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What Is The Spiritual Meaning of Broom

The broom is an item of ancient origins as well as a much more recent tool for cleaning. The meanings and uses of the broom are varied, but almost magical in nature… Almost magical.

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Spiritual Meaning of Broom In Dream

The broom is a symbol for sweeping away negativity, bad luck, or undesired influences in various cultures and spiritual practices.

When this sign shows up in a dream, it suggests that introspection is necessary, as is a readiness to face and let go of any personal obstacles that may be standing in the way of happiness and personal development.

  • Symbol of purification and cleaning: In dreams, the broom can represent the urge to rid oneself of harmful relationships or unwanted energies.
  • Transformation and change: Having a broom-related dream could indicate that you are about to embark on a major life transformation, letting go of old routines and welcoming fresh starts.
  • Self-reflection and personal development: Dreams involving brooms promote reflection and the need to pinpoint areas in one’s life that need work.
  • Protection from negativity: Dreaming of a broom can signify the need for spiritual defense. In certain spiritual traditions, a broom is a symbol of protection against bad spirits or negative forces.
  • When a person sees a broom in their dream, it symbolizes their desire to rid their life of bad influences, roadblocks, and toxic relationships.

This symbol invites introspection and assessment of areas that may require improvement in the dreamer’s life.

The broom represents protection from negativity and a reminder to be positive, while also embracing the change and development that come with letting go of old habits and welcoming new beginnings.

Broom standing is a fascinating phenomenon that has drawn a lot of study. From a spiritual perspective, it can mean different things. Let’s examine a few theories as to why this might have happened.

First of all, brooms have historically been connected to spiritual and bodily purification. Using a broom is thought to help clear an area of bad energy in many cultures and religions. From this angle, a broom on its bristles seems to symbolize the purging of all negativity and the opening up of a space for newfound positivity.

A standing broom is viewed from another angle as a symbol of equilibrium. In a spiritual sense, balance is vital because it’s thought to foster peace and wellbeing. Trials and tribulations abound in life, and preserving equilibrium can make overcoming them easier. People could be reminded visually to aim for balance in their lives by seeing an upright broom.

Broom-standing is interpreted by some as a sign of significant change. Similar to how a broom can represent the removal of outdated, undesirable energy, it can also portend impending, profound changes. A standing broom could deliver the message to embrace these changes and seize new opportunities as they arise.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning of Broom

The spiritual meaning of broom is about cleaning up your life.

New broom in dream: a new beginning and a fresh start.

Old broom in dream: the end of an era and the completion of a cycle.

Seeing broom in dream: a need to cleanse your energy, mind, body and spirit.

The symbolism of the broom is widely known. A broom means cleaning something. Anything.

Sometimes people say they “are making a great cleaning” when they talk about their lives and when they are getting ready for something new.

What do you need to clean, so you dreamed of a broom? Admittedly, a broom in a dream can have many meanings, but this is one of the most important.

If you have been dreaming of a broom, it mostly means that some positive changes in your life are expected.It can also mean that you will get rid of some negativity and embark on a path of prosperity.

Also, a broom in a dream can indicate some problems that you need to solve, but you delay solving them.

Take a look below where you will find the most common dreams about the broom and its meaning.

Broom Symbolism Meaning

1. Freedom

The symbolism of freedom is largely attached to witches who would jump on their broomsticks and fly off into the night.

Women in the past saw housework and chores as signs of oppression and the broom used to be a symbol for that as well. That was until imaginations started running wild and witches became wildly more popular.

The broom was a sign of freedom, as these were women who couldn’t be oppressed. If you have been seeing a lot of broom symbolism or imagery it could be a sign from the universe that you also need to do something that invokes a feeling of freedom.

2. Luck

There are many different customs and traditions from different places all over the world that consider a broom to be a symbol of protection and luck.

In modern day witchcraft, in old day witchcraft, in many superstitions around the world the broom is considered to be a symbol of good luck. Many believe that the act of sweeping can sweep away ones bad fortune to make way for the good.

If you have been feeling as though you are being plagued with bad luck or misfortune, sweeping is something you can do to rid yourself and your space of unwanted negative energy. There are many incantations, but it is the energy you put forth in the space while doing so that counts.

3. Cleansing Energy

It goes without saying that a broom is a cleaning tool, but it has been used in other ways to cleanse spaces from negative energy.

Not only did witches in the olden days use brooms to cleanse a space from negative energy, many people around the world still do so. It has become a popular ritual for many different cultures around the world.

If you have had unwanted guests in your house, a fight with a family member or spouse, or just feel that the energy in your home is cluttered you might feel compelled to start sweeping.

It’s believed people sweep during these moments to let all the bad energy out.

Spiritual Meaning of Broom Standing

Dreaming that you saw a broom

This dream means that you know that you need to remove something from your life, but you still do not want to face it.

You think it might disappear on its own. You want something to be resolved without your interference. That may not be possible.

This dream can also mean some gossip. You will gossip about someone soon or someone of yours will gossip.

It would be good if you could keep your mouth shut and not speak ill of anyone.

