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Spiritual meaning of cicada

What is the Spiritual meaning of cicada? The insect cicada is sometimes called a “17-year locust”. The adult lives underground for 17 years, molting several times and adding layers of wing skin each year. Its aboveground appearance occurs at the end of this period, usually on a tree in the forest or in a suburban back yard. what does cicada symbolize? Find out the spiritual meaning of dead cicada.

Cicada is a genus of insects that belong to the cicada family – Cicadidae. These brood insects are native to Europe, Asia, and Africa. They have also been introduced in Australia, where several species have become invasive pests. Their name is derived from the Latin word “cicada” which means “tree cricket”. The scientific word for cicadas is cicadas when in plural form whereas cicadas in singular form should be considered as a graphical variant for Cicada nymph nymphs have a robust body and heads with prominent eyes on short stalks.

Cicada has a deep spiritual meaning. The Cicada is a winged insect that spends most of its life underground as a nymph. The Cicada emerges from the ground after completing its metamorphosis and climbs up on a tree branch to shed its exoskeleton and emerge as an adult.

This process takes anywhere from two to five years, during which time the nymphs are living off of sap from trees. Cicada’s are known for their synchronous emergence, meaning thousands of them will come out at once.

what does cicada symbolize

Cicadas are often used as symbols in Buddhism, Hinduism and Chinese folklore. In these traditions they symbolize resurrection, immortality and rebirth. On an individual level they can represent personal transformation or change in one’s life as well as growth from within (spiritually).

Cicada is a symbol of rebirth, resurrection and reincarnation. Cicadas emerge from the ground, shed their skin and fly away. This process takes several years, during which time the insect undergoes metamorphosis. The insect undergoes a radical transformation from larva to adult during this period. When it emerges from its cocoon, it has wings and looks completely different from how it looked before. This represents to us an opportunity for change and transformation in our lives as well.

The cicada’s life cycle also demonstrates how we can rise from the ashes and become stronger than ever before. Cicada teaches us that we need to go through difficulties before we can grow into something great. It also shows us that sometimes these challenges will be painful but they will help us grow in ways that otherwise would not have been possible had we never experienced them in the first place!

spiritual meaning of cicada

Want to appeal to a specific audience? Need help facing challenges? Cicada, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Cicada teaches you how to identify your authentic voice, all while helping you embrace transformative moments in your life. Delve deeply in Cicada symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can support, empower, and motivate you!

Cicada Symbolism & Meaning

The Cicada is a small insect measuring a mere one to two inches. Its tiny stature doesn’t deter the Cicada’s loud voice. Their unique sound comes from tightening and loosening their abdomen, which is where they receive oxygen. It makes Cicada a marvelous emblem of controlled breathing for meditation and finding our sacred song.

Cicada appeared over 200 million years ago, all over the world where temperate to tropical climates exist. The insect’s unusual life cycle consigns it to the annals of scientists and folklorists alike. A baby Cicada, called a nymph, remains in underground regions, often near trees, waiting until it’s ready for birth. The pause that occurs before awakening doesn’t seem unusual until you learn the waiting period ranges anywhere from one year to seventeen! Because of this, Cicada became a symbol of immortality, resurrection, spiritual ecstasy, synchronicity, harmony with the Universe, and clever strategy.

The Greeks found themselves fascinated by the Cicada, believing it was sacred to Apollo and Dionysus. Aristotle littered various writing with Cicada meanings, focusing on the topics of rebirth and eternal life. In one of Plato’s dialogues, he and Socrates sit among the Cicada for deep, metaphorical discussion with a strong musical motif. Socrates muses, saying the Cicada are local nymph-like spirits who inhabit the land and sing. Their canticle includes stories of Pan and other Nature Gods filled with joy. The Cicada chorus renders inspiration to people with an ear to hear and even inspires love with lyrical prowess.

The Cicada often works in a team, raising their voice in unity for a more significant effect. Why do they sing so? For love! The male Cicada’s music woos a female for mating, being heard up to a mile away. When infatuated, Cicada’s croon together, and the sound can reach up to 100 decibels-about the same amount of racket made by a large lawnmower! It would appear that the Cicada agrees with Shakespeare’s words, “If music be the food of love, play on!” For humans listening nearby, come sundown the music ceases, and happy couples retire to their mating bed.

Because the Cicada emerges in warm weather, they have solar connections. You know the weather is getting warmer when their song grows louder. Africans tried to create music like the Cicada with rattles and other instruments often used in sacred rituals.

Cicada Spirit Animal

cicada spirit animal 1200x630

When the Cicada comes into your awareness as a Spirit Animal, a time of emergence is at hand. You can no longer hide underground or sit on life’s sidelines. It’s time to stand up and work on self-development.

The Cicada Spirit Animal hums to you about the past, metamorphosis, and changes yet to come. It is time for shaking off the restrictions you’ve put on yourself (or imposed by others). Cicada signals shedding your old skin so you can stretch in the way you express yourself. The process will seem a little uncomfortable at first. Examining elements of your past, so you understand how they hold you back isn’t easy and requires a lot of honesty. Once you release old ways like the Cicada, however, you re-emerge into life and blossom.

