

Some versions spoke instead of a red flower that blossomed so brightly it can even light up a whole forest.

It was also said that the plant would only grow on burial grounds where treasures can be found. However, these places would allegedly be guarded by trolls who make sure that the treasures do not get stolen.  

4. It Provides Light and Protection


For the Maoris of New Zealand, the ferns symbolize strength and endurance, as well as light and guidance. 

The silver fern, in particular, has been recognized as the national plant since the 1800s, with the image of the leaves commonly used in sports and in their military. 

The silver fern is an important symbol of Maori culture that now widely represents the country of New Zealand.

The plants would also serve as natural road lamps at night as the shiny underside of the leaves give off a warm glow due to the reflection of light from the moon and stars.

Other folklore circulating about ferns includes stories that fern leaves can ward off evil spirits and confuse dark magic, how the plant has the ability to bestow eternal youth, and how fern leaves have the power to end drought and bring the rain.

Some stories are as simple as the plant being able to prevent toothache for a whole year, just by biting into the first branch sprouts in Spring.

Luckily, times have changed and we now have access to modern dentistry, rendering the freshly-grown fern method of preventing toothache unnecessary.

5. A Symbol of Love and Growth


Ferns often symbolize confidence, love, and security because of their lush leaves, bouncy stems, and the ability to exist throughout history.

The Maidenhair Fern, in particular, was also believed to represent the love bond that ties two lovers together. 

Boston Ferns, on the other hand, were believed to indicate happiness, mainly because of their lively appearance. 

Some people also prefer to tattoo an image of the fern on their body as a symbol of their pride and determination, and as a reminder to keep moving forward and leave their past behind.

fern dream meaning

Fern in the modern dream book. Fern in a dream foretells trouble and sad foreboding that will make you forget the joy of happy days. Withered or dried up fern leaves in a dream, warn that illness of loved ones will make you worry a lot.

Fern in the dream book of Miller. I you see fern in your dream, be ready that your serene and cheerful days will be overshadowed by dreary and dark forebodings. Withered fern leaves predicting disease of close people the influence of which you’ll experience on your own health.

Fern in Freud’s dream book. Fern, which appeared in a dream, is a harbinger of your sufferings and worries. You think that your intimate life is boring and nothing new happens in it. The gray days have replaced your happy sexual life, overwhelming with monotony of emotions and actions. You think that sex doesn’t bring you satisfaction anymore, but the passion has not disappeared anywhere, it just became everyday routine. Most likely, you are impulsive and lively person, so you are depress by thoughts that steady relationship may bring some charm or joy. Remember: you’ll be able to bring back the bright colors into old feeling, you just need to try.

The plant has a lot of healthy, green and large leaves, predicts pleasant chores and care that will bring satisfaction and enhance the material level.

If you dreamed of shrub, which stands next to the house, and it has a lot of foliage, in the near future you will experience unexpected wealth and happiness, and will acquire essential knowledge and skills.

If you see a poisonous plant that can hurt you, such a dream is a symbol of the trap, which is prepared by detractors and enemies, so you must be very careful not to be caught into it. And if you dream of a useful plant, it means that there will be a meeting with good friends, possible joint vacation that will be remembered for a long time.

If you dream of a house surrounded by a lot of fern, it means that someone is using you pretending to be your friend, and maybe even take out your energy. If you dreamed of plants, it is important to pay attention to it condition, as it also symbolizes life. Lush and blooming, indicate happiness and well-being; and fading or damaged, is a sign of the problems in personal life or different diseases.

If you dreamed of a green lawn with ferns, it means that your expectations and hopes will come true, but not very soon. Particular attention should be paid to sleep, in which there are medicinal plants. This means that you have some friends which give you energy and positive emotions, and can help in any situation.

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