Also, beware of unverified information.

Dreaming of cleaning the floor with a broom

If you dreamed of cleaning with a broom, this definitely means that you will soon change something in your life. You will make some decisions regarding important areas of your life.

This dream can also mean that you will get rid of some people who annoyed or bothered you. Overall, the dream has a positive meaning.

You should embrace the positive changes that are in front of you and make rational decisions.

Dreaming of using a new broom

A new broom in a dream can signify a new love affair. However, if you are married, it can mean some quarrels and disagreements.

This dream can also mean having good friends—that is, having friends you can rely on and whom you can always trust.

Dreaming of using an old broom

If you dreamed of an old broom, financial losses are likely to happen soon. You should pay more attention to your finances. Take special care of your investments. If you do not fully understand the economy, hire a financial advisor, because it will pay off.

An old broom in a dream can also represent a sudden encounter with an old friend or friends. It will be pleasant for you as you evoke memories. You will have a great time.

Dreaming of a wooden broom

If you dreamed of a wooden broom, it means that you will have some problems at work.

You need to focus on what your superiors are telling you and act professionally.

Dreaming of a broken broom

If you saw a broken broom in a dream, it means that you have problems communicating with people. You treat people badly and that’s why they don’t want to cooperate with you.

Think a little about your behavior and the provocations you address to the people around you.

A broken broom in your sleep can also mean that you are overwhelmed with worries or that you will soon face some loss and sadness. A broken broom is not a good sign in a dream. Just stay awake in everyday situations.

Dreaming of flying on a broom

If you dreamed of flying on a broom (like a real witch), this means that people around you often perceive you as a very strict person. No one is allowed to tell you anything for fear that you will criticize him.

You simply do not allow people any weakness, which drives them away from you. People are full of small and big weaknesses. This attitude of yours is actually your weakness.

You have a pretty strong attitude and you exude confidence. At work, everything must work perfectly for you to be satisfied.

Relax a little, you may notice that imperfections are what make life interesting.

Dreaming of someone else flying on a broom

If you dreamed of a woman flying on a broom, it means that someone is gossiping about you and wants to harm you.

You should stay away from a woman you suspect does not wish you well. Listen to your instinct. It doesn’t cheat on you.

If you dreamed of a male person flying on a broom, it means that a person of the opposite sex wants a love affair with you. You feel it, but you are not sure about it. You need to relax a little and let that person know that you like him/her. Otherwise, nothing will happen between you two.

Dreaming of breaking a broom

If you dreamed that you broke a broom, it means that you will soon have a big quarrel with someone.

You have been in a tense relationship with someone from your family or a close co-worker for a long time. You can not stand that anymore and you feel like you have to do something soon.

You will soon find yourself in a situation where you will no longer be able to bear the stress that this relationship imposes on you, and you will quarrel.

It is important that you say only what you really think, even during an argument. Say what bothers you and demand a change in that relationship. Don’t argue just to vent your anger and resentment on someone.

Dreaming of someone else breaking a broom

If you dreamed of someone else breaking a broom, it means that you will face someone’s long-hidden displeasure. You will not be able to believe it when you find out how dissatisfied a person near you is with your relationship and his/her life.

You need to stay calm and not allow yourself to quarrel with that person. Simply refrain. The quarrel did no good to anyone.

Dreaming of leaving a broom in the corner of the room

If you dreamed of leaving a broom in the corner of the room after cleaning, it means that you will probably change jobs soon.

Not just a job, but an occupation. You will be very good at your new job, even though you are not qualified for it. In time, you will learn everything, and your salary will be much higher than before.

All in all, if someone offers you a better job, accept it without thinking. You will soon live in a way you could never have imagined—completely different than now.

Dreaming of raising dust with a broom

If you dreamed of raising dust while cleaning with a broom, it means that you are very worried about something and do not know who to turn to for help. You are constantly thinking about something, and you do not know what to do.

First, calm down and wait for a favorable situation. Everything will clear up in the end and you will know very well what you need to do.

At the moment, the situation is unclear and it is especially important to be calm and patient.

Dreaming of chasing a mouse with a broom

If you dreamed of chasing a mouse through the house with the intention of driving it out, such a dream can mean that you are dissatisfied with your current life situation.

The dream may also indicate that some of your actions may damage your reputation and that it will not be easy for you to regain it afterward.

Act like a lady or a gentleman, depending on your gender. Some people do not understand humor and jokes.

Dreaming that you have lost a broom

Usually, when people dream that they have lost something, it means that they have forgotten something important, so now they look for it in a dream.

Remember what you forgot that is particularly important to you? Maybe you forgot someone’s birthday or anniversary, or you forgot to say something significant to someone.

Basically, this dream is there to remind you of what you forgot.

Spiritual Meaning of Broom Upside Down

“An upside-down broom behind the door will ward off evil spirits and get rid of unwanted visitors.” Latin Superstition

Similar superstition is found across Latin countries such as Spain, Italy and Brazil, as well as in Southern African American folk beliefs and Japanese folklore, where the top of the upside-down broom is wrapped with a tenugui (hand towel).

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