Cicada Spirit Animal challenges you to work on your communication skills while you walk with it. You need to find your true voice, a distinct metered message, something to carry forward into the world-one that beats to the rhythm of your heart. Or, as Thoreau put it, “If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however, measured or far away.”

As you practice communication, don’t neglect to communicate with your Higher Self and inner wisdom. Those powerful two voices become allies in everything you do. The Cicada Animal Guide says the more you trust them, the greater the results for positive transformation and sound decision making become.

Another reason Cicada Spirit Animal arrives in our lives is when our internal clocks have gotten out of whack. Cicada’s tune tells us the saying, “timing is everything” holds a great deal of truth. When your biorhythms get off, or you’re not paying attention to nature’s essential cyclical patterns, it leads to a sense of aimlessness.

Cicada Totem Animal

cicada animal totem 1200x630

Individuals with a Cicada Totem Animal are easy to spot. They’re the ones with the car windows down, the radio cranked up and singing at the top of their lungs. At other times, they hum to themselves to music no one else hears; this propensity is authentic to the Cicada Totem, and something that makes them related.

If the Cicada is your Birth Totem, you pay close attention to the sounds in your environment as they often provide vital cues and omens that help you in decision making. In speaking or other forms of communication, you enjoy your voice but recognize the need for creating harmony in group settings.

Summer is the season when you come alive, loving warm, cozy sun puddles. These are the months when your thoughts turn to romance and relationships. If you are already in a partnering, break out the chocolates, flowers, wine, and whimsy for their chosen. Folks still looking- it’s ok to see through rosy glasses. Look to the future with hopefulness.

Since you have a Cicada Totem, you will need to take greater care of yourself when the weather turns cool. The lack of warmth is displeasing and sometimes makes you testy. Try sun lamps and foods with plenty of Vitamin D to offset some irritability. Consider using this time for self-enrichment. Read, study, practice cooking-anything that feeds your spirit. Just because it’s darker outside doesn’t mean your inner light has to dim!

Anyone with the Cicada Totem enjoys being part of a community, like artistic groups expressing themselves with passion. Taking part in events nourishes you and builds a wonderful connection, many of which last for years, if not a lifetime. It is often in an engaging atmosphere you can find your calling, personal, and spiritual.

One thing people in your Circle must understand is you need regular periods of reflection: Going underground. It isn’t distant or reclusive. You are just recouping and preparing your next steps.

Cicada Power Animal

cicada power animal 1200x630

Reach out to the Cicada within when you balance caution with vulnerability. Cicada knows the value of self-protection and provides the perspective you most need. The Cicada Power Animal provides empathy, so you recognize what is (and is not) something to fear. Sometimes we put up unnecessary walls because of miss-perceptions.

Native American Cicada Symbolic Meanings

Several tribes consider the Cicada sacred. The Oraibi (Arizona) used Cicada as an emblem of resurrection.

Cicada Dreams

When Cicada appears in your dreams, there’s a challenge afoot to which you must apply creativity and clever thinking. If you have been ill, and the Cicada appears in a dream, it portends a remarkable turn for the better. Know, however, your illness has changed you, so you’ll come out on the other side a new you.

Being surrounded by singing Cicada in your dreams means recognition. You’ll receive acknowledgment for your work and fine efforts. Seeing a Cicada emerge from the earth represents your awakening. You have found your time, your center, and are ready for whatever lies ahead. A Cicada moving toward you in a dream is an omen of good news on the horizon.

Far Eastern Cicada Symbolic Meanings

Asian burial customs sometimes include placing a jade figurine of a Cicada with the deceased. The amulet insured them a tranquil afterlife. It also allowed their spirits to emerge from sleep when their loved ones called for aid.

Overall, the symbolism for Cicada in China is a rebirth, immortality, the harvest, fertility, and the life-giving principle of the Universe. As a result, artisans created realistic Cicada toggles for robes or girdles, often out of jade. Feng Shui experts use Cicada images as protection against gossip and longevity.

Cicada Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Cooperation
  • Endurance
  • Expressiveness
  • Illumination
  • Long life
  • Love
  • Patience
  • Rebirth
  • Transformation
  • Worship

spiritual meaning of dead cicada

A dead cicada is a sign of rebirth. It’s a message from the divine, telling us that even though things may seem dark and hopeless, we need to keep going.

The cicada’s metamorphosis takes place over four to six weeks. It starts as an egg, hatches into a nymph, and then sheds its skin—or wings—to become an adult. When it dies in the final stage of its life cycle, it falls from the branch it was living on and becomes food for other animals. But this isn’t the end: its body will hatch into another cicada after several weeks underground.

When you see a dead cicada in your yard or at school or work, take it as a reminder that all things come full circle. Even when it seems like everything is falling apart, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel—and sometimes that light is hiding in plain sight!